Devastating News

I am devastated to share that Wilma and I unexpectedly lost our precious Shadow on Friday.  Shadow was 12 years old, my gentle giant, my sweet boy!  I adopted him as a young puppy on 1/05/08, an expected lab/boxer mix.  I later did a DNA test which indicated he was a half Bernese Mountain Dog with bits of English Coonhound, Giant Schnauzer and Italian Greyhound.  He literally was my Shadow, always by my side.  He regularly would hold out his paw, one way he showed his love and trust.  He had the sweetest most endearing eyes, often gazing toward me.  Shadow’s addition to my life made me a happier person, renewed my love of the outdoors, and started my spectacular journey as a dog Mom.

I have found great therapy in looking through my photographs and remembering the MANY Adventures we had together, with Buster, and with Wilma.  We have explored places from the mountains to the beaches, from Florida to Maine, and cities including St Louis, Indianapolis, Savannah and Boston.  Shadow loved many rolls in the grass, swimming in all bodies of water, and sunbathing in the backyard.  He was officially a certified canine citizen and was gentle with all people and animals he met.  And of course he was the perfect big brother to Buster and Wilma, two special pairs who loved one another’s company.

We are heartbroken to loose this amazing boy, my first love.  I will be dedicating upcoming Weekly Video/Photo and Throwback Adventures to special memories with Shadow, and am also putting several collages together.  Such a painful time, but yet wonderful treasured memories.  I am grateful that he had a very long and pain free life!

He was lucky to be loved by many others including my amazing parents who have supported me through this heartbreaking time.  He had his own day at their house once a week and we visited with one another regularly.  We are all devastated!

Shadow changed my life in a way I cannot even explain.  He is furever in our hearts❤️

13 thoughts on “Devastating News

  1. Your post honors this great friend in a very moving way. You and he provided each other with some wonderful years. I agree that your adventures with Shadow brought you to many places and enhanced your enjoyment of the beautiful, natural places in New England and elsewhere. Our pets are not often physically with us for long stretches of years, but they live in our hearts forever. Jane and I still miss our last cat, also named Shadow and have kept a marker on his grave in the back yard. We are thinking of you. Love, Jane and David

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