January 1, 2022 – Donuts!

Today Wilma and Gus enjoyed a Dunkin Donuts donut! Unfortunately I have a slight addiction to Dunkin Donuts coffee. On occasion while ordering through the drive thru they offer the pups a donut. On our visit today they actually provided us two in a bag, so I took this treats home for them to enjoy. Honestly, I only gave them each half as it really does not seem like they need to be eating an entire donut. However they were more than pleased and Gus took some time trying to figure out how to best devour this unique treat.

I have lost my creativity for new adventures this week. Can you tell it has been raining for days? (haha!) Although I can promise we still took a rainy, local walk before stopping at Dunkin Donuts. Here they are…yum yum!

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