February 28, 2021 – Bicentennial Trail and Boardwalk

Yesterday Wilma and I Adventured to the Bicentennial Trail and Boardwalk in Fall River, Massachusetts. Bicentennial Trail is a 2.2 mile back and out trail that runs along the Taunton River. The path is a paved trail and a boardwalk. The views from the Trail include the Braga Bridge, The Mount Hope Bridge, and the Bordon Flats Lighthouse. The Trail starts at the Fall River Heritage State Park and ends at Bicentennial Park, a memorial to Veteran’s of the Vietnam War.

We had a relaxing Adventure to the Bicentennial Trail and Boardwalk. Although we have been on this trail previously I have never blogged about it specifically, until today. We began our walk at Fall River Heritage State Park, the location of Battle Cove. This section of the Trail was definitely my favorite. The Battle ships are spectacular, the bright blue Braga Bridge adds a beautiful color and reflection and the Bordon Lighthouse is quite unique. The first part of the Trail is a Boardwalk, later becoming a paved Trail before ending at the Memorial.

We enjoyed trotting along the Trail, paralleling along the River. Wilma loved peering through the rails, walking on any raised barrier, and the smells of Fall River. I definitely enjoyed a walk on the River, however was unimpressed with the trash, and excessive goose poop on parts of the Trail. However we loved walking in new surroundings and met some friendly people along the way. Definitely a nice way to start our day of Adventures and walks (Rating: 3).

PS – I snuck some photographs of our first visit with Shadow and Wilma.

February 21, 2021 – Moore State Park – Massachusetts

Today we Adventured to Moore State Park in Paxton, Massachusetts.  Moore State Park is approximately 400 acres, and was a former home to grist and saw mills.  Portions of the park are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  It has a pond, trails, and various “Mill Village Features” on the grounds.

We had a snow-filled Adventure to Moore State Park. I first discovered this park with Buster and Shadow, visited once with Wilma and Shadow and this past Fall rediscovered it with Wilma. Since our initial blog was close to three years ago I thought it would be a good time to blog about it again, including photographs from various visits and seasons. I really have grown to love Moore State Park. The scenery is beautiful, including: fields of wildflowers, waterfalls, a pond, a scenic old mill, and an array of trails. Currently the covered bridge is under construction, which usually frames another small waterfall. I have always found the dog owners to be responsible at Moore State Park so that all dogs can appreciate this special location. We have enjoyed the trails, and the scenery in all seasons. I even took some of Wilma’s Christmas photos there this year. Below you will see a collage of photographs from our various visits including many from our snowy hike today. We look forward to many more visits at Moore State Park (Rating: 4).

February 18, 2021 – Manhan Rail Trail – Massachusetts

Yesterday Wilma and I Adventured to the Manhan Rail Trail in Easthampton, Massachusetts. The Manhan Rail Trail is a six mile paved Trail that is also located in Northampton and connects to various other Trails in the community. The Trail is popular for walking and biking.

We had a refreshing Adventure to the Manhan Rail Trail with my Uncle and his good friend. I was eager to catch up with my Uncle and also meet his friend. It was a dark and dreary day, yet that did not dampen the atmosphere. At the beginning of the walk we found beautiful views of the mountain over the pond, soon finding a map of the Trail. We then headed away from civility into the woods, past some old mill buildings , a water tower, and a waterfall from afar. Wilma enjoyed strolling with others, preferring to be in the lead, and often checking to make sure everyone was still together. The crisp air, floating snow flakes and great company made for a wonderful Adventure. We had a wonderful walk, listening for the birds, catching up, and I learned a great deal about the history in the area. So glad to to visit another New England Rail Trail (This blog will not be rated).

February 17, 2021 – Gay Head Lighthouse – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Gay Head Lighthouse in Aquinnah, Martha’s Vineyard. Gay Head Lighthouse was built in 1856. Gay Head Lighthouse is a red brick and sandstone lighthouse that is approximately 170 feet in height.

We had a fun Adventure to Gay Head Lighthouse. Gay Head Lighthouse was one of the locations I was especially eager to visit, a unique lighthouse with views of the Aquinnah Cliffs. We arrived to find ourselves alone, I was quite shocked as this is a top tourist destination in Martha’s Vineyard. We headed straight to the Gay Head Lighthouse, a scenic path leading the way. We arrived quickly, the sun streaming brightly. We walked around the small area and peered over the edge onto the cliffs, and they were really pretty, although not as spectacular as I had imagined. However we took in the views, and then returned to the base of the Lighthouse for some more photographs. From there we enjoyed the other aspects of the ground, and even spotted scenic views of the Lighthouse from afar, while traversing the nearby conservation land. So glad we could visit the Gay Head Lighthouse today (Rating: 4).

February 17, 2021 – East Chop Light – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to East Chop Light in Martha’s Vineyard. East Chop Light was originally built in 1876 and stands in the town of Oaks Bluff. It is appropriately 40 feet in height.

We had a peaceful Adventure to East Chop Light our first stop on our Martha’s Vineyard Adventure. We were the only guests at this location making it just right. We headed through the gate and over to East Chop. There was some fencing around the Lighthouse, but an opening that appeared to provide a door to wander the small grounds. It as a little unclear, but hopefully I visualized this correctly as there were no signs indicating otherwise. We walked around the grounds checking out the Lighthouse from each angle and of course Wilma appreciated the new smells. There were some benches nearby, and a purple porta potty right next to the Lighthouse – yikes! There was not much to explore, but so glad that we could visit East Chop Light today (Rating: 3).

February 17, 2021 – Martha’s Vineyard – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Martha’s Vineyard, an Island of Massachusetts. It is compromised of six different towns that encompass over 100 square miles. Martha’s Vineyard can be reached by boat or air, and is especially a popular location in the summer. It is known for the beaches, walking, hiking, biking, shops and restaurants.

We had a wonderful Adventure to Martha’s Vineyard. We woke up long before dawn, and drove to the ferry where Wilma experienced her first boat ride, well technically. I actually decided to bring my car on the ferry to make sure we had an expansive experience on the Island, and so glad I did!

Our stops today included: the East Chop Lighthouse, Lobsterville Beach, the Gay Head Lighthouse, the Aquinnah Cliffs, Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation, Dutcher Dock, Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association, and Doug’s Cove a short trail of Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank Commission. We had so much fun scouting out the new scenery, and walking, even finding some unexpected trails adding distinctive and gorgeous terrain to our day. Wilma loved exploring, digging, rolling, and posing. So glad that we found a sunny day this week to make this Adventure especially perfect! I will put a collage of photos below. In addition I will be writing a blog for each lighthouse so they will be logged in the official Lighthouse section (although you will see some of my favorites below.). A beautiful day with the little lady…well worth our exhaustion! (This blog will not be rated).

February 15, 2021- Norumbega Tower – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Norumbega Tower in Weston, Massachusetts. Norumbega Tower is a stone Tower built in 1889 by Eben Norton Horsford. It is said to be the site of the Viking town of Norumbega. The Tower is approximately 38 feet tall, and has a spiral staircase that leads to the top.

We had a fun Adventure to Norumbega Tower. I had read about Norumbega Tower in the past and was looking for some simple local Adventures after our long walk, due to the impending weather that changed my original plans. So today was the day for our Adventure to Norumbega Tower. Upon arrival we found no parking for the Tower due to the snow. I drove around for a little bit, before deciding to park at the office building around the corner and down the street, determined to explore this unique location. We parked and walked to the main street before trancing through the snow, and up a hill and over to the Tower. Wilma was quite thrilled, running in circles and darting from place to place! I was glad we did not having any foot mishaps not always knowing where we were walking due to the snow and unknown surroundings.

I was excited to arrive at the Tower, although nothing spectacular, still quite distinctive. We wandered up to the Tower checking out all aspects. I was surprised to find the Tower gate open and decided why not – up we went. The climb was easy but yet the higher we got I realized maybe not the safest conditions to be climbing the small stairs, some covered with ice and snow. We also passed one part in the dark – yikes! It was fun watching Wilma climb eagerly, seeming to check on me on some occasions, listening carefully when I asked her to wait, and peering out the windows as we passed. We made it to the top quickly – a small circle lookout with views of the River, and darkness of the day. We hung out for a little bit before beginning our descent. (See below for a video of our climb). I was quite surprised I made it down without a slip with the snowy and icy conditions. Definitely a true Adventure! After climbing down we wandered around the Tower. Overall there was not much to see, however, the climb made it all worth the trip. So glad we could Adventure to Norumbega Tower today (Rating: 3.5).

February 13, 2021 – Crowninshield/Brown Island – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Crowninshield Island in Marblehead, Massachusetts, also referred to as Brown Island. The Island is managed by the Trustees of Reservations. It has trails, a sandy beach, and rocky shores. It can only be reached by a walk at low tide or by boat.

We had a gorgeous sun-rising Adventure to Crowninshield Island. I was excited to plan our Adventure thoroughly studying the tide and hoping we would arrive accordingly. Upon arrival I found the parking situation very confusing. Shadow, Wilma, and I actually had tried once to visit but never found parking. I drove around for some time before finally guessing on what seemed like an appropriate and legal spot. We had finally arrived to begin our Adventure!

We locating some stairs down to the beach and off we headed to Crowninshield Island! Wilma appeared quite joyful darting back and forth as we trotted along, and of course sniffing the remnants of low tide. The view of the Island in sunrise was just spectacular, so thrilling to head toward it. I knew there was another Island nearby but upon arrival we located the Trustees of Reservation signage and map notifying us that we had officially arrived at Crowninshield Island. We began down the trail, stopping at every lookout to check out the lovely colors in the sky. The rocks surrounding the Island were snow covered creating quite the scene. We walked along the trail which was marked with footprints in the snow, actually so well that I did not even watch for any sign markers. Wilma loved the Island smells and was quite curious of her new surroundings. Although we did not rush through the Island I was careful not to be too leisurely, quite aware of the necessity of low tide to return to shore safely.

After finishing the trail portion we wandered over to the south side of the Island, which appeared to be the sandy beach location. There was a massive rock, lots of snow, beautiful trees, and the sun was now rising. We explored the area finding a frozen scene. From there we headed back, the water definitely rising, but not at a pace that was concerning. Wilma ran circles around me, tried digging in the ice and just was as fun and enthusiastic as ever. Maybe she knew my excitement and appreciation for this unique Adventure. We only saw one other person, and his dog, who kindly asked about unleashing his dog as he noticed Wilma on leash. That was a nice way to end our perfect morning, and off we headed to our next Adventures (Rating: 4.5 – Although the superb sunset may have inflated this rating).

February 7, 2021 – Trapp Falls – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Trapp Falls in Willard Brook State Park, in Ashby, Massachusetts. Trapp Falls is a three tiered waterfall that plunges into a shallow pool filled with boulders. The waterfall is just over ten feet in height. The Falls are located in small section of the Park, and has picnic tables, a bridge crossing the brook, and bathrooms.

We had a magical Adventure to Trapp Falls as the snow storm was upon us. I have been to Trapp Falls numerous times with Shadow, Buster, but I believe this was Wilma’s first visit. Although I blogged about Willard Brook State Park once, I have never blogged specifically about Trapp Falls so today is the day.

I have always found the setting of Trapp Falls to be beautiful with a flowing babbling brook and a short, woodsy hike that leads to the Falls. Today was a winter wonderland adding splendor to the visit. We headed straight to the Falls, and I was surprised that we could get reasonably close. There was someone photographing the falls from underneath, so we would later return for our close-up views. I was shocked at how gorgeous the cascades were, as Trapp Falls is a waterfall I always found quite simple, maybe due to the endless waterfalls we have visited. However, I was pleased to be captivated today. Trapp Falls was iced over with just one side melting and water and icicles crashing through. It was just gorgeous, and even with the small amount of flow, was singing peacefully. We continually explored the area and returned to the Falls on and off. I could not get enough of this beautiful scene!

The Brook also added to the lovely winter scene. It had icicles, and although mostly covered with snow had oddly shaped holes with flowing water. As you may expect I loved the wooden bridge, which had several adorable tiny snowman on the edge. Although I pushed it a little with the weather (oops!) so glad we could visit Trapp Falls on our Adventure today. Below you will see a mix of some of our past visits and today’s snow covered Adventure (unfortunately some of the photographs are fuzzy – still working with wordpress to resolve the problem). A beautiful and serene location (Rating: 4).

Videos from today:

February 7, 2021 – Farandnear – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, and I Adventured to the Farandnear Reservation in Shirley, Massachusetts.  The Farandnear was the former estate of Arthur Banks who was a well known professor and political scientist.  It includes 2.7 miles of trails, and an Arboretum.  The Park is owned and managed by the Trustees of Reservations.

We had a peaceful Adventure to Farandnear. I blogged about Farandear almost two years ago but since we have never been in the snow I figured it was a good opportunity to blog again. I was thrilled to arrive at Farandear to an empty parking lot. We headed off on to the trails. As many of my New England followers know we are heading into our next storm, so it was a dark morning for our Adventure. As typical of a Trustee’s property, the trails at Farandnear are well marked. In addition the snow was well groomed by previous visitors so we followed the paths easily. Wilma often seemed to be hearing something, maybe wildlife in the woods?? I often found her with her leg up in the air as she was thinking, smelling, or pondering whatever was in her mind. It almost gave me an eerie feeling….what was I missing? It was fun seeing the prints in the snow which Wilma followed closely, my hunting girl. We walked and walked, enjoying the exercise as we trudged through the snow and got a great workout as we went up and down the short hills. We trekked through the bogs and past the ravine, such a different terrain then our other visits. After our hike we wandered over to the Arboretum and checked out some of the trees adding color to the limited winter colors. It started snowing just as we were headed to the car…the perfect way to end our Adventure (Rating: 4).

Below you will see a collage of photos from today and two of our other visits, and two videos of the same area in different seasons (unfortunately some of the photographs are fuzzy – still working with wordpress to resolve the problem):