November 27, 2020 – Rockport, Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Rockport, Massachusetts. Rockport is an oceanside town in Northern Massachusetts. It is known for the beaches, art community, restaurants, shopping, and Motif #1, one of the most painted buildings in the country.

We had an ocean-filled Adventure to Rockport. Today our stops included: Motif #1, downtown Rockport, Bear Skin Neck, Old First Parish Burying Ground, the Breakwater, Halibut Point State Park, and Front Beach. Out Adventure started on a sunny morning, although it soon became dark and cloudy. Although we have been to almost all of these locations before we really enjoyed walking, exploring, and endless photos. I loved all the little aspects of the town, including the holiday decorations, the colorful buoys and lobster traps, and of course the gorgeous scenery. I especially loved hearing the crashing waves at Halibut Point State Park. Wilma especially enjoyed inhaling the smells of the lobster traps, watching the birds, and hoping along the Breakwater. Wilma seemed a little tired today, which is hopefully it is just me over analyzing. However she still appeared to enjoy the day, just appeared extra calm. So glad we could have an outing to Rockport today Rating: 4).

Throwback Adventure – Grassy Pond – Massachusetts

I have decided to return to posting new “Throwback Adventures” after taking time to re-post some of my favorites with Shadow.  This has been a therapeutic process for me to share.  We are devastated that both Shadow and Buster have both passed, but find peace knowing we can continue to remember them through our “Throwback Adventures”.  They were amazing boys and are forever in our hearts.

Shadow, Buster, Wilma, and I had numerous Adventures to Grassy Pond. Grassy Pond is a conservation area in Westford, Massachusetts. Grassy Pond is centered by a pond that occasionally dries up during certain seasons. This conservation area has picnic tables, a “Life Course” and has several short trails.

We have had simple Adventures to the Grassy Pond. I have been there with Shadow, Wilma, and Buster, but only could locate some limited photographs. Grassy Pond is a very small location so we would often walk there before a long trip, or if we only had a very short time to fit in a walk. Certain times of the year Grassy Pond can be quite beautiful. I always have loved the wooden bridge, and of course the views over the pond. You will find many locals walking at Grass Pond, including those exercising with their dogs, many off leash. We are lucky to have so many conservation trails in Massachusetts. So glad we were able to discover Grassy Pond (Throwback Adventures will not always be rated).

November 21, 2020 – Tidal Flats Recreation Area – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Tidal Flats Recreation Area in Bourne, Massachusetts, part of Cape Cod. Tidal Flats Recreation Area is the western most section of the Cape Cod Canal bikeway. The Area is popular for walking, fishing, biking, and picnicking. It also contains the Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge.

We had a wonderful Adventure to the Tidal Flats Recreation Area. We have been to other sections of the Cape Cod Canal, so had some idea as what to expect. Upon arrival we immediately spotted the Cape Cod Canal Railroad Bridge. I have seen this Bridge from afar, but quite a unique and spectacular Bridge to see from below. We began down the paved walkway. The sun was shining and it was an unusually warm day for November in New England. We walked and walked. There were ducks floating in the current, some gigantic boats passing through, and two bridges to admire. The colors along the route were minimal, but the water was beautiful blue, and the atmosphere peaceful. This is really a simple location but perfect for a nice walk, and of course even better for those out there who are Bridge fanatics. So glad we could enjoy a walk at the Tidal Flats Recreation Area (Rating: 3.5).

November 15, 2020 – Plymouth, Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to to Plymouth, Massachusetts. Plymouth is a coastal town in southern Massachusetts. It is famous for the history of being the first Pilgrim settlement in 1620.

We had a perfect Adventure to Plymouth, Massachusetts. We have been there numerous times but I have not blogged about the town specifically since the Throwback blog so today was the day. It was yet another cloudy New England although the sun came streaming through here and there. Throughout our day we explored locations including: downtown Plymouth, the waterfront, the Forefathers Monument, Brewster Garden, the Mayflower, Plymouth Rock, and the Grist Mill, almost all of which we have explored previously.

Wilma loved walking and of course sniffing the new smells. She enjoyed rolls in the grass, always reminding me of sweet Shadow. I loved getting exercise with some new scenery, the coastal views, finding the artistic shells throughout the town, and finding some remnants of fall. Plymouth is a unique, bustling town filled with lots of history. If you love history, shopping, the coast or a walking town Plymouth is definitely for you! So glad we could again visit Plymouth today (Rating: 4).

November 14, 2020 – Boston Common – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Boston Common in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston Common is located in downtown Boston. It was established back in 1654 making it the oldest urban park in the country. Boston Common is rich in history, and is a popular location for gathering with friends, walking, and ice skating in the winter months.

We had a squirrel-filled Adventure to the Boston Common (haha). Surprisingly I was able to locate meter parking nearby and off we went. Today was a dark New England day with remnants of color still scattered about and leaves blowing poetically in the breeze. We walked and explored venturing to all corners of the Common. There were memorials, endless belly heavy squirrels, lots of paths, and of course the empty frog pond. We also located the Central Burial Ground on our walk, however no dogs allowed so we just peered in the gate.

Throughout our Adventure Wilma was somewhat out of control loosing her mind with the squirrels. Likely due to their lack of fear and overly friendly personalities causing her to get dangerously close to these brave creatures. I can just imagine what the other canine friends thought about the screaming suburban girl who kept trying to climb the trees. I do not even think Wilma realized I joined her on this Adventure (haha). Wilma did stop to greet several visitors but mostly was hyped with the city squirrels. The Common was busy with culture and companionship creating quite the family feel. There were endless dog visitors many off leash. So glad we could visit the Boston Common today (Rating: 3.5).

Throwback Adventure – Uncle Tim’s Bridge – Massachusetts

I have decided to return to posting new “Throwback Adventures” after taking time to re-post some of my favorites with Shadow.  This has been a therapeutic process for me to share.  We are devastated that both Shadow and Buster have both passed, but find peace knowing we can continue to remember them through our “Throwback Adventures”.  They were amazing boys and are forever in our hearts.

In April 2017 Shadow, My Mom, and I Adventured to Uncle Tim’s Bridge in Wellfleet, Massachusetts. The Bridge connects Hamblen Island to the town of Wellfleet, part of Cape Cod Massachusetts. Uncle Tim’s Bridge was established in 1783 and is listed on the State Historic Register. The Bridge was later renovated in 2006.

We had an entertaining Adventure to Uncle Tim’s Bridge. We arrived on a super dark day, typical of a April in New England. We enjoyed walking back and forth along this long bridge, appearing more as a boardwalk then the titled “bridge”. As you will see below I had fun releasing Shadow down the bridge and into my arms, he really was the sweetest boy! We did appreciate wandering over to the Island but since I apparently did not take any photos of the actual Island we will leave our blog at the Uncle Tim’s Bridge. Definitely a very fun little spot to explore. Another memory and video to make me smile. We sure do miss the amazing Shadow! (Throwback blogs will not always be rated).

PS – I do apologize for my ridiculous voice – haha!

September 26, 2020 – Lake Quannapowitt Trail – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Lake Quannapowitt Trail in Wakefield, Massachusetts. This Trail is an approximately 3.6 mile loop around Lake Quannapowitt. Swimming and motorized vehicles are not permitted on the Lake. As expected the Trail is popular for runners, walkers, and bikers.

We had a mysterious Adventure to the Lake Quannapowitt Trail. I had actually located this path accidentally while driving by and finally today was the day we returned to walk. We found parking easily and off we went. The path was busy with guests, and was small in width. It was mostly paved and generally ran along a busy road although occasionally passed through a park or green space. I loved the wild flowers, and appreciated the growing signs of Autumn. Sadly the water appeared green in some locations so I did not allow Wilma to venture in close proximity.

Approximately half way around the “loop” the Trail vanished! I knew it was a loop so I searched and searched and did not find the Trail. I did my best to locate the remainder of the “trail” but eventually I discovered that a large portion of the loop was just a walk down a main road, unlike the first half which paralleled the Lake. Part of this I figured out by following a large number of people exercising, who unlike me received this memo (haha). Quite mysterious to me that it was continually defined as a”loop trail” however maybe it technically fits the “loop” definition. Thankfully our journey eventually returned us to where we started so my attempt to follow the Lake from afar worked out just fine.

Throughout our Adventure I enjoyed the community feel of this location, even passing the local Farmers Market along the Trail. I was surprised to find myself quite mesmerized by the beautiful graveyards including the Old Burying Ground, just spectacular. I also loved the unique and gorgeous gazebo we found in the park. I was especially proud of Wilma today as she often is reactive on leash. We saw many dogs and she responded to the training 100% definitely making me smile. Wilma enjoyed her regular rolls and the new smells of Wakefield. So glad we could traverse the Lake Quannapowitt Trail today (Rating: 3.5).

September 25, 2020 – Clearview Farm – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to Clearview Farm in Sterling, Massachusetts. Clearview Farm is an 85 acre Farm located on the top of Kendall Hill. The Farm includes: pick your own fruit, a farm stand with fresh fruit and baked items, and is host to fall festivals and a variety of events.

We had an apple filled Adventure to Clearview Farm. Every year we plan one annual apple picking trip, and I was excited it was upon us! It was a little hotter then I preferred but still the perfect way to end a stressful work week. We arrived to find a small Farm, framed with pumpkins and mums. Dogs were not permitted in the Farm Stand, but were allowed in all other areas of the Farm. We obtained our bags and headed to the orchard. We passed by some roaring dogs which was a little nerve racking, but were pleased to see they were contained. The orchard was simple, yet scenic. On the opposite side we located a small pumpkin patch, a lovely Fall scene. There was a map indicating which apples were located on each tree. I am far from picky about apples but tried to pick a diverse variety.

We took photographs, and wandered from tree to tree. Wilma enjoyed a great amount of rolls, and laid in the grass relaxing on this warm evening. She is always eager to get a look from other visitors, constantly wagging and hopeful, my social girl. We took our time and made sure to fill our bags. I dreamt about what I may cook, maybe apple crisp, maybe a pie…?? Lots of tasty moments to come. Apple picking is one of those fall activities which makes me happy to be a New Englander, anticipating the wonders of Fall. So glad we could visit Clearview Farm today (Rating: 3).

September 19, 2020 – Bash Bish Falls – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, I, and a friend of ours Adventured to Bash Bish Falls. Bash Bish Falls is located right on the border of Massachusetts, and New York, and is the highest waterfall in Massachusetts.  The Falls include a series of cascades that are approximately 200 feet tall.  The final cascade is 80 feet tall, split into two, by a large protruding boulder.  Bash Bish Falls begins in a spring on Mount Washington, although is technically located on Bash Bish Mountain.

We had a refreshing Adventure to Bash Bish Falls. I was excited to return to Bash Bish Falls and to show our friend this fabulous location. It was also Wilma’s first visit to this Falls. I have wonderful memories of my first visit with Shadow, and my Aunt and Uncle. I was quite pleased to begin this Adventure in the cool autumn air. We started up the short trail to the Falls. The trail was scattered with rocks and sloped up slowly. Even though it was far from challenging it provided a good heart pumping walk. The River parralleled the trail , and gradually became further away as we ascended to the Falls.

It did not take long for us to arrive at Bash Bish Falls. The Falls was tall, roaring and dramatically scenic. Although the water flow was less then our initial visit the massive size of Bash Bish still made the Falls spectacular. We checked out the Falls from the rails above before heading down closer, viewing the Falls from various angles. There were many visitors, creating numerous photobombs, however I did my best to capture this lovely natural Falls. We appreciated the scene for some time before heading back. So glad we could Adventure to Bash Bish Falls today (Rating: 4)