March 27, 2021 – Downtown Brattleboro – Vermont

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Brattleboro, Vermont. Brattleboro, Vermont is a small town in Southern Vermont known for its arts, culture and shops. It is bordered by the Connecticut River, West River and Mount Wantastiquet, making it popular for water activities.

We had a fun Adventure to Downtown Brattleboro. I am so happy that we are now able to leave the state so today Vermont was the destination. I have been there before with Shadow and Buster but today was Wilma’s first trip to Downtown. We spent about two hours walking around, exploring every street we could find. I loved the bright green bridge crossing the West River, which of course we enjoyed trotting across. Throughout the town we located many churches, artwork, and even some small cascades. The mountains framing the town were majestic, and I am sure they are especially gorgeous in the Fall. We passed many appealing stores, and we wandered by many restaurants. I did not feel the town was necessarily picturesque, but all the aspects of it made it just right. As always Wilma enjoyed exploring, and had some perfect rolls in front of the bridge. Before returning the car we even sat in the sun in the grass, just relaxing, I guess my girl is growing up! It was the perfect way to end our main Adventure of today (this blog will not be rated).

May 2, 2020 – Texas Falls Recreation Area – Vermont

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Texas Falls Recreation Area in Hancock, Vermont.  The Texas Falls Recreation Area is part of the Green Mountain National Forest. The Recreation Area has a 1.2 mile trail highlighted by the Texas Falls. Texas Falls is a series of cascading Falls that are approximately thirty five feet in height. The location also contains a picnic areas, pavilions, and restrooms.

We had a spectacular Adventure to the Texas Falls Recreation Area.  I had been wanting to visit this Falls for some time, and finally decided to take the long drive.  I thought of Shadow often on this Adventure, as it was my first waterfall visit since loosing our Shadow.  So glad he has numerous waterfall Adventures.

We arrived at the Texas Falls Recreation Area following my GPS and clearly marked signs.  There were some cars in the parking lot, but not overly busy.  With great anticipation we crossed the street searching for the direct path to the Falls.  I soon located a lovely bridge across the Texas Brook.  While traversing this bridge we located the Falls to the left, and to the right the Brook continued, rushing through the gorge.  We relished the sites, and planned to return again after our walk.

Our journey continued across the bridge where we immediately found the sign for the “Nature Trail”.  We turned right and began on our hike, soon spotting a sign for the Lower viewing area, which provided an additional view of the waterfall, and close-up views of the gorge.  So beautiful, roaring thunderously!  After spending time on this landing we then returned back to our hike.

The “Nature Trail” ran high above and parallel to the brook before winding up into the woods.  Part of the trail was a slight work-out as it slowly ascended up.  The trail crossed a variety of bridges, little cascades down the rocks, and varied in trees, and natural landscaping.  There were few others on the trail, and through much of the walk we could hear the sounds of running water.  I really loved this trail, flashing me back to my many special Adventures with Shadow to the White Mountains.

Upon completion of the Trail we strolled over to check out the picnic areas, and a new aspect of the river from the bridge on the road.  I then decided to grabbed my lunch and we headed to a huge boulder as I ate and Wilma watched everyone who sauntered within her sight.  So peaceful!  After eating we spent time revisiting the various views of the Falls and locating rocks in quiet areas to sit and soak in the entire sensory experience.  We spent almost three hours at the Recreation Area, and did not want to leave.  The Texas Falls Recreation Area is definitely a special place that I would highly recommend to all my friends, and followers.  Please see below for many photographs, and videos (Rating:  5).




Throwback Adventure – Dog Mountain/Dog Chapel – Vermont

In remembering our Shadow I decided to re-post some of our favorite Adventures on our “Throwback Adventure” Thursdays.  Shadow had amazing solo Adventures, Adventures with Buster, and Adventures with Wilma.  He was one lucky boy!  The post today was our Adventure to the Dog Chapel, a spectacular way to honor and appreciate man’s best friend.  I have been there with Shadow, and also with Shadow and Wilma.   We were able to post Buster’s memorial card in the Chapel, and had such a special and therapeutic experience.  It really helped in the healing of loosing our Buster.  I look forward to returning to honor our Shadow.  Please see below for my original post including photographs and a video.


Yesterday, Shadow, Wilma and I Adventured to Dog Mountain, the home of the well known Dog Chapel. Dog Mountain is a 150 acre property on a mountaintop in St. Johnsbury, Vermont. The property was owned by the talented artist, furniture maker, sculptor and author, Stephen Huneck. Huneck turned his barn into studio space and was the visionary for the Dog Chapel. Much of Huneck’s later work was artwork of dogs and the bond between dogs and humans. Sadly Huneck died at just 61, however his vision lives on. Dog Mountain includes: numerous hiking trails, ponds, the gallery, and the Dog Chapel. They even host a variety of dog friendly events, including parties and concerts.

We had a therapeutic Adventure to Dog Mountain. It was two years ago this weekend that our love, Buster, passed away. Shadow and I visited the Dog Chapel the Winter after Buster died, and since then we have made it an annual visit to remember Buster, and support this absolutely peaceful, therapeutic, and amazingly remarkable location. On our first visit I posted Buster’s remembrance card on the memorialized wall of the Dog Chapel. The gorgeous Dog Chapel is a peaceful experience with quiet music, photographs plastered everywhere, artistic stain glass dog windows, and numerous small features honoring all the dogs that have passed. It was such a special experience that I cannot describe it in words. It almost was like a Memorial Service where you could honor the loyal dog that you loved dearly. Buster was an amazing energetic boy. He had a crazy tail, a happy howl, and a zest for life. He was a year younger then Shadow and they grew up best buds. It was absolutely devastating loosing him, and our experience at Dog Mountain helped provide some great healing and therapy. I highly recommend all those who love animals and have lost a pet visit this one of a kind spot dedicated to man’s best friend.

Although the Chapel was definitely our highlight of Dog Mountain we also enjoyed the trails, gallery, and chatting with other dog lovers. On our visit yesterday we started on one of the trails through the beautiful mountain area, with scenic views. It was very quiet and peaceful and we took in every thought and moment hiking on this grand Dog Mountain. After completing this loop we sat by the pond for a bit enjoying the mountain foliage while Shadow and Wilma enjoyed playing, and drinking some water from the pond. From there were headed to the gallery, so fun to have the dogs included in a shopping experience. Although I initially did not see Huneck’s artwork as “my style”, the meaning behind the art, the place it has become, and the therapy it has provided me, really has turned it into artwork I love and cherish. While in the gallery Shadow spent a good time napping in various spots, while I wandered with Wilma, searching for that perfect purchase. It was great to find some little souvenirs from our visit, therefore supporting this wonderful dedication to man’s best friend. It is just breathtaking seeing all the little details around the gallery, and property, from door knobs of dogs, to statues on the fence, to dog carvings holding up the toilet paper! Every feature was considered in this spectacular labor of love.

And of course we always visit the Chapel a second time before we leave Dog Mountain, soaking in the experience. We were lucky to have some time in solitude to remember all the fun times with our Buster. Not only a beautiful location, but really a glorious experience in all ways. I highly encourage all to visit this dedication of love, Dog Mountain, as nothing can compare. We look forward to next year’s visit to Dog Mountain (Rating: 5)

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January 5, 2019 – Thundering Falls – Vermont

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Thundering Falls in Killington, Vermont.  Thundering Falls is approximately 125 feet in length, and is estimated to be the sixth tallest waterfall in Vermont.  As expected this waterfall is sourced from the Thundering Brook.  The waterfall is located on the Appalachian Trail and is a less then a mile walk, most of which occurs on a boardwalk.

We had a spectacular Adventure to Thundering Falls.  The waterfall was located on River Road, a kiosk marking the parking lot.  Quite pleased to be the only visitors we parked and began our journey.  I was instantly exciting seeing the snow covered boardwalk heading into the marsh, surrounded by mountain views.  It was distinctly gorgeous.  The boardwalk trail weaved back and forth and we could soon hear the roaring waterfall, increasing our anticipation.

After the boardwalk ended we veered to the right and quickly located a sign for the Falls. The trail led us to a viewing deck providing a magnificent view of Thundering Falls.  The Falls was scattered with snow and ice creating a unique and picturesque scene.  I enjoyed standing in front of the falls taking in the full sensory experience.  Of course many photographs and several videos were snapped to capture the encounter.  I was initially thinking of walking up above the Falls but was a bit unclear if there was a trail (due to the snow) and even with my ice cleats the slope with snow was very icy.  I therefore found it a bit dangerous and after scratching my hand on a brief slide down, I decided otherwise.  We then began our walk back to the car, appreciating each and every part of the Trail.

Thundering Falls was absolutely lovely, and definitely one of the nicest waterfalls that we have viewed.  We might just have to return to see the waterfall in different seasons (Rating:  4.5).

PS-I decided to organize my photographs in a larger format so let me know what you think.  Not sure yet if I find it better, or too many to scroll through (as I often have them in a collage).









Throwback Adventure – Coburn Covered Bridge – Vermont

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday. These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing. Many of these Throwback Adventures will include our Buster, who was known for his crazy tail, his happy howl, and his zest for life. We miss him dearly…he is forever in our hearts!

In February 2019 Shadow and I Adventured to the Coburn Covered Bridge in Montpelier, Vermont.  The Coburn Covered Bridge was built in 1851 and crosses the Winooski River.  It is the only bridge in Montpelier.

We had a brown Adventure to the Coburn Covered Bridge.  The Bridge was one of our many stops on the way to our main destination.  Absolutely nothing about this Bridge was memorable, although I guess it is generally not fair to judge anything in the winter of New England.  The landscape was dry, the Bridge cracking, and the River still.  On a good note it was nice to find a bridge away from the business of a neighborhood, in a quiet country location.  We were still glad we could to visit the Coburn Covered Bridge (Throwback Adventures will not always be rated).


Coburn bridge i think118117

October 20, 2019 – The Long Trail – Vermont

This past weekend we had a getaway to Vermont, which involved many Adventures, most of which I will blog about.  We stayed in a cabin in the woods, and due to no wifi I am far behind on my blog, therefore posting much later then preferred.  However, definitely some amazing locations that I am excited to share.  This will be my last post from our fabulous weekend away…(blogs from the weekend were posted in no particular order).

This weekend Shadow, Wilma, My Parents, and I Adventured to the Long Trail in Stowe, Vermont.  The Long Trail runs the entire state of Vermont, crossing many peaks.  It is the oldest long-distant trail in the Country.  The Trail consists of a 272 footpath, and many additional miles of side trails.  The Trail has remote camping site and is good for all skills levels, as it provides a variety of terrain locations.  The Long Trail was created by the Green Mountain Club who currently maintain and preserve the Trail.

We had an awe-inspiring Adventure to the Long Trail in Stowe, Vermont.  The Long Trail was not a planned stop on our weekend Adventures, but instead an accidental find.  I was quite excited to discover the picturesque boardwalk as we drove toward Mount Mansfield.  We began on this path, excited to explore.  The Mountain views were absolutely spectacular, highlighted by the fall foliage.  We trotted along the boardwalk and snapped away.  The boardwalk hung high above what appeared to be above a wetlands.  There were few visitors, bringing us into the peace, and tranquility of nature.  Along the boardwalk we found several information kiosks.

After completing the boardwalk trail we ended up at a path that would weave through the orange foliage, highlighted by white birch trees.  Shadow, Wilma, and I walked down the trail, soon becoming a walk of “normal” scenery.  I was disappointed to hear sounds of cars in the distance, but yet still pleased to entail on an energetic walk on yet another perfect Fall day.  We are not sure where this trail might have lead but sauntered through the woods for some time, before turning back to join My Parents.

Upon completing our Adventure we began reading more about the Long Trail, and My Dad located an amazing map.  I could not believe the immense size of this trail, and have been even more curious since we returned home.  I definitely will be reading further, viewing some videos and will surely visit the Long Trail again in the future.  Quite an amazing trail system in the beautiful state of Vermont.  So glad My Parents could join us on the gorgeous Long Trail (Rating:  4.5).



October 21, 2019 – Moss Glen Falls – Vermont

This past weekend we had a getaway to Vermont, which involved many Adventures, most of which I will blog about.  We stayed in a cabin in the woods, and due to no wifi I am far behind on my blog, therefore posting much later then preferred.  However, definitely some amazing locations that I am excited to share.  I now will continue our Vermont Adventures from the weekend…in no particular order.

This weekend Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Moss Glen Falls in Stowe, Vermont.  Moss Glenn Falls is approximately 125 feet in height,  making it one of the tallest waterfalls in Vermont.  The Falls is sourced from Moss Glen Brook.  It is located next to the Putnam State Forest.

We had a breathtaking Adventure to Moss Glen Falls.  I was beyond thrilled to visit the Moss Glen Falls, a Falls I had read about for some time.  We started out on an early foggy morning, locating the Falls on Moss Glen Falls Road.  The walk started on a narrow trail, which soon had some pieces of uneven boards, crossing through the mud.  Immediately the sound of the Brook was upon us, babbling in song, and increasing our anticipation of this waterfall.  The trail was short, and we soon arrived at the Brook.  We sauntered alongside the water taking in the smells of fall, and the harmony of nature.  We soon arrived at a more open area where there were some small cascades, and the entrance to the gorge.  There were colorful leaves floating in the water, and large boulders.  So serene and, simple, yet quite beautiful.

We began our ascent up the gorge, following the sounds of the Falls.  The hike was steep, and footing often uneven from numerous roots, and rocks.  We took our time, and attempted to peak over the edge, whenever possible, before locating the one spot with the glorious view of Moss Glenn Falls.  The Falls was absolutely stunning, more spectacular then I could have ever imagined.  The water was rushing, crashing through the gorge.  We stayed at this spot for some time, taking photographs, and just staring in awe at this find.  From there we hiked up further being very careful at the dangerous, and abrupt cliffside.  The Falls overall was hard to view as there were many rocks, and hazardous spots.  We hiked as far as we felt we could go, hoping to see additional views of the Falls, but soon realized we had already found the best view.  Both Shadow and Wilma appeared overly attentive, likely sensing my cautiousness of this cliffside trail.

From there we headed back slowly down the mountainous trail.  As per our usual Adventure we took or time at this location.  Moss Glen Falls is definitely one of the most amazing Falls I have ever seen, unquestionably in the top five.  Besides being a dark day, I can promise you that my photographs of this Falls do not give it the justice it deserves.  I therefore hope you too can Adventure to the Falls (Rating:  5)



October 20, 2019 – Red Covered Bridge – Vermont

This past weekend we had a getaway to Vermont, which involved many Adventures, most of which I will blog about.  We stayed in a cabin in the woods, and due to no wifi I am far behind on my blog, therefore posting much later then preferred.  However, definitely some amazing locations that I am excited to share.  I now will continue our Vermont Adventures from the weekend…in no particular order.

This past weekend Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Red Covered Bridge in Morristown, Vermont.  The Red Covered Bridge was built in 1896 and crosses the Sterling Brook.  It is approximately 64 feet in length, and is located in a rural section of town.

We had a lovely visit to the Red Covered Bridge.  I was so excited to find a “Red” Bridge although little did I know there would be two red colored bridges on our adventures.  I had located this bridge on our tourist map, and although the map was not quite as detailed as I would have hoped, we still were able to locate this bridge.  We discovered the Red Covered Bridge on a quiet dirt road, away from the hustle and bustle of town.  As expected it was bright red in color, and crossed high above a gorge, encompassing the Sterling Brook River.  We romped around for a bit making sure to view each perspective.  The surrounding landscaping was a bit dull, although there were some autumnal orange foliage nearby.  We were so glad to visit the official Red Covered Bridge (Rating:  4)


October 19 & 20 & 21, 2019 – Stowe Recreation Path – Vermont

This past weekend we had a getaway to Vermont, which involved many Adventures, most of which I will blog about.  We stayed in a cabin in the woods, and due to no wifi I am far behind on my blog, therefore posting much later then preferred.  However, definitely some amazing locations that I am excited to share.  I now will continue our Vermont Adventures from the weekend…in no particular order.

Several times this past weekend Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Stowe Recreation Path in Stowe, Vermont, while my Mom also joined us on one visit.  The Stowe Recreation Path is a 5.3 mile paved trail that was built in several phases.  It crosses the West River, provides mountain views, and winds throughout the restaurant and shopping districts.

We had leg-stretching Adventures to the Stowe Recreation Path.  We stopped many times on the Recreation Path in attempt to view various terrain along the trail.  I also had located several bridges on the map, so was driven to explore every one I could find.  The Stowe Recreation Path was simple, but lovely.  The bridges were a perfect touch, the views gorgeous, and you can never go wrong with a walk on a spectacular Fall day.  I kept my eye out for details, appreciating the fall foliage, birch trees, and variety of landscape.  We even observed what appeared to be a beaver swimming in the River.  There were bikers, walkers, tourists, and locals.  I would definitely traverse his trail often if I lived locally.  So glad we could stroll along this popular Path on our visit to Stowe (Rating:  4)



October 21, 2019 – Vermont State House – Vermont

This past weekend we had a getaway to Vermont, which involved many Adventures, most of which I will blog about.  We stayed in a cabin in the woods, and due to no wifi I am far behind on my blog, therefore posting much later then preferred.  However, definitely some amazing locations that I am excited to share.  I now will continue our Vermont Adventures from the weekend…in no particular order.

This weekend Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Vermont State House in Montpelier, Vermont.  This was the second visit for Shadow and I.  The Vermont State House was designed in 1857, and later renovated in the 1980s.  It is home for government functions, and contains famous artwork.  It is also known for the gold leaf dome, and the picturesque mountain setting.

We had a lovely Adventure to the Vermont State House on a gorgeous afternoon.  Upon arrival I was quite pleased to see the State House highlighted by bright orange, yellow, and red foliage.  This helped to mask some construction, and orange fencing within eyesight.  We made our way around the property attempting not to miss any detail.  There were paved pathways winding throughout the grounds, and several canons, and statues.  The landscaping was prestine, although somewhat past season for full bloom.  The State House was gorgeous, the distinctive gold sphere adorning the top.  The sun was shining, and the temperature just right.  I took photographs of Shadow and Wilma from various angles, and was quite delighted when a passer-bye offered to take a family photograph.  Wild Wilma decided to roll around on the cement, but posed just in time.  It was great to visit such an integral landmark.  Shadow and I had a wonderful visit in the winter of 2017, however it was extra-dark and cloudy, making the scenery on this Adventure extra striking.  So glad we could Adventure to the Vermont State House (Rating:  4).

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