January 29, 2023 – Phoenix Bike Trail – Massachusetts

Yesterday, Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to the Phoenix Bike Trail in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. The Phoenix Bike Trail is a four-mile trail that runs from Fairhaven to Mattapoisett. The Bike Trail follows the Old Fairhaven Branch Railroad.

We had a dull Adventure to the Phoenix Bike Trail. I debated sharing this blog as we only explored a very small portion of this Bike Trail but decided to post. We parked along the shore and started at the formal beginning of this Trail. The majority of the Trail we traversed ran through the neighborhoods, and past several parks. There were many others out walking, and we found those we passed quite friendly. We enjoyed walking, waiting for some exciting scenery, which never arrived on our short walk. However, Wilma made sure to enjoy some enthusiastic rolls, while Gus was quite energetic throughout. Glad we could visit another New England Rail Trail. We might just have to explore another part of the Trail on a future visit (This blog will not be rated).

January 8, 2023 – Minuteman Bikeway – Bedford, Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to the Minuteman Bikeway in Bedford, Massachusetts. The Minuteman Bikeway is a 10.1 mile Rail Trail that runs from Cambridge to Bedford. The Rail Trail passes through various landmarks including historic Lexington, famous for the American Revolution.

We had a simple walk to the Minuteman Bikeway, our first time exploring the Bedford portion. We parked at Depot Park and off we went, walking for approximately one hour. Wilma and Gus loved the new smells, and posing for treats, while Gus was fascinated with the ice patches along the route. The trail was enjoyed by runners, dog walkers, families, and walkers. The trail was simple, and somewhat dull, however that never dampens us enjoying a walk on a sunny winter day. So glad we could take a walk on the Minuteman Bikeway today (This blog will not be rated).

October 2, 2022 – Bruce Freeman Trail (Chelmsford) – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus and I Adventured to the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.  The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is a twenty five mile Trail that includes the towns of Lowell, Chelmsford, Westford, Carlisle, Acton, Concord, Framingham, and Sudbury.  The Trail is 10 feet in width and is popular for:  biking, skiing, walking, jogging, and rollerblading.

We had a simple adventure to the Bruce Freeman Trail. Although we have been on the Bruce Freeman Trail in other towns, this was our first walk in Chelmsford. We parked at Byam Elementary and off we went. I was disappointed about the weather this weekend but was reminded on today’s adventure that it was the perfect temperature for a walk. We are beginning to see the colors of Autumn which makes me so happy being my favorite time of year. Our walk took us through the woods, past homes, and along a small portion of Heart Pond. We walked and sniffed (haha!) and enjoyed the little details along the journey. There were small signs of fall, remnants of summer blooms, and some unique art on the Trail. Definitely not a nice day for brilliant photographs but a refreshing walk on the Bruce Freeman Trail today (This blog will not be rated.)

September 24, 2022 – Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Cape Cod is a peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean off the southeastern corner of Massachusetts. It is a popular summer destination known for the laid-back lifestyle. Cape Cod draws tourists for its beaches, lighthouses, ponds, villages, and the seafood shacks and restaurants.

We had a refreshing Adventure to Cape Cod today. It was a gorgeous, windy day, and a lovely day to be on the coast. We stopped at many locations, but our main Adventures included: Chatham Lighthouse Beach, Chatham Lighthouse, Highland Lighthouse, The Cape Cod Rail Trail, the town of Sandwich, Jackknife Cove Beach, the Chatham Godrey Windmill, and a gorgeous no-name beach along Providence Harbor. We started our day arriving at the end of sunrise, and continued long after finding various spots, some planned, and some located along the route. My favorite parts of the day were: the gorgeous water in the Provincetown Harbor, the sand dunes, and strolling along the shore. Wilma loved some rolls, while both pups enjoyed some digging, and finding new smells on the beach. It was just the kind of day I needed today. So glad to Adventure to Cape Code today (this blog will not be rated).

July 16, 2022 – Bruce Freeman Trail (West Concord) – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus and I Adventured to the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail in West Concord, Massachusetts.  The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is a twenty five mile Trail that includes the towns of Lowell, Chelmsford, Westford, Carlisle, Acton, Concord, Framingham, and Sudbury.  The Trail is 10 feet in width and is popular for:  biking, skiing, walking, jogging, and rollerblading.

We had an early morning Adventure to the West Concord section of the Bruce Freeman Trail. I was eager to explore yet another section of this local rail trail. Although I never found the formal parking for this section, we found a location to park and off we went. We began this section of the trail at a lovely garden and spent about an hour and a half walking. Along the trail we found wildflowers, marsh views, and lots of birds a chirping. The trail was near the road in some locations but overall quiet. We saw a couple dog walkers, bikers, and some walkers, but there were not too many on this trail. I appreciated that this location of the trail did not near too many homes. The pups loved eating grass (haha) and chasing squirrels and chipmunks along the way. A nice simple, local walk to start our day today (Rating: This blog will not be rated).

May 23, 2022 – Assabet River Rail Trail (Maynard) – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Assabet River Trail in Maynard, Massachusetts. The Assabet River Rail Trail is approximately thirteen miles (upon completion) and runs from Acton to Marlborough.

We had a green filled adventure to the Assabet River Trail in Maynard, Massachusetts. I had explored the Acton portion of the Trail previously and was looking forward to visiting another section. I looked at the Assabet River Trail map online and found the “Ice Pond” parking as indicated. We walked along the trail, which was overall very quiet, running along the Assabet River. The trail foliage was simple, but lovely, the sun streaming through the canopy of trees. Along our walk we found a beaver dam, some swans in the River, and enjoyed studying the various flowers and greenery on the Trail. There were many bikers, several solo walkers and numerous dog walkers. We saw one dog off leash, but were thankful that the owner was respectful and leashed his dog when he saw us walking toward him. Our walk was leisurely and just right on this gorgeous spring day. We definitely chose a scenic section of the Assabet Rail Trail today (Rating: 4).

September 11, 2021 – Ashuwillticook Rail Trail – Massachusetts

Yesterday Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail in Cheshire, Massachusetts. The Ashuwillticook Rail Trail is an almost 13 mile trail that runs through the towns of Adams, Lanesborough, and Cheshire. The Trail is ten foot in width and as expected is the site of an old rail trail. Views along the Trail include the Cheshire Reservoir and the Hoosic River.

We had a lovely adventure to the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail. I was thrilled to finally get to the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail as I had always wanted to visit due to the great reviews, scenic location, and my interest in rail trails in general. We found a map online and parked at Church Street as I wanted to make sure we were able to see the Reservoir with the mountain backdrop. I was thankful for a brief chat with a fellow dog walker who told me which way to head toward the Reservoir and off we went on our walk. The trail was smooth and most of the time edged with greenery, until of course we arrived at the Reservoir. As you may expect my favorite part was the route parallel to the Reservoir, with the gorgeous mountain views, so pretty and quite peaceful. We walked and walked spending about 1.5 hours on this trail. Gus loved giving his sister constant kisses, and picking up any and all sticks he could find. Wilma enjoyed walking and exploring the new smells on our walk. Definitely one of the prettiest rail trails I have been to on our adventures. So glad we could visit the Ashuwillticook Rail Trail (Rating: 4).

August 13, 2021 – Assabet River Rail Trail – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to the Assabet River Rail Trail in Acton, Massachusetts. The Assabet River Rail Trail runs through five towns, including: Acton, Maynard, Stow, and Marlborough. It was originally the path of the Fitchburg Railroad.

We had a wildflower-filled Adventure to the Assabet River Rail Trail. We saw one dog, bikers, and other people running, and walking. The trail crossed through wetlands, past fields and farms, had several bridges, and went through the woods. The trail was very quiet, although sometimes you could hear cars on local road. My favorite part of trail was the variety of wildflowers, and scenes across the wetlands. Wilma and Gus enjoyed posing, and trotting along, with Gus enjoying some grass chewing as we walked. The trail was simple but pretty. I was so excited to get home and see my photographs, but was soooo disappointed to find the memory card was not in my camera. Such a bummer not to capture this beautiful trail visually, however decided to share yet another dog friendly Adventure. We might just have to return to try those photographs again. So glad to visit the Assabet River Rail Trail (This blog will not be rated).

June 26, 2021 – Massachusetts Central Rail Trail/Northampton Bikeway – Massachusetts

Today we Adventured to the Massachusetts Central Trail Trail in Florence, Massachusetts. The Massachusetts Central Rail Trail is a partially completed rail trail that runs from Northampton to Boston. It was a little confusing researching this Trail but it appears that the Massachusetts Central Rail Trail has numerous other titles based on which area and/or town you are traversing. The Massachusetts Central Rail Trail currently consists of 51 “open” miles and is growing as trails are being added but the plan is complete it throughout the original 104 mile railroad line.

We had a family-filled Adventure on the Central Rail Trail, also appearing to be the Northampton Bikeway. We were thrilled to spend the day with family, including my aunt and uncle who were on this Adventure. The portion of the trail we walked along had artwork on the path and mostly weaved through the woods, adding well needed shade on this warm day. There were signs on the path that gave a estimated time in minutes to various locations. During this Adventure we also walked on the loop around Look Park (however I decided to blog about Look Park today). It was so wonderful to have the company of my aunt and uncle, two very special people in my life. We walked, talked and enjoyed our time. There were dog walkers, bikers, and walkers, many quite friendly as they passed us by. We located a map of the Rail Trails, which I look forward to studying for a future Adventure. So glad we could enjoy this new Trail with fabulous company (This blog will not be rated).

May 1, 2021 – Downtown Franklin – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Downtown Franklin in New Hampshire. Franklin, New Hampshire is in South Central, New Hampshire. It is located at the merging of the Pemigewasset and Winnipesaukee Rivers, and is known for its Mill history. Well known lawyer and statesman Daniel Webster was born in the town of Franklin.

We had a nice Adventure to Downtown Franklin, our second Adventure of the day. Downtown Franklin is a small area that includes churches, businesses, several gas station, and social service agencies. We also walked through Trestle View Park, visited the Sulphite bridge, and explored the beginning of the Winnipesaukee River Trail. These three parts of Downtown I had been to before with Shadow and Buster but it was Wilma’s first visit. We took our time exploring, and were quite pleased to see many colors of spring. The town was quiet, but it was early, so to be expected. My camera only took a couple shots here before the battery officially died but I did my best to capture the feel of this town on my cell phone. Glad we could stretch our legs on our Adventure to Downtown Franklin (This blog will not be rated).