April 29, 2019 – Owls Head State Park and Owls Head Light – Maine

Although my goal is to post our Adventures  the same day, or following day, I failed to reach that goal for this blog.  However, I still am excited to share this Adventure.

On Monday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Owls Head State Park, which hosts the Owls Head Lighthouse in Owls Head, Maine.  The Lighthouse was built in 1825 is located high above the Penobscot Bay.   There are two beaches in the Park, one with views of the Bay, and the other with views of Rockland.

We had a scenic Adventure to Owls Head State Park and the Owls Head Lighthouse on a beautiful sunny day.  This was our last official Adventure of our weekend in Maine.  Upon arrival we wandered over to the picnic area to find lovely views framed by a narrow beach.  We decided to wander down the path to the right to the Owls Head Lighthouse.  It was a tranquil spot, with several look-outs along the way.  It did not take long to arrive at the Lighthouse.  We were delighted to have the area all to ourselves slowly weaving up the ramp, and stairs to arrive directly underneath the Lighthouse.  Owls Lighthouse is a unique lighthouse area providing sweeping views.  After spending some time enjoy the picturesque location we headed back to the picnic area.

From there we ventured down the trail to the left, not quite sure what to expect.  Another short trail which ended at a small beach.  The beach was quite rocky, but provided some sand areas in between the numerous rocks.  There were small cliff-like rocks adorned with evergreens.  After exploring for a bit we sat and enjoyed the ocean breeze, Shadow rolling, and napping, while Wilma took part in some digging fun.  A wonderful place to relax on a gorgeous day.

Our last stop at the Park was the Beach area, immediately adjacent to the parking lot.  Yet another rocky beach making for some unpredictable footing.  However that did not stop us from strolling around briefly to survey the area, and snap some photographs.  Such a lovely Park, and Lighthouse in Owls Head.  We are so glad we could explore this special area on our Adventure (Rating:  4).


April 28, 2019 – Cadillac Mountain – Maine

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Cadillac Mountain in Acadia National Park in Maine.  Cadillac Mountain is at an elevation of 1530 feet, making it the highest point along the North Atlantic Seaboard.

We had a stunning Adventure to Cadillac Mountain, enjoying the scenery in the morning, and later heading back for the sunset.  This was the second day we had journeyed to Cadillac Mountain as we had previously visited back in August 2015 with Shadow, Buster, and My Mom.  I decided to blog again about this spectacular location as the first visit, although quite magical and misty, left us absolutely no view.  This time the view was clear as can be, and absolutely breathtaking.  We walked along the path, focusing on the unique landscape, and the glorious views.  The path lead around, providing a perspective from many angles.  At one point the path lead off toward a trail so we followed this trail away from the other guests, and at peace with the world.  We found a place to sit and relish the flawless scenery.  Although I was happy with many of my photographs, I really cannot describe this location in words.  I do not remember ever seeing a more amazing view, and continually found myself commenting about this spot as we strolled around.  I think the highlight of our weekend in Maine was Cadillac Mountain.

So we decided later to head back to Cadillac Mountain for the sunset.  I had been told, and read that it was the best place to see the sunrise and sunset, so why not end the day at this sensational Mountain location.  We spent about an hour at Cadillac Mountain observing this lovely sunset.  We hopped around before finding the ideal rocks away from most other guests, and of course with the perfect view.  I do not remember the last time I watched a sunset, nor the last time I saw something so picturesque.  The sun changed from color to color before officially setting.  One of the most beautiful sites I have ever seen with my two furry friends by my side.  It was the perfect ending to a wonderful day in Mount Desert Island.  I highly recommend you visit Cadillac Mountain, and below you can see too many photographs and videos of these memorable visits (Rating:  5).

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April 28, 2019 – Schooner Head Overlook – Maine

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma and I Adventured to Schooner Neck Point in Mount Desert Island Maine.  Schooner Neck Point is not technically part of Acadia National Park.  It provides views to the East and of the Frenchman Bay.

We had a peaceful Adventure to Schooner Neck on a sunny afternoon.  I was exhilarated to arrive at the parking lot and find no cars, maybe a hidden spot??  We got out of the car and immediately saw a lovely water view from afar, a trail to our right.  Unknown as to where the trail would lead we sauntered along the path weaving down and around in and in and out of the trees.  It did not take us long to arrive at a spectacular view from the rocks.  The beautiful color of the sea, rocks, and crashing waves at yet another wonderful oasis.  We checked out the view and walked for a bit finding a quiet spot in the grass to relax.  Shadow took a true nap while Wilma chewed on anything she could find.  It was so nice to find ourselves alone in nature, with a grassy spot to sit, isolated from the world.  Just what we needed as we took some time to treasure our amazing day in Mount Desert Island (Rating:  3).

April 28, 2019 – Jordan Pond – Maine

Yesterday we Adventured to Jordan Pond located in the Acadia National Park in Maine.  Jordan Pond was formed by the Wisconsin Ice Sheet during the last glacial period.  It has mountains to the west and northeast.  The loop trail around the pond is less than four miles long, and is mostly flat.  Jordan Pond is also known for the Jordan Pond House Restaurant that is open in-season, and includes outdoor seating on the lawn.

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Jordan Pond.  This was our second Adventure to Jordan Pond as we had been there previously with Shadow, Buster, and My Mom.  I debated on this blog as I usually do not post twice on a place I have blogged about previously.  However, my previous Adventure was one of the most amazing ones we have experienced, and definitely rated 5!  So I thought in this case I would add a short little blog and share some photographs from yesterday.

We had a shorter visit to Jordan Pond yesterday, as we did not traverse the GORGEOUS trail around the Pond.  We enjoyed strolling around the trails, and the appreciating the beauty of the Pond in complete silence.  It was fun to see Jordan pond empty from visitors, and in a different time of year.  The early spring season has created brown grass, which added some unique color to the landscape.  The Pond is spectacular framed with the Bubble Mountains, so round and perfect.  My dark cell phone photographs do not even almost give this area the credit it deserves, but still wanted to share a magnificent spot to visit in Acadia National Park.  Definitely a must see stop (Rating:  5).

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ly shaped.  We 100% will be back to visit and to hike around the Pond again (Rating:  5)




April 28, 2019 – Thunder Hole – Maine

Yesterday we Adventured to Thunder Hole in Bar Harbor, part of the Acadia National Park in Maine.  Thunder Hole is a popular location where the ocean waters crash into the rocky shore.  The Hole is an inlet that occurred naturally, causing the water to sometimes shoot up to forty feet in the air.  There is a small cavern under the water that intensifies the experience.  A Thunder sound is often heard, leading to the name.  A fenced viewing zone is in place, creating an up close experience.

Yesterday we had a thundering Adventure to Thunder Hole in Maine.  This was our second visit to Thunder Hole as Shadow, Buster, My Mom, and I had visited previously.  On our first visit it was warmer, greener, and foggy, while today bright, cool, and sunny.  We were pleased to see less visitors to this spot today, although still an overly popular area.  Upon arrival we noticed that the area directly next to the “Hole” was closed due to unsafe conditions.  This was a little disappointing, although we were still able to get pretty close to listen to the loud thundering sound and watch the waves.  On some days the water splashed high above and into the viewing area, however it appeared a bit calmer today.  We found a spot a little above the “Hole” to watch, before walking along the rocks.  Due to the recent torrents of rain some of the rocks appeared to be little brooks, flashing me back to our mountain Adventures.  Shadow and Wilma sure did enjoy this added bonus with fresh water drinks.  We wandered through these streams before finding a quiet area with a little cool cave and shade to sit and relax.  Shadow enjoyed the comfort of the cave, and laying in the sun, while Wilma stood watching every movement of all things short and small.  The shore view was gorgeous, the water perfectly blue, and the waves crashing in sound.  The rocks in this area tend to be more square in shape then circular, and brown in color, creating unique tones to this spot.  It was nice to feel the sun on this spring day, almost too sunny for great photographs.  We relaxed for a some time before heading off to our next Adventure.  I will include some photographs from both of our visits, and two videos from our visit yesterday.  And although I do not prefer tourist types of natural attractions, Thunder Hole is definitely worth your visit (Rating:  3).









April 27, 2019 – Seawall – Maine

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Natural Seawall in the Southwest Harbor of Acadia National Park.  The Natural Seawall is a natural piece of granite and loose boulder rock.  There are views of Cranberry Island from this Seawall.

We had a gorgeous visit to the Natural Seawall on our last stop of the day.  I was ecstatic to see the sky FINALLY turn blue near the end of our visit.  We walked along this lovely rocky area until arriving at the large granite rock.  We stumbled through the small rocks before landing on the Seawall.  The waves were crashing against the rock creating a wonderful site, and a sound of peace.  We stayed for awhile on the rock enjoying the song of the sea.  It was such a pleasant surprise to see the sky turn blue, literally before our eyes, causing much anticipation for future Adventures.  The only disappointment of this location was that the Seawall was located right along the main road.  However we were so pleased to visit the Seawall today, a beautiful spot (Rating:  4).



April 27, 2019 – Echo Lake Beach – Maine

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Echo Lake Beach in Acadia National Park in Maine.  Echo Lake Park is a fresh water swimming lake, with depths of up to 66 feet.  It is framed by views of the Beech Cliffs.

We had a rainy Adventure to Echo Lake Beach on a dark Maine afternoon.  We were thrilled to find the Beach all to ourselves.  There was a boardwalk area that guided guests to the sand, some closed for the season buildings along the way.  There were lovely mountains on either side of the lake, and some boulders in the shallow water.  We walked around for a bit making sure not to miss anything about the Beach.  There were some sticks for chewing, water for sips, and of course lots of sand for digging.  There was also a picnic table in the sand ready for some guests.  It was actually almost a little spooky being dark, empty, and not even a chance of any cell service.  We did not stay long but were pleased to visit the Echo Lake Beach in Acadia National Park (Rating:  3).