September 4, 2020 – Castle In the Clouds – New Hampshire

Wilma and I Adventured to The Castle in the Clouds in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. Castle in the Clouds is a mountaintop estate that overlooks the Lakes Region. The estate’s mansion, often referred to as Lucknow, was previously owned by Thomas and Olive Plant. The mansion was foreclosed on, and had several different owners after the Plants passed away. Castle in the Clouds is now operated by the Castle Preservation Society. In addition to mansion tours, Castle in the Clouds includes: a restaurant, gardens, an art gallery, a trout filed Pond, and numerous hiking trails. Castle in the Clouds is open seasonally.

We had an exercise filled Adventure to Castle in the Clouds. I have only been there once and it was five years ago with Shadow and Buster. I recall loving the Fall of Song waterfall and the scenery, although did not realize the diversity of trails. It was a beautiful spot and a fun memory with my boys. (See our initial blog at: ) Our visit today included: Cafe in the Clouds, The Pond Trail, Pebble Rock, Brook Way, hiking around the driving route, endless waterfalls, and lots of other small hikes on other trails. We absolutely loved all the exercise, hiking for over four hours. The views were spectacular, and although unfortunately the estate was closed to those not having paid for a tour, we found other locations to see some spectacular scenery. Wilma loved meeting other guests, exploring, and of course hiking. We ended the day with some ice cream and a sherbet frappe, while relaxing in the shade. It was nice to see Wilma laying out, something she does not often do when we are out and about – a sign of a perfect day. So pleased to enjoy a fun day of Adventures (Rating: 3.5).

As you may know I did a blog specific to the waterfalls, although did include some of my favorite waterfall photographs in the collage here. If you missed that you can go to this link:

September 4, 2020 – The Waterfalls of Moultonborough- New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the seven waterfalls of Moultonborough, New Hampshire. We found them along the “Brook Walk” which starts to the right of the Cafe at Castle in the Clouds. In addition you can Park near the Fall of Song, when the access road is open. It was not open today so we actually walked all the way down it backwards before returning to Castle in the Clouds where we began on “Brook Way”. Not the “normal” way to do it but double the exercise. We visited Fall of Songs twice which is by far the best of the seven. These Falls are sourced from the Shannon Brook and range from 5-40 feet however the water was low due to recent drought like conditions.

“Brook Way” paralleled the brook so often you could hear the water singing. The trail was easy, and somewhat dull, however it was fun searching for the next falls, all labeled clearly. On the way back I was surprised to find the trail somewhat challenging, uphill with many rocks to climb. I am hoping this was because this was the last hike of our over four hours of hiking, versus that I am not the hiker I dreamed (haha!). Wilma loved hiking and waded in the water. As often is the case I found these falls were generally hard to photograph but I included a video or two of each. See these seven below, in no particular order.

Roaring Falls

Fall of Song

Bridle Veil Falls

Twin Falls

The Cascades

Whittier Falls

Emerald Pool Falls

Rating of the Waterfalls of Moultonborough – 3.5

Throwback Adventure – Great Common Island – New Hampshire

I have decided to return to posting new “Throwback Adventures” after taking time to re-post some of my favorites with Shadow.  This has been a therapeutic process for me to share.  We are devastated that both Shadow and Buster have both passed, but find peace knowing we can continue to remember them through our “Throwback Adventures”.  They were amazing boys and are forever in our hearts.

In April 2015 Shadow, Buster, and I Adventured to Great Common Island in New Castle, New Hampshire.  Great Common Island is a 32 acre park with beaches and green space. As expected it is popular for swimming and picnicking.

We had a beach-filled Adventure to Great Common Island.  I enjoyed exploring this location and was intrigued to spot two lighthouses – Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse and Whaleback Lighthouse.  We wandered and sniffed (haha) around appreciating our new surroundings. There was driftwood, shells, tidal pools, and lots of rocks along the shore. It was a beautiful day with the clouds reflecting on the sea.  Shadow and Buster appeared quite chill loving the tranquility of the shore.  Another special beach Adventure to cherish with my boys (Throwback blogs will not always be rated).



August 19, 2020 – Kancamagus Highway – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Kancamagus Highway in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  The Kancamagus Highway is made up of 34 miles of scenic highway which incorporates numerous sites and locations, including: camping, hiking, and scenic spots.  It is also known for the rushing Swift River.  The Kancamagus Highway is especially popular during the Fall months when leaf peepers frequent the area.

We had a wonderful Adventure to the Kancamagus Highway.  We visited Sabbaday Falls, the Albany Covered Bridge, Lower Falls, Rocky Gorge, Lily Pond, Lincoln Woods, several scenic overviews, and the Lovequist Pond Loop.  We have been to all these locations before, but it has been some time that we visited some of them.  We arrived at 6am and except for Lincoln Woods were able to avoid the crowds, quite surprised and pleased to see fewer visitors then at any of our previous visits.  Wilma was thrilled with the rocks, hiking, and exploring, and I could not get enough of the beauty and great exercise.  It was one special day, and we were both exhausted by the time we headed home.  I decided to do a collage of all of these locations below, although will only include limited photographs of the Albany Covered Bridge as I blogged about it individually.  It warms my heart to know that I first discovered the Kancamagus Highway with Shadow and Buster, and will continue these Adventures with Wilma.  If you have any questions about these locations, or photographs please reach out to me in the comments, or through the “contact” form on the menu.  We love the White Mountains of New Hampshire (Rating:  5).

August 19, 2020 – Albany Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Albany Covered Bridge in Albany, New Hampshire.  The Albany Covered Bridge was built in 1858 and traverses the Swift River.  The Albany Covered Bridge is open for one-way traffic, however closes in winter months.  The Albany Covered Bridge is just off the Kancamagus Highway and has a large parking lot for visitors.

We had a gorgeous Adventure to the Albany Covered Bridge.  I had been to this Bridge with Shadow, Buster, and My Mom but I could not locate photographs of Shadow and Buster at this site, so will utilize today’s photographs for the blog.  I have fond memories of our first visit, and this second visit did not disappoint!  We arrived to find the parking lot empty!  We found some trails near the parking lot and wandered around, soon arriving at the River’s shore.  The River had endless round rocks, and the bridge just long and spectacular.  We made sure to check out all angles, a nearby trail, and even a cliff-like area at the back of the bridge.  There was minimal traffic and a small area to walk on the side so we were able to trot through and appreciate the views down the River.  It was so peaceful, quiet, and beautiful!  This might just be the most gorgeous covered bridge I have seen.  If you are a covered bridge fan make sure you visit the Albany Covered Bridge.  So glad we could Adventure to the Albany Covered Bridge today (Rating:  5).

August 14, 2020 – Dalton Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Dalton Covered Bridge in Warner, New Hampshire.  The Bridge is also referred to as the Joppa Road Bridge.  The Dalton Covered Bridge was built in 1853 and rebuilt in the 1960s.  It crosses the Warner River.

We had a fun Adventure to the Dalton Covered Bridge.  Although the bridge is found right off of Main Street, it is on a quiet, side road.  I first drove through the bridge to take some shots before returning to the opposite side to the parking location.  I was pleased to find an area to snap some photographs from the side angle.  We took our time, and then headed to the front of the bridge for some photographs.  As per usual I did not attempt to walk through the bridge as it was open to one way traffic.  However  I was pleased to find minimal traffic, and to locate this peaceful spot.  The River water looked quite still, so we did not attempt to get too close, unclear of the levels, and purity.  Interestingly I found the Dalton Covered Bridge to look quite similar to the nearby Waterloo Covered Bridge.  So glad to discover the Dalton Covered Bridge today (Rating:  3.5)

August 7, 2020 – The White Mountains – New Hampshire

Yesterday Wilma and I Adventured to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  The White Mountains are a mountain range that cover a large part of New Hampshire, and also a portion of western Maine. The White Mountains include 48 peaks at over 4,000 feet. The White Mountains are popular for skiing, hiking, and ATVing.

We had a spectacular Adventure to the White Mountains.  I set my alarm for 3am (yikes!) to get an early start on our day-trip.  We visited some of our favorite spots, and enjoyed every minute!  We did some hiking, waterfall chasing, and relaxed at some of our preferred scenic spots.  It was our first time in the Mountains since we lost Shadow which made me very sad.  So glad we had so many Adventures with both Buster and Shadow in the endless beauty of the White Mountains.  Furever precious memories! ❤️

Since we have Adventured to and blogged about all of these locations previously I decided to write my blog differently today.  Below you will see each location with photos and videos, and two or three sentences about each.  I have placed the waterfalls in their own category as many of my visitors are waterfall fanatics.  In addition I will add the link to my original post so you can click on that if you are interested in reading more.  Feel free to ask any questions about these Adventures through the contact form or in the comments.  The White Mountains are definitely one the most beautiful spots in New England!

The Basin/Pemi Trail
The Basin/Pemi Trail is a gorgeous location filled with cascades and waterfalls.  It can be crowded during the summer months as is a magnificent place to cool down and relax.  I discovered this location with Buster, Shadow, and My Mom and it quickly became one of my favorites.

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Ammonoosuc Lake Trail
Ammonoosuc Lake Trail is one of my favorites, although short it is quiet, and gorgeous!  I first discovered this Trail when working weekends in the White Mountains with Shadow and Wilma.  Not easy to get a kayak there but that sure would be magical!

Link from previous blog On the Ammonoosuc Trail:


The Basin-Cascades Trail
The Basin-Cascades Trail can be found at the Basin, and eventually connects to other trails including Lonesome Lake.  It is filled with waterfalls, and cascades, and has gorgeous mountain views.  I discovered the Trail with Shadow and just love it!

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Kinsman Falls
Kinsman Falls is located on the Basin-Cascades Trail.  I especially love Kinsman Falls as it is unique, you can get close with a climb, and I discovered it by accident.  It is generally a quiet location, and is very peaceful.

Links from previous blogs:  (Kinsman Falls was not blogged about individually in these blogs but included in the location)


Baby Flume
Baby Flume is located in the Basin on the Pemi Trail.  The water flow is great although it is a short cascade.  Again, it is not one I would declare a waterfall, it is listed as so!

Links from previous blogs: (Baby Flume was not blogged about individually in these blogs but included in the location)


Boise Rock
Boise Rock is not overly appealing, but if you are into rocks and geology it definitely is your place.  I have special memories posing with Buster there, on a trip we had knowing he would not live long due to a terminal diagnosis.  The area around Boise Rock provides lovely views of the Mountains, especially in the fall.

Link from previous blog on Boise Rock:


Wiley Pond
I first discovered Wiley Pond with Shadow, Buster, and My Mom, and have one of my Mom’s brilliant photographs framed from this location.  It is scenic spot that has a short trail, and has other trail beginnings.  This especially is great for those who want to appreciate the gorgeous scenery and are not able to hike.

Link from previous blog on Wiley Pond:


Saco Lake Trail

This Trail is located right on the road across from AMC Lodge on Route 302.  It is very short, but provides some fun walkways above the Trail.  We love it as it is unique, and picturesque.

**I took a video but it did not seem to take – darn!

Link from previous blog on the Saco Lake Trail:


August 7, 2020 – Silver Cascade – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Silver Cascade in the Harts Location of Crawford Notch State Park.  Crawford Notch State Park is part of the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Silver Cascade is approximately 250 feet tall that is made up of connecting cascades.  Silver Cascade can be found on the side of the road on Route 302 and is a popular swimming hole.

Wilma and I had a quiet Adventure to Silver Cascade.  We had actually stopped there before in the past, but did not see much to explore and were only there briefly.  I was surprised to find very few visitors were at the Falls as I had read that it was a popular location.  We crossed the busy Route 302 from the parking lot and began wandering closer.  The Falls was tall, with varying cascades, almost easier to view. We arrived to find one family, and a talented painter.  I snapped some photographs and enjoyed the sight.  Although the Falls was very tall I found it somewhat unappealing.  Wilma was excited to see the kids playing, hoping for some love from afar, and I dreamed about joining them as they cooled off in the Falls.  We peered at the Falls for a bit before heading back to the car.  Definitely challenging to photograph, and really nothing to exciting, but still glad we could finally Adventure to Silver Falls (Rating:  3).




Throwback Adventure – Mechanic Street Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

I have decided to return to posting new “Throwback Adventures” after taking time to re-post some of my favorites with Shadow.  This has been a therapeutic process for me to share.  We are devastated that both Shadow and Buster have both passed, but find peace knowing we can continue to remember them through our “Throwback Adventures”.  They were amazing boys and are forever in our hearts.

In October 2017 Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Mechanic Street Covered Bridge in Lancaster, New Hampshire.  The Mechanic Street Covered Bridge was built in 1862 and traverses the Israels River.  This Bridge is also sometimes referred to as the Israels River Bridge.

We had a lovely Adventure to the Mechanic Street Covered Bridge.  The Mechanic Street Covered Bridge is one of those interesting structures were from the front and back it looks quite modern, while from the side it appears more rustic.  I especially enjoyed the side view as I love a covered bridge that appears more wood in frame.  We were happy that we could climb down to the River and see the bridge from this angle.  Shadow and Wilma enjoyed exploring, drinking from the River, and climbing across the rocks.  It really is a pretty bridge.  So glad we could Adventure to the Mechanic Street Covered Bridge (Throwback Adventures will not always be rated).


July 22, 2020 – New Hampshire State House – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the New Hampshire State House in Concord, New Hampshire.  The New Hampshire State House is the state capital building of New Hampshire.  It was built in 1819 and is made out of granite.  The state house encompasses the Executive Counsel, the Governor, and the Court.

We had a stately Adventure to the New Hampshire State House.  This may not seem as a place someone would visit with a dog, however, I love architecture, photography, and have always been curious about this structure as I drove down the highway.  So today was the day I chose to explore.  There was parking in front of the State House, and after a quick trip to the paystation we were on our way.  The State House was introduced by a spectacular archway, which we entered through with awe.  As expected we did not enter the building, however appreciated the grounds, the structure, simple gardens, statues, and anything we could locate.  We probably took two laps around, savoring the grand beauty!  I really loved the State House, it was gorgeous, and the gold top just added to the grandeur.  Although a dull sky day, I still enjoyed snapping numerous photographs.  The only negative I found was the construction around several sides of the state house, but often a norm in the city.

After we finished our Adventure to the State House we spent about an hour walking around the area finding unique shops, restaurants, fountains, and more.  Today’s photographs will include the State House and grounds only (not the surrounding neighborhood).  So glad we could have this unusual Adventure today (This Adventure will not be rated).