July 3, 2020 – Carlton Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Carlton Covered Bridge in Swanzey, New Hampshire.  The Carlton Covered bridge is a wooden bridge that crosses the Ashuelot River.  The Carlton Bridge was built in 1789.

We had a hazy Adventure to the Carlton Covered Bridge.  I was pleased to find this bridge away from homes, and in more of a country setting then many.  We hopped out of the car and took some photographs, and the drove across to take photographs from the other side.  Although it was a quiet area, it still seemed a little unsafe to walk through, especially with a little Wilma in tow!  The bridge was surrounded by fields, creating a lovely scene.  We were able to locate one spot to go under the bridge, and found a little sandy area.  The water did not seem too clean so I decided to spend minimal time near the shore.  It was so nice to find a peaceful bridge on our last Adventure of the day (Rating:  3.5)


July 3, 2020 – Ashuelot Rail Trail (Keene) – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Ashuelot Rail Trail in Keene, New Hampshire.  The Asheulot Rail Trail is a 21 mile long Trail that starts in Keene and ends in Winchester.  The Trail passes through several covered bridges, old mills, and scenic towns.  The Ashuelot Rail Trail is popular for walking, biking, and snowmobiling.

We had a humid Adventure to the Ashuelot Rail Trail.  We began at the very beginning of this Trail in Keene, New Hampshire.  It took us a little time to locate it but eventually found it across from the Center at Keene parking lot on Emerald Street.  We began our walk, eager to explore another Rail Trail.

As expected, I found the Rail Trail somewhat dull and appealing.  It ran past some industrial buildings, parts of Keene College and then became a little farther away from the town.  The trail varied from paved to dirt, and had guests including:  bikers, walkers, and dog runners.  Along the way we found several bridges, lots of beautiful wildflowers, and plenty of squirrels and chipmunks to chase.  We spent about an hour walking, and searching for little details to appreciate.  We will have to come back another time to explore a different portion of the Ashuelot Rail Trail (Rating:  Trail will not be rated as only a small portion of the 21 miles was covered on this walk).

May 23, 2020 – Chesterfield Gorge Nature Area – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Chesterfield Gorge Nature Area in Chesterfield, New Hampshire, also referred to as the Chesterfield Gorge State Wayside.  This Area is a small state park at just 13 acres that features the Wilde Brook, a trail, and a rocky gorge with waterfalls.  There are picnic tables and a visitor center that is open in season.

We had a water-rushing Adventure to the Chesterfield Gorge Nature Area.  This was the second time I had been there as Shadow, Buster, and I visited almost five years ago.   Due to this visit being so long ago I decided to blog about this Nature Area again today.  We began down the trail and took every opportunity to go down to the water’s edge.  Wilma was quite pleased to find many rocks, and has continued to be more comfortable with the water, eager to wade and drink.  We took our time finding all the little spots along the way, often veering off on the side trails.

Throughout the Trail we found three bridges, of different lengths, adding some character to the Nature Area.  Overall landscape was very brown, however the rushing water brightened the location through sound.  The highlight, as you may expect, was the water running through the Chesterfield Gorge creating a cascade waterfall.  The main viewing area was blocked by some tacky fencing to add to safety of visitors.  There were numerous drops of cascades, creating a tall cascade.  It was simple compared to our recent waterfall Adventures, but yet still pretty.  It appeared as someone had carved some benches out of trees, adding a sitting area in this spot.

So although I would describe the Chesterfield Gorge Nature Area as far from spectacular we still enjoyed our visit.  Amazingly we spent about an hour and a half walking on the trail, relaxing near the water, exploring, and taking photographs.  We did not see many people but did meet a group of people that Wilma was quite thrilled about, even running circles around me.  It was just so funny to see, like they were long last friends.  If you live locally or are in the area I would definitely recommend a visit to the Chesterfield Gorge Nature Area (Rating:  4).

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May 23, 2020 – Ashuelot Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Ashuelot Covered Bridge in Winchester, New Hampshire.  The Ashuelot Covered Bridge is a wooden bridge that traverses the Ashuelot River.  It was built in 1864 and later renovated in 1999.

We had a fun Adventure to the Ashuelot Covered Bridge.  I remember stopping once when driving by this Bridge to take a photograph but this is the first time we have gotten out to explore.  I was excited to investigate this unique bridge.  We found a spot to park, and hopped out to wander around.  There was a group of teenagers under the bridge so we decided not to go beneath.  We took some photograph from above and then crossed the bridge.  It was nice to find a pedestrian pathway on both sides of the bridge, quite unusual.  We took our time walking through both sides, peering out  down the River.  The bridge was quite loud when cars passed causing us both to jump on several occasions.  I took photographs on both sides to capture the full picture.  We then walked down past the bridge to find a little area on the water’s edge to photograph the bridge from the side.  It was nice to find a bridge with such unique color, and character.  Before we left Wilma enjoyed some rolls to celebrate the Adventure.  These rolls made me smile, remembering sweet Shadow. So glad we could Adventure to the Ashuelot Covered Bridge today (Rating:  4).


Throwback Adventure – Forest Lake State Park – New Hampshire

I have decided to return to posting new “Throwback Adventures” after taking time to re-post some of my favorites with Shadow.  This has been a therapeutic process for me to share.  We are devastated that both Shadow and Buster have both passed, but find peace knowing we can continue to remember them through our “Throwback Adventures”.  They were amazing boys and are forever in our hearts.

In October of 2017 Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to Forest Lake State Park in Dalton, New Hampshire.  Forest Lake State Park is an almost 400 acre Park with a Lake, and sandy beach.  It is popular for swimming, fishing, boating, and picnicking.

We had an energetic Adventure to the Forest Lake State Park on a chilly fall day.  My memories from this Park, include:  Shadow swims, beautiful mountain views, and lots of playtime with Shadow and Wilma.  We spent some time on the beach and enjoyed the scene.  This probably the farthest North I have explored.  So glad we could visit Forest Lake State Park on yet another Adventure in New Hampshire (Throwback ratings will not always be rated).

May 16, 2020 – Welton Falls – New Hampshire

Yesterday Wilma and I Adventured to Welton Falls in Alexandria, New Hampshire.  Welton Falls is located in Welton Falls State Forest.  It can be found after an almost three mile round trip hike.  Welton Falls is in the middle of a gorge, and is approximately 30 feet in height.  It is sourced from the Fowler River.

We had a wonderful Adventure to Welton Falls.  We parked at the AMC Lodge and located a brown sign to the right for the Falls.  We followed the trail in and soon merged onto the Manning Trail, a yellow blaze.  The trail weaves through the woods and crossed the lower trail.  It did not take long for us to hear the music of the Fowler River.  We were parallel to the River high above until soon descending and becoming closer and closer to the River.  The River was just beautiful, full of power.  Much of the trail was muddy and water filled, covered with rocks and roots.  We did not find it challenging but were careful to watch our step.

It did not take us long to arrive at the part of the trail that crosses the River.  I thought this may be challenging but I soon realized it was much more complicated then I thought.  I tried to encourage Wilma in, and although she followed she had no interest in getting too deep.  My mind raced pondering a solution.  We soon began following the Rivers edge, sometimes bushwalking through to find that perfect spot.  The water was high and rushing creating a current and minimal exposed rocks to cross all the way.  We did manage to cross over where the River split but could not find a way over the other side.  This was very frustrating and discouraging.  I felt disappointed in myself being so annoyed, so decided to find a rock to relax and appreciate the gorgeous River.

After taking a little rest we continued on and eventually found a spot to cross, a combination of a log and rocks.  I was quite grateful that my balance skills appeared intact and of course lucky that  Wilma is always quick on her feet!  We finally made it!!

We continued on the Manning Trail on the other side of the River.  It did not take long before we arrived at the top of the Falls and then headed down to the gorge.  I worked hard to get photos but the Falls was challenging to capture and the footing was slippery and sometimes dangerous.  The Falls was immense with rushing water through the gorge.  It twisted through the rocks before ending in a pool, then continued down the gorge.  Welton Falls was beautiful and well worth the effort!!

In addition to viewing the waterfall we loved the gorge.  There was not a sole around as if we had a canyon of our own. Wilma enjoyed some chaotic digging, stick chewing and of course rock jumping.  Our  peaceful oasis!  Eventually I decided it was time to head back.

We we’re lucky to find the same place to cross and blessed again with good balance!  I was surprised to find myself quite tired, but the trail back ascended continually.  In addition to my labor bushwalking I actually slipped and fell numerous times, adding too my exhaustion.  However all put together the features of a true and rewarding hike.  We spent over four hours hiking and enjoying the waterfall.  So glad we were determined to complete our Adventure.  Welton Falls was absolutely spectacular, a waterfall I would definitely recommend (Rating:  Trail – 4, Falls 5).


October 20, 2018 – Lincoln Woods – New Hampshire

In remembering our Shadow I decided to re-post some of our favorite Adventures on our “Throwback Adventure” Thursdays.  Shadow had amazing solo Adventures, Adventures with Buster, and Adventures with Wilma.  He was one lucky boy!  The post today is from one of my favorite places to Adventure – Lincoln Woods. I discovered this gorgeous hiking location with Shadow and Buster, and had numerous trips with Shadow and Wilma. Special memories flow through my mind from Lincoln Woods. Please see below for my original post including photographs and videos.

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Lincoln Woods a location in Lincoln, New Hampshire, along the Kancamangus Highway. We have been there before with Buster, and with My Mom. Lincoln Woods is a scenic area with many trails that enter the Pemigewasset Wilderness of the White Mountains. It is one of the first stops on the East side of the Kancamangus Highway.

Shadow, Wilma, and I had a refreshing Adventure to the Lincoln Woods trail. We have been there in just about every season, and it is one of the most extraordinary trails I have found, maybe even my favorite location for an Adventure. The area is absolutely gorgeous, beginning with a suspended bridge, to trails along the Pemigewasset River to streams along the way, to splendid mountain views, to scenic trails throughout. I would guess I have been there about five times and each time am awed by the beauty.

On today’s hike I was overjoyed to find another bridge across the River, as on our last visit Shadow almost did not make it across the suspended bridge. He appeared quite unstable with the swinging of the bridge and completely froze about halfway across. Therefore, I was extra pleased to find an alternate route. This alternate route also provided us a new and scenic angle of the River and suspended bridge. After crossing the bridge and enjoying the views we headed on our hike. Highlights of today’s Adventure included: time at the River’s edge, for some digging, and rock climbing, some sips from the streams along the way, colorful fall foliage, and and magnificent mountain views along the trail. It was a very cool day, but our hiking kept us warm and enthused. Although crowded this time of year the many trails helped mask the numerous number of tourists. One of those Adventures that I really cannot put into words, as you MUST Adventure this incredible location. As you might guess I would recommend a Fall visit in the colorful foliage of New England. I will include photographs from various trips we have taken and may add some on the future (Rating: 5).

Yesterday, October 20, 2018

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May 2, 2020 – Waterloo Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

The Waterloo Covered Bridge is in Warner, New Hampshire. The Waterloo Covered Bridge was built in 1840, but was later replaced. The Bridge crosses the Warner River.

We had a river-filled Adventure to the Waterloo Covered Bridge.  I was pleased to find the bridge in a quiet location.  The Bridge was especially scenic from scenic side-view, yet simple from the end.  We found a trail next to the bridge, appearing to run between two rivers.  Conveniently a local was walking through noting the trail to be a lovely trail that commenced at another road.  We decided to explore this unexpected path.  The trail was still brown from winter, but yet unique and provided several opportunities to get to the water’s edge.  This was a nice little surprise on our Adventure to the Waterloo Covered Bridge.

After returning to the bridge we crossed through and over to the opposite side.  It has been some time since we have been able to wander through a bridge, due to the often busy and dangerous trek.  On this occasion we were able to peer out the openings down the river and snap a couple photos.  The opposite side had a small grassy area, and a rushing cascade (suspected to be Waterloo Falls), generating a lovely scene.  Wilma glanced down the cascades, and again appeared curious by the water, so fun to observe.  The Waterloo Covered Bridge was peaceful, and just right.  Definitely a special covered bridge in New Hampshire (Rating:  4).


Throwback Adventure – Arethusa Falls – New Hampshire

In remembering our Shadow I decided to re-post some of our favorite Adventures on our “Throwback Adventure” Thursdays.  Shadow had amazing solo Adventures, Adventures with Buster, and Adventures with Wilma.  He was one lucky boy!  The post today was our Adventure to Arethusa Falls in the White Mountains.  This was a gorgeous Falls, and in addition we discovered a side trail that allowed us to view smaller Falls, as well as some fresh water sips and dips for Shadow.  Forever precious memories!  Please see below for my original post including photographs and a video.

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday. These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing. Many of these Throwback Adventures will include our Buster, who was known for his crazy tail, his happy howl, and his zest for life. We miss him dearly…he is forever in our hearts!  In some cases you will also see journeys that occurred before our little lady Wilma became part of our family, as in our Throwback Adventure today.

In June 2017 Shadow and I had a breathtaking Adventure to Arethusa Falls in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  Arethusa Falls, sometimes referred to as Tuckerman Falls, is sourced by the Bemis Brook.  It is almost 200 feet in height and is one of the tallest waterfalls in New Hampshire.  The trail to Arethusa Falls is approximately a three mils round-trip hike.  Part of the Trail is paralleled by the Bemis Brook Trail while following the Bemis Brook, and leading you past the Bemis Brook Falls and Coliseum Falls.  It is a popular area for hiking, and ice climbing in the winter months.

One of the most amazing Adventures I have ever taken was this hike I took with Shadow to Arethusa Falls.  I remember the trail to the Falls was clearly labeled, filled with rocks, a bridge or two, and other hikers along the way.  The main trail was not very inspiring, but the elevation gain was definitely a good work-out.  I was super impressed with my rockstar Shadow, (nine at this time) as unlike me, he did not miss a beat!

Upon arrival at the Falls we were immediately drawn to the massive height at the Falls.  It was thin in depth,and musical in sound, as misty water streamed over the rocks.  We hoped from rock to rock finding a nice place to rest, enjoy the waterfall, and eat a little snack.  It was definitely one of the most impressive waterfalls I have seen, and the experience of an exhausting hike made the Adventure even better.  We relaxed and enjoyed the Falls for awhile before heading back on the main trail.

On our return trip we cut over to  the Bemis Brook Trail.  The Trail over to the Bemis Brook Trail was quite steep.  I actually remember sitting down and scooting to make sure I did not fall.  Upon arrival at the bottom we were pleased at the site of a lovely waterfall, before following the Brook and spotting at least one other waterfall along this trail.  There were places for Shadow to swim and drink from the brook.  The mountain water was pure in color, gorgeous, and magical in sound.  It was so fun to find this side trail as I believe I did not know about these other lovely waterfalls before heading on this journey.  This lovely trail completed a day of  absolute Perfection!  I would highly encourage you to visit the magnificent Arethusa Falls and the Bemis Brook Trail.  I will forever remember this special Adventure with my Shadow.  Please see a quick video and some photographs below.  (I am hoping at a future date I will be able to get the longer video to download) (Rating:  5)






Throwback Adventure – Lonesome Lake – July 2017

In remembering our Shadow I decided to re-post some of our favorite Adventures on our “Throwback Adventure” Thursdays.  Shadow had amazing solo Adventures, Adventures with Buster, and Adventures with Wilma.  He was one lucky boy!  The post today was our Adventure to Lonesome Lake, probably my favorite solo Adventure with Shadow.  The hike was challenging, and arriving at the Lake was spectacular.  I remember being so impressed how I could not keep up with my nine-year-old Shadow.  We enjoyed walking around the Lake and appreciating the spectacular scenery.  Upon completing this journey Shadow celebrated with a happy roll.  Forever precious memories!  Please see below for my original post and photographs (three photographs have been added on this re-posted blog):

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday.  These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing.

In July 2017 me and Shadow journeyed to Lonesome Lake in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  (Wilma had not yet joined our world).  Lonesome Lake had been on my “must explore” adventure list, and we found a perfect day to venture on this hike.  Lonesome Lake is a body of water that is located in Franconia Notch in the White Mountains, just south of Cannon Mountain.  You can only reach this Lake by a hike, which creates a magical journey.  There was some reconstruction on the trail, so we were directed toward an alternative route.  The trail was a tough trail for me, but it seemed to be quite effortless for Shadow.  He was nine at the time (now ten) and did not miss a beat.  Upon arrival we hiked around the Lake, and Shadow enjoyed cooling down with numerous dips in the Lake.  It was very crowded at the Lake, but yet there was little traffic on the trail around the lake.  There was an AMC hut located at the Lake which provided snacks, bathroom breaks, and even lodging.  This hut was not dog friendly, but we were able to wander around and check out the area.  Heading back from the Lake, was of course a breeze.  My only disappointment in this hike was I imagined a more accessible beachfront where you could relax and enjoy sitting by the Lake.  However, it was very crowded, no sandy shores, and hard to find little outlets to the Lake.  Luckily this was not a barrier for Shadow who was able to sneak in many swims.  I absolutely love a hike that leads to a landmark that cannot be reached otherwise.  Definitely a memorable day of hiking, and adventures.  (Rating:  5)



Relaxing and Rolling after an amazing day: