July 31, 2022 – Slate Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Wilma, Gus, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Slate Covered Bridge in Swanzey, New Hampshire. The Slate Covered Bridge is a wooden bridge that crosses the Ashuelot River. The Bridge was originally built in 1862 but later rebuilt in 2001 after a fire. It is one of three covered bridges in Swanzey.

We had a simple Adventure to the Slate Covered Bridge. We have been long overdue for a visit to a covered bridge, so today was the day. I was excited that my Mom was joining us, as were the pups, especially Gus who continually tried to sneak up front for some cuddles – just adorable. We arrived to find a quiet area, but yet cars flying through the bridge. This made it dangerous to cross under, so we checked out the bridge from the sides, unfortunately providing us limited views of the River. Not too many activities for Wilma and Gus at this location, yet they posed very briefly for a photo – well almost. Glad to cross of yet another covered bridge, with spectacular company (Rating: 3).

October 15, 2021 – Bartonsville Covered Bridge – Vermont

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to the Bartonsville Covered Bridge in Rockingham, Vermont. The Bartonsville Covered Bridge was originally built in 1870 but replaced in 2012 after being swept away by Tropical Storm Irene. It traverses the Williams River.

We had a nice visit to the Bartonsville Covered Bridge. Of course being in Vermont I had to locate a covered bridge and the Bartonsville Covered Bridge was it! We arrived in a quiet location, finding railroad tracks crossing along the river and in front of the bridge. I spent some time taking photographs on each side before getting the pups out for a pose. Although the road was quiet, there was just barely a safe spot to walk so we did not trot through together. The bridge was simple, and the location peaceful. So glad we could visit the Bartonsville Covered Bridge today (Rating: 3).

October 9, 2021 – Arlington Green Covered Bridge – Vermont

Yesterday Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to the Arlington Green Covered Bridge in Arlington, Vermont. The Arlington Green Covered Bridge was built in 1852 and traverses the Battenkill River. It is one of the older original covered bridges.

We had a simple Adventure to the Arlington Green Covered Bridge on this cloudy Fall day. I was excited to add a new covered bridge to our visits today. We arrived to find a beware of dog sign on one side, and the opposite side with limited options to photograph. The road was actually somewhat busy and right off the main road so not a safe location to wander through. I took some photographs on one side and then let the pups out on the opposite where we stumbled down the steep embankment to the water’s edge. All of us had a little trouble with our footing but Wilma and Gus found the perfect rock to pose on. We did not spend too much time at the Arlington Green Covered Bridge, but still glad to find yet another New England Covered bridge (Rating: 3).

August 28, 2021 – Holmes Creek Covered Bridge/Lakeshore Covered Bridge

Yesterday Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to the Holmes Creek Covered Bridge, also referred to as the Lakeshore Covered Bridge. The Holmes Creek Covered Bridge is located on Lake Road just next to the Town Beach. The Bridge was built in 1974 and crosses Holmes Creek.

We had a gorgeous Adventure to the Holmes Creek Covered Bridge. I have never found a covered bridge in such a unique location, directly next to Lake Champlain. Charlotte Beach was nearby and the views of the mountains and scenery was just gorgeous. There were no dogs allowed on the beach but we were lucky that they let us park just to trot over the bridge for some photographs. Holmes Creek Covered Bridge was very simple, and not in great shape but the views surrounding made it just right. Surprisingly there were no openings in the bridge to view out to the Lake but I took many photographs of the water, even more then the bridge. Wilma and Gus enjoyed posing, and exploring on the short walk over to the Bridge. Quite an amazing area, and probably the most scenic spot of our Adventure today. So glad we could visit the Holmes Creek Covered Bridge today (Rating: Bridge: 2, Location: 5).

August 6, 2021 – Orne Covered Bridge – Vermont

Yesterday Wilma, Gus, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Orne Covered Bridge in Irasburg, Vermont. The Orne Covered bridge was built in the 1800s, destroyed by arson in 1997, and rebuilt in 2000. It is located on Back Coventry Road and traverses the Black River.

We had a Queen Anne Lace-filled adventure to the Orne Covered Bridge. We had four amazing adventures yesterday, two of which were new, including the Orne Covered Bridge. I love visiting covered bridges and was thrilled to fit in a new one on our adventure. The Orne Covered Bridge is located in a more rural setting. Nearby we spotted horses and farmers hard at work. The brook was beautiful, framed by wildflowers on the roadside. I trotted through the bridge and back, before taking the pups out to explore, although a quiet location, not much of an area to cross the bridge in. We wandered around near the bridge, finding rocks for posing, and enjoying the scene. Besides some nosey farm equipment it was really a peaceful setting. It seemed to be the warmest part of the day so it was nice to find this perfect short adventure on our day full of fun. So glad to visit the Orne Covered Bridge (Rating: 4).

May 22, 2021 – Taftsville Covered Bridge – Vermont

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Taftsville Covered Bridge in Woodstock, Vermont. The Taftsville Covered Bridge spans the Ottauqueche River. It was built in 1836 and is one of the oldest bridges in Vermont.

We had a short Adventure to the Taftsville Covered Bridge. Although I have been to this bridge before I do not know if I have ever photographed it before. Due to the busy traffic running through the bridge we took time to view different angles from each side. There was a dam on one side of the bridge adding some flowing scenery to the bridge. Wilma was still warm for our walk at Quechee State Park, hence the adorable tongue out pose. So glad we could visit the Taftsville Covered Bridge (Rating: 4).

March 21, 2021 – Edgell Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

Today we Adventured to the Edgell Covered Bridge in Lyme, New Hampshire. The Edgell Covered Bridge was built in 1885. It runs along River Road and spans Clay Brook.

We had a nice Adventure to the Edgell Covered Bridge. It has been some time since we Adventured to a new covered bridge so I was excited to locate the Edgell Covered Bridge. We drove along River Road for a long time, I started thinking we would not find it but eventually it appeared. We got out of the car to find several cars parked next to the bridge, soon realizing there must be a trail nearby. We walked to and through the bridge. It was located in a quiet area but we did not spend much time walking the road through the bridge as it was open to traffic. The openings in the bridge were far above eye level, but I was able to stand on a wooden ledge and peer out. The Clay Brook was frozen and covered with some snow. Overall the bridge was somewhat dull but I was glad after driving out of the way for the purpose of finding the bridge, we did eventually arrive. So glad we could Adventure to the Edgell Covered Bridge today (Rating: 3).

February 7, 2021 – Bull Run Covered Bridge – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Bull Run Covered Bridge in Shirley, Massachusetts. The Bull Run Covered Bridge is a private bridge built in 1971. It traverses the Mighty Mulpus Brook. The Bridge is part of the Bull Run Restaurant and it used for private events and restaurant seating.

We had a snow-filled Adventure to the Bull Run Bridge. It was when we arrived at the Bull Run Bridge that the snow started steadily coming down, absolutely gorgeous. We trotted to the bridge, and through, the Bridge clearly a perfect location for seating, lined with lights, and just right. There was a pedestrian bridge along one side. We peaked out both sides checking out the ice covered Mighty Mulpus Brook, snow flakes streaming. Such a simple and picturesque scene. Although I am not sure if the Bull Covered Bridge is an official covered bridge, in my visual mind it fit the definition. We might just have to check out events at the Bull Run Bridge when the spring and summer months return (Rating: 3.5)

Decemeber 19, 2020 – Eunice Williams Covered Bridge – Massachusetts

Yesterday Wilma and I Adventured to the Eunice Williams Covered Bridge in Greenfield, Massachusetts. The Eunice Williams Covered Bridge was originally built in 1870 but has been rebuilt several times since. The Bridge traverses the Green River. This location also marks where Eunice Williams was killed after being captured by the French army and members of the Abenaki and Mohawk tribes.

We had a short Adventure to the Eunice Williams Covered Bridge. Upon arrival I noticed it would be challenging to park due to the show, endless “no parking” signs, and fast moving traffic with several blind spots. However we found a place a little farther down and left the warning blinkers on. We carefully trotted to the bridge, which was mostly surrounded by gating making it challenging to photograph thoroughly. However I did my best and made sure Wilma posed and smiled for a quick shot. Over to one side there was a dam-like falls, while to the other there the beautiful River was filled with chunks of ice and snow. The bridge appeared perfect in structure, yet was quite dull in color. However, besides all of the gates the area was pretty, peaceful, and reasonably secluded. We viewed the memorial signs nearby before heading back to the car. So glad we could finally visit the Eunice Williams Bridge, one of the few covered bridges we have not seen in Massachusetts (Rating: 3).

October 11, 2020 – White Mountains – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  The White Mountains are a mountain range that cover a large part of New Hampshire, and also a portion of western Maine. The White Mountains include 48 peaks at over 4,000 feet. The White Mountains are popular for skiing, hiking, and ATVing.

We had a beautiful Adventure to the White Mountains. I was excited to head to the White Mountains, eager for a Fall foliage day. I was surprised that the foliage was not as brilliant as I expected but yet we still had a fantastic day. We visited some of our favorite locations, including: the Ammonoosuc Lake Trail, the Red Bench Trail, Wiley Pond, the Pond Loop, the Sam Willey Trail, and the Saco Lake Trail. We also Adventured to the Swift River Covered Bridge, which we visited once in the winter, however were not able to explore thoroughly due to the snow. We were excited to return and find a path down to the shore, even spotting the Saco River Covered Bridge from afar.

Throughout the day we took our time enjoying the perfect Fall air, the warm sun, the Fall foliage and lots of little hikes. It was a beautiful day! Wilma loved hiking, and meeting other visitors. I had no doubt after today’s Adventure that Wilma would very likely swim in order to chase a duck – haha – as she waded deeply, being deterred only by me holding her leash. It was so nice to relax and appreciate the moments (Blog will not be rated as there was a variety of locations explored today).