March 27, 2021 – Cheshire Railroad Stone Arch Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Cheshire Railroad Stone Arch Bridge in Keene, New Hampshire. The Stone Arch Bridge is an old railroad bridge that was built in 1847. It is no longer a railroad, but continues to be a popular hiking destination. It spans the Branch River.

We had an unimpressive Adventure to the Cheshire Railroad Stone Arch Bridge. I have driven by this location many times before, read about it online, and today was the day I decided to explore. I was surprised as we walked up a small hill to not even notice a bridge. We were high above the River, and if not for the sign I would never have known there was a Stone Arch Bridge below. However, since I knew this landmark was far below I decided to do my best to search for a pathway to the shore’s edge. So after traversing the small hill, we wandered around through a brush-like area until we reached the shore. The River was beautiful, rushing steadily, framed with ice left from the winter. We walked along the shore and viewed the bridge from below. It was not really a location to spend alot of time but yet we were quite pleased to actually see the bridge before returning to the car. Glad we finally stopped to see the Arch Bridge, and will no longer wonder about this location. I will have to research the full trail destination…I wonder where it may lead… (Rating: 2.5)