April 18, 2023 – A Day in Rhode Island

Yesterday, Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to four parks in Rhode Island. Rhode Island is one of the states in New England and is the smallest state in the country. Rhode Island is known for various things including the beaches and seafood. Rhode Island has twenty-two parks in the formal Rhode Island Park system.

We had a coastal filled Adventure to Rhode Island. Our day included visits to: Beavertail State Park, Fort Adams State Park, Brenton Point State Park, and Colt State Park. We also traversed the Fort Adams Bay Walk, a pathway around Fort Adams and the grounds, and found several roadside stops, mostly floral related. Throughout our day we spent approximately five hours walking. Gus especially enjoyed all the new smells determined to get to each (haha), while Wilma took part in endless rolls. My favorite parts included: a lovely spring day, starting to spot the colors of the new season, the beautiful blue sky (at times), windy adorable puppy ears, and a great amount of exercise for all. Wilma and Gus were perfect posers which helped to summarize the day in lovely scenes. So glad we finally got out on a long overdue daytrip (This blog will not be rated).