October 15, 2022 – Marsh-Billings Rockefeller Trail System – Vermont

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to the Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Park in Woodstock, Vermont.  This National Park was named for George Perkins Marsh, and Frederick Billings.  George Perkins Marsh was one of the nation’s first global thinkers, while Frederick Billings, was an early conservationist.  The park includes:  20 miles of trails, horseback carriage rides, a Victorian mansion, and a museum.  It is also a popular location for cross-country skiing in the winter.

We had a marvelous Adventure to Marsh Billings Rockefeller Park on this gorgeous Fall Day. I was so excited to return to Marsh Billings, one of my favorite New England parks, especially eager to see the colors of Autumn. On our Adventure today we mostly explored the trails, including: the Mountain Trail, Poque Loop, and endless side trails. There were many others on the trail, and all dogs we saw, except one were on leash. The colors of the leaves were mostly yellow and orange hues, and the brilliant sun was often shining through the trees. We walked and walked, enjoying the smells and signs of Fall. We spent about four hours hiking and exploring. Although I included a couple photos from the general park area, the majority of the photographs were taken on the trail system. It was an absolutely perfect day and will forever be a special one. So glad we had a day full of exercise, on this perfect Fall Day (Rating: 4.5)

May 22, 2021 – Quechee State Park – Vermont

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Quechee State Park in Hartford, Vermont. The Quechee Gorge is located in the Quechee State Park in Quechee, Vermont.  It is the deepest gorge in Vermont, plunging 165 feet.  The Ottauquechee River flows through the bottom of the Gorge.  The Gorge can be viewed from the bridge above, located directly on Route 4.  This scenic view really cannot be missed as it is plastered with tourists peering over the bridge for a view, and snapping photographs.  There are also trails along the Gorge, which allow for varied views of the River, and Gorge.

We had a green-filled Adventure to the Quechee State Park in Hartford, Vermont. We have been to the Park numerous times, but have not blogged about it except for locating old photographs for our Throwback Adventure, so today was the day to share. I was surprised to find Quechee State Park quite quiet, a pleasant surprise. We parked at the visitor center and headed down the trail winding through the woods to the main trail along the River. We first headed down to the bottom of the Gorge. The trail was lovely, many bright green ferns lining the path. Upon arrival to the bottom of the Gorge we found the water higher then ever, but still managed to jump along the uneven rocks to get close to the edge and peer down the gorge. Just scenic! From there we headed to a trail through the woods, lined with ferns, it was gorgeous.

After exploring this section of the Park we headed back up along the River toward the opposite end. There were several spots to peer into the gorge, but often the view was blocked by trees. However the rocks and the gorge are quite spectacular. We continued our uphill climb and began heading the opposite end. We passed a lovely dam and continued on to the Dewey’s Mill Pond and the Ottauquechee River, a field-like trail between the two. Such a fun variety of scenery in one location. Last we had to check out the view from the bridge, probably the most spectacular scene of the gorge, again relieved to find few visitors.

We spent about two hours exploring the trails and exploring. My favorite parts were of course the gorge, the bright green ferns, and hearing the sounds of the birds chirping around us. Wilma loved hiking, posing on stumps, and enjoyed sips from the water. The only thing I do not like about this trail is the metal fencing, but apparently needed for safety from falls. A beautiful way to start our day (Rating: 4).