May 29, 2022 – Kayaking – Freeman Lake, Massachusetts

Today Gus and I Adventured to Freeman Lake in Chelmsford, Massachusetts for a kayaking adventure. Freeman Lake, also referred to as Newfield Pond, is a 77-acre pond, with a maximum depth of 15 feet. Freeman Lake has a beach, and generally is frequented by locals.

We had a nice adventure to Freeman Lake. Although I will not blog about all of our kayaking trips, I will share some, including our adventure today. Gus was quite the wild one on our ride today, the majority of the time preferring to sit and stand on the bow. I was impressed at his great balance, and fearless spirit. I was disappointed that I could hear the sounds of the highway and construction from the Lake. However, I made sure to appreciate the little things, like my spectacular and entertaining company (haha!), the water lilies, and a heron along the way. It was a small lake, but just right for a local paddle. So glad we could kayak at Freeman Lake today (This blog will not be rated).

May 1, 2022 – First Kayak trip of the year – Concord River – Massachusetts

Today Gus and I Adventured to the Concord River for the first kayaking trip of the year, while Wilma vacationed at the Grandma and Grandpa spa! The Concord River is an approximately 16 mile River, a branch of the Merrimack River. It played part in the American Revolution, being part of one of the battles. It also was included in the writings of well known author Henry David Thoreau.

We had a relaxing Adventure to the Concord River. We launched on Lowell Road, and off we went. I was so excited that we were finally on our first kayaking Adventure of the season. Gus has grown much since last season, and I was quite pleased that we were just about right back into routine. It did take him some coaxing to get into the boat, but once he realized he could sit in my lap he was at peace. I rowed and relaxed, and Gus seemed to enjoy the cuddles and observing the scenes along the way. Gus received many compliments and was quite the star on the River, absolutely adorable! After heading upstream I rowed back to check out the North Bridge, one of my favorite parts of our ride. Although the scenery was still quite brown from winter, it was just a lovely ride being out on the water. So glad we were able to head out on our first kayaking trip of the year (this blog will not be rated).

August 18, 2021 – DAR State Forest – Massachusetts

Today Gus and I Adventured to the DAR State Forest in Goshen, Massachusetts. The Park contains the Upper and Lower Highland Lakes. DAR State Forest is popular for camping, swimming, fishing, and hiking. The state Forest has approximately 1700 acres, and is run by the Department of Conservation.

We had a family-filled Adventure to the DAR State Forest. Today Wilma was lounging at Grandma and Grandpa’s spa so just Gus attended this Adventure. I was excited to visit the DAR State Forest as our family regularly camps here in summers and I could tell it was a wonderful location. On our visit we enjoyed kayaking, exploring the trails, wandering the Forest, and spending time with our amazing family. It was so relaxing and peaceful. The day gave me flashbacks of camping as a kid. Gus loved hiking and kayaking, but did vocalize some nervousness as we hung out at the campsite. He is much more confident with his big sister by his side. It was so nice to catch up with our family and to finally adventure to this spectacular Forest. So glad we could visit DAR State Forest today (Rating: 4).

July 17, 2021 – Kayaking on the Nashua River – Massachusetts

Today Gus and I adventured on a kayaking trip to the Nashua River. We choose a boat launch on the Groton/Pepperell border, directly on route 119. The Nashua River is an almost 40 mile river that runs in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. It is a drinking source, and a popular location for fishing and boating.

We had a nice Adventure to the Nashua River. Today was a fun day, we had a two hour family walk in the morning, and both Gus and Wilma had their own private adventures. I was excited to take Gus on his second kayaking trip (although I did not formally blog about the first one). Unlike our first kayaking trip Gus continually moved around, and I was quite surprised that we did not tip – yikes! I am guessing he was just trying to get comfortable, but also he is so cuddly he was often trying to climb on me. However once comfortable he was very relaxed, putting his head on my legs, or on the side of the kayak. He watched boaters passing by, and several dogs, completely relaxed at these sights. We did not see too much wildlife, but did spot two large herons. We took time to go under the bridge and paddle on the opposite side, which was more scenic. Besides the road traffic above the bridge it was a very serene. Luckily I was able to help Gus get comfortable, and we did not go for a swim -haha. This adventure reminded me that Wilma is probably too big for my kayaks, and likely would not appreciate riding in the boat. Therefore for now I will likely leave the boating adventures to Gus. Quite the exciting water adventure today (This blog will not be rated).