April 2, 2021 – Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park – Connecticut

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park in Groton, Connecticut. Fort Griswold is the site of the 1781 massacre by the British led by Benedict Arnold, during the Revolutionary War. The grounds include the Ebenezer Avery House, the Monument, and a Revolutionary War museum. The Fort borders the Thames River.

We had a scenic Adventure to Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park. We arrived to find the Fort in a quiet neighborhood, few visitors in sight. We began heading through the field over to the Fort, the location framed by a bright blue sky and beautiful clouds. We explored all the areas of the upper Fort, and found a tunnel leading to the lower area. After traversing through the tunnel we found a trail down to the lower area of the Fort. We explored every aspect of the Fort we could find. I found it so interesting, and beautiful, the views of the Thames River spectacular, and in the opposite direction spotting the Monument from afar. We took our time exploring and appreciating the experience. So glad we could visit Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park today (Rating: 4).