August 19, 2022 – Mount Agamenticus – Maine

Today Gus and I Adventured to Mount Agamenticus in Cape Neddick, Maine. Mount Agamenticus is an almost 700 foot high mountain, with approximately eight miles of trails, including a hike to the summit. There is also a driving road to the summit.

Gus and I had a lovely hike up to the top of Mount Agamenticus. I felt guilty leaving Wilma home but she has become quite sensitive and unappreciative of the warm weather so I thought that was best. On our hike today we did the combined Ring, Blueberry Bluff, Sweet Fern Trail loop but also enjoyed other trails including the Northface Path and the Big A Loop. The trails were well marked.

We arrived at the base parking lot at approximately 6:45 and off we went. I could not believe how quickly we arrived at the summit. The top of the Mountain had lovely views and various trails throughout. We took our time walking and found few other visitors, so glad to be early birds! There were several look-outs, boardwalks, wildflowers, and lots of green color.

After taking our time at the summit we headed down the Sweet Fern Trail back to the Ring Trail. Poor Gus seemed quite nervous on much of the trip, but still enjoyed exploring, chasing moths, and the new smells of the terrain. We started to see more people on our return trip. On our hike we saw three dogs, all of which were leashed. Although I was not as impressed as I expected with this location, I greatly enjoyed an energetic hike. So glad we could hike Mount Agamenticus today (Rating: 4).