March 26, 2019 – Oxbow Falls Park – New York

I am a bit behind on my blog from the weekend as we had a busy weekend of Adventures.  Therefore I will be sharing these Adventures throughout the week.

On Sunday, Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Oxbow Falls Park in Canastota, New York. Oxbow Falls Park is a county park made up of 125 acres of wooded areas, streams, and rough terrain.  It contains several waterfalls, baseball fields, picnic benches, and a disc golf course.

We had an aerobic Adventure to Oxbow Falls Park on a sticky spring morning. It took me a little bit of time to find the trail parking lot for this hike as the main park address was not the location for the trails. Once we finally arrived at the parking lot we walked around briefly before finding the orange trail.  I was relieved that I had read about this park online so I knew that the orange trail was a reasonable length hike that would loop around. We began on this trail and soon heard rushing water. We arrived to a cliff edge and were able to see a tall waterfall from afar, as well as a lovely view. Our walk continued along the steep edge and past it into the woods. The trail continued through the woods, and at times was steep and strenuous. There were several bridges along the path, as well as waterfalls. The waterfalls were simple but yet pleasing to the senses.  The park was very tranquil, birds chirping, and water streaming.  We did not see any other guests on the trail and enjoyed the remote feeling of this location.  We delighted in experiencing a new Adventure at the Oxbow Falls Park   (Rating:  3).


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