September 4, 2020 – Castle In the Clouds – New Hampshire

Wilma and I Adventured to The Castle in the Clouds in Moultonborough, New Hampshire. Castle in the Clouds is a mountaintop estate that overlooks the Lakes Region. The estate’s mansion, often referred to as Lucknow, was previously owned by Thomas and Olive Plant. The mansion was foreclosed on, and had several different owners after the Plants passed away. Castle in the Clouds is now operated by the Castle Preservation Society. In addition to mansion tours, Castle in the Clouds includes: a restaurant, gardens, an art gallery, a trout filed Pond, and numerous hiking trails. Castle in the Clouds is open seasonally.

We had an exercise filled Adventure to Castle in the Clouds. I have only been there once and it was five years ago with Shadow and Buster. I recall loving the Fall of Song waterfall and the scenery, although did not realize the diversity of trails. It was a beautiful spot and a fun memory with my boys. (See our initial blog at: ) Our visit today included: Cafe in the Clouds, The Pond Trail, Pebble Rock, Brook Way, hiking around the driving route, endless waterfalls, and lots of other small hikes on other trails. We absolutely loved all the exercise, hiking for over four hours. The views were spectacular, and although unfortunately the estate was closed to those not having paid for a tour, we found other locations to see some spectacular scenery. Wilma loved meeting other guests, exploring, and of course hiking. We ended the day with some ice cream and a sherbet frappe, while relaxing in the shade. It was nice to see Wilma laying out, something she does not often do when we are out and about – a sign of a perfect day. So pleased to enjoy a fun day of Adventures (Rating: 3.5).

As you may know I did a blog specific to the waterfalls, although did include some of my favorite waterfall photographs in the collage here. If you missed that you can go to this link:

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