October 3, 2020 – Mid-Coast Maine

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Mid-Coast Maine for four Adventures. Although I do not know if Mid-Coast Maine is technically defined, that is how I will categorize our Adventures today. We visited: Wolfe Neck State Park, Robinson Cove, Doubling Point Lighthouse, and Fort Williams Park, the home to Portland Head Lighthouse. We loved exploring the shoreline, hiking, the spectacular geography of the rocks, and the perfect Fall weather. Since I have blogged about the two Parks somewhat recently, I thought I would share some of my many favorite photographs in one collage. I did a separate blog of Doubling Point Lighthouse, however will still include some of my favorites here. Wolfe Neck State Park and Fort Williams are definitely on my top Maine State Parks…so far! Hope you will enjoy these photographs of a wonderful day.

5 thoughts on “October 3, 2020 – Mid-Coast Maine

  1. LLove your photography!  Especially liked the stone trail thru the woods in the mid-coast Maine selection!  You really have a good eye for capturing nature and man-made cites!

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  2. That fall weather is stunning. Maine is a special place to me, I grew up going to my Dad’s cabin in the summers. We need to take another trip out to the Portland Lighthouse with the pup, she hasn’t been. Thank you for sharing your adventure 🙂

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