October 18, 2020 – Camden, Maine

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Camden, Maine. Camden is located in Midcoast Maine, on the Penobscot Bay. It is popular for Camden Hills State Park, Mount Battie, the Harbor, shops and restaurants, and numerous lodging options.

We had a coastal Adventure to the town of Camden, Maine on our weekend away. We walked throughout the town, thankful that the sun was finally out after a weekend of rain. In various spots the sun was shining through the perfect fall foliage creating a picturesque scene. We trotted around the Harbor area, located Meguniticook Falls, appreciated the colorful mountains from afar, found several parks and loved the library grounds with various little features including a gazebo. The weather was just right for Fall, and our early morning walk ensured a less then bustling hub that you would find later in the day. Such a nice surprise to explore the lovely town of Camden (This Adventure will not be rated).

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