October 31, 2020 – York, Maine

Today Wilma and I spent the day in York, Maine. York is a coastal town in Southern, Maine. It contains: York Harbor, Cape Neddick, York Village and York Beach. It is known for the summer resorts, beaches, golf courses, shopping, and the famous Nubble Lighthouse.

We had a beautiful Adventure to York, Maine. I decided to Adventure to places we have been to previously. Our stops included: Old York, Long Sands Beach, Ellis Park, Short Sands Beach, the Wiggly Bridge, Fisherman’s Walk, Sayward-Wheeler House, and Nubble Lighthouse. We walked and walked, ran on the beach, stopped to watch the crashing waves, searched for any last colors from Fall, and followed Wilma’s little nose in whatever direction she chose. The sun was out, and it was the perfect temperature complete with a gusty coastal breeze. Such a beautiful coastal day in York. So glad Shadow and Buster were able to visit these locations too. See below for a photo collage of our spectacular day: (Rating: 4)

7 thoughts on “October 31, 2020 – York, Maine

  1. The blog was fine and awesome!  No problems with photos there, but our email isn’t functioning normally so no pictures there.  Great job!  You should make an autumn picture book of New England!

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