November 14, 2020 – Boston Common – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Boston Common in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston Common is located in downtown Boston. It was established back in 1654 making it the oldest urban park in the country. Boston Common is rich in history, and is a popular location for gathering with friends, walking, and ice skating in the winter months.

We had a squirrel-filled Adventure to the Boston Common (haha). Surprisingly I was able to locate meter parking nearby and off we went. Today was a dark New England day with remnants of color still scattered about and leaves blowing poetically in the breeze. We walked and explored venturing to all corners of the Common. There were memorials, endless belly heavy squirrels, lots of paths, and of course the empty frog pond. We also located the Central Burial Ground on our walk, however no dogs allowed so we just peered in the gate.

Throughout our Adventure Wilma was somewhat out of control loosing her mind with the squirrels. Likely due to their lack of fear and overly friendly personalities causing her to get dangerously close to these brave creatures. I can just imagine what the other canine friends thought about the screaming suburban girl who kept trying to climb the trees. I do not even think Wilma realized I joined her on this Adventure (haha). Wilma did stop to greet several visitors but mostly was hyped with the city squirrels. The Common was busy with culture and companionship creating quite the family feel. There were endless dog visitors many off leash. So glad we could visit the Boston Common today (Rating: 3.5).

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