November 27, 2020 – Rockport, Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Rockport, Massachusetts. Rockport is an oceanside town in Northern Massachusetts. It is known for the beaches, art community, restaurants, shopping, and Motif #1, one of the most painted buildings in the country.

We had an ocean-filled Adventure to Rockport. Today our stops included: Motif #1, downtown Rockport, Bear Skin Neck, Old First Parish Burying Ground, the Breakwater, Halibut Point State Park, and Front Beach. Out Adventure started on a sunny morning, although it soon became dark and cloudy. Although we have been to almost all of these locations before we really enjoyed walking, exploring, and endless photos. I loved all the little aspects of the town, including the holiday decorations, the colorful buoys and lobster traps, and of course the gorgeous scenery. I especially loved hearing the crashing waves at Halibut Point State Park. Wilma especially enjoyed inhaling the smells of the lobster traps, watching the birds, and hoping along the Breakwater. Wilma seemed a little tired today, which is hopefully it is just me over analyzing. However she still appeared to enjoy the day, just appeared extra calm. So glad we could have an outing to Rockport today Rating: 4).

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