January 31, 2021 – Charlestown Harborwalk – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Charlestown Harborwalk in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Charlestown Harborwalk is part of a forty three mile park connecting the waterfront neighborhoods to Boston.

We had a fun Adventure to the Charlestown Harborwalk. I had noticed signs for the Charlestown Harborwalk on our last visit to the area and decided today was the day to come back and explore. I was able to find little information specific to the Charlestown Harborwalk, so thought we would start where I located the sign and hope to find a long and scenic walk. We began at the Constitution Marina and off we went. We first started at the loop finding a spectacular view of the USS constitution, an amazing navy boat floating by, and magnificent views of the Boston skyline. We then walked through the Charlestown Navy Yard and then headed to the remainder of the Charlestown Harborwalk. We followed along the water exploring the different Piers and boats, locating the Wind Sculpture Art Exhibit, passing luxury residences, and the world known Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital. We walked and walked until we arrived at the Tobin Bridge. There I found a sign saying “0” miles indicating we had arrived at the official beginning of the walk, well the end for us (haha).

The Charlestown Harborwalk was not always clear, but as soon as I thought we had taken a wrong turn we saw another sign indicating we were right on track. Along the Harborwalk we did take one little detour as Pier 6 was closed for construction but were able to head over to the main road and loop around to continue on Harborwalk. My favorite parts of the walk were the beautiful views of the city, the gorgeous Tobin Bridge, and the boats throughout. Wilma loved exploring, walking and watching other dogs from afar. The Harborwalk was a lovely spot to explore, and I can just imagine it is quite full of fun during the warmer months. So glad we could explore Charlestown Harborwalk today (Rating: 3.5).

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