February 7, 2021 – Farandnear – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, and I Adventured to the Farandnear Reservation in Shirley, Massachusetts.  The Farandnear was the former estate of Arthur Banks who was a well known professor and political scientist.  It includes 2.7 miles of trails, and an Arboretum.  The Park is owned and managed by the Trustees of Reservations.

We had a peaceful Adventure to Farandnear. I blogged about Farandear almost two years ago but since we have never been in the snow I figured it was a good opportunity to blog again. I was thrilled to arrive at Farandear to an empty parking lot. We headed off on to the trails. As many of my New England followers know we are heading into our next storm, so it was a dark morning for our Adventure. As typical of a Trustee’s property, the trails at Farandnear are well marked. In addition the snow was well groomed by previous visitors so we followed the paths easily. Wilma often seemed to be hearing something, maybe wildlife in the woods?? I often found her with her leg up in the air as she was thinking, smelling, or pondering whatever was in her mind. It almost gave me an eerie feeling….what was I missing? It was fun seeing the prints in the snow which Wilma followed closely, my hunting girl. We walked and walked, enjoying the exercise as we trudged through the snow and got a great workout as we went up and down the short hills. We trekked through the bogs and past the ravine, such a different terrain then our other visits. After our hike we wandered over to the Arboretum and checked out some of the trees adding color to the limited winter colors. It started snowing just as we were headed to the car…the perfect way to end our Adventure (Rating: 4).

Below you will see a collage of photos from today and two of our other visits, and two videos of the same area in different seasons (unfortunately some of the photographs are fuzzy – still working with wordpress to resolve the problem):

Paradise Ravine in Winter and Spring

Old Cranberry Bog/Old Reservoir (I believe I got the title correct, however I know it was the same spot in Winter and in Spring)

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