March 14, 2021 – Back Cove Trail – Maine

Wilma and I Adventured to Back Cove Trail in Portland, Maine. Back Cove Trail is a popular loop trail that is almost four miles in length. The trail circles Back Cove, and ranges from paved to gravel. There are benches along the route, and several water fountains available in-season. The trail is popular for biking, walking, running, and dog walking.

We had a gusty Adventure to Back Cove Trail. I am thankful that I am officially fully-vaccinated allowing me entrance into Maine. We look forward to continuing our Adventures outside of Massachusetts starting with this Adventure to Back Trail Cove. I believe I located Back Cove Trail initially just spotting it while driving through the area. I was surprised to find the Trail quiet empty, but also quite shocked at how frigid the wind was at times. Wilma did not seem to mind the chilly weather, although occasionally was surprised by a sign moving in the wind. We walked and walked, finding mileage markers along the route. I loved seeing the ice on the edges of the water, and into the Cove. Overall there was not much to see but it was nice to walk in a new location. Wilma loved walking, watching the ducks, and enjoyed some rolls. I was disappointed that part of the Trail was closed due to construction but did our best to explore this Trail. We might just have to return to the Back Cove Trail in the nicer weather (Rating: 3).

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