April 2, 2021 – Putnam River Trail and Cargill Falls – Connecticut

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Putnam River Trail and Cargill Falls in Putnam, Connecticut. The Putnam River Trail is a three mile Trail that runs along the Quinebaug River. It crosses various parks, passes the Cargill Falls, and has benches and bridges along the path. There is even a dog park on the route.

We had a flurry-filled Adventure to the Putnam River Trail and Cargill Falls. Although I am normally a lover of snowflakes being that it is now April, I was quite unimpressed. We parked at one of the numerous parking lots on Kennedy Drive. We walked and walked. We found some artwork, sculptures, and spotted mills across the River. There were several times we went down to the Rivers edge, to check out the view. Wilma enjoyed some sips, and thought about some energetic digs, but mostly just enjoyed the scene. As expected we appreciated Cargill Falls, composed of cascades below the dam. Although Cargill Falls is not one might consider a “normal” Falls it was more impressive then I expected. We saw several dogs, runners, walkers, bikers, and several people fishing. Overall I found the pathway quiet, except for the sounds of the nearby traffic. My favorite parts of this Adventure were the artwork, the Falls, and a beautiful arched bridge. Wilma loved walking, sniffing, finding some rocks to climb, and yes more grassy rolls! So glad we could visit the Putnam River Trail and Cargill Falls today (Rating: 3).


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