April 24, 2021 – Marine Park – Maine

Yesterday Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to Marine Park in Rockport, Maine. Marine Park is a small coastal park providing views of Rockland Harbor. It includes several historical landmarks, including ruins of the limestone kilns and the location for Andre the seal. In addition it is popular for boating, picnicking, and has a small beach for swimming.

We had a sunny Adventure to Marine Park. We drove down a hill to enter this park arriving to find lovely coastal views, the boats bobbing in the sea. We quickly began exploring, trying not to miss any of the sites. The park was filled with many enjoying picnics and others walking their dogs. Dogs are required to be on leash at this location although we did see one dog off leash. Wilma loved the new smells, especially those on and under the dock. She even appreciated some side naps on this extra warm day. The park was very small but we found lots of color, history, and beautiful views on the water. So glad we were able to Adventure to the Marine Park (Rating: 3.5)

4 thoughts on “April 24, 2021 – Marine Park – Maine

  1. Simple but a real pleasant park.  As you know, I was with the crushed rocks and looking forward to sharing them with Dad and Luke and with the grandkids!

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