May 9, 2021- Charles River Esplanade – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Charles River Esplanade in Boston, Massachusetts. This park is three miles one way and runs along the bank of the Charles River Basin. Small footbridges connect a strip of land and the pool of water sometimes known as the “lagoon”. The Esplanade is a popular area for walker, runner, and bikers. It is a a well known destination for concerts and fireworks at The Hatch, and includes(s): playgrounds, a boat launch, a cafe, and endless benches.

We had a perfect-weather Adventure to the Charles River Esplanade. I was thrilled to finally make it to the Esplanade, not the easiest place to travel to if you reside out of the neighborhood. We parked at the parking garage at the Boston Common, followed a map to find the Arthur Fiedler Footbridge (over Storrow drive) and we finally ARRIVED! The Charles River Esplanade had gorgeous views of the city, colorful signs of spring, row boats and sailboats floating in the River, and lovely footbridges. We even saw some ducklings, swan, and a lost bunny! The area was bustling with people, a busy location on this beautiful day. Wilma loved checking out the smells of the city, trotting along, posing, and of course ended the walk with some rolls. I think I was the only one taking photographs, but could not resist capturing this location in snapshots. We spent about three hours walking at this location, a nice change of scenery (Rating: 4).

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