May 16, 2021 – Hancock-Clarke House – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Hancock-Clarke House in Lexington, Massachusetts. The Hancock-Clarke House was built in 1737 and was the parsonage house for the town of Lexington. It was the childhood home of statesman John Hancock and is known as part of the Battle of Lexington and Concord. The house also has an herb garden, highlighting traditional herbs from the 1700s.

We had a historic adventure to the Hancock-Clarke House. We had a weekend full of local walks, friends and family, and catching up in the yard so decided to enjoy this simple NEW Adventure. We were walking along one of our favorite trails, the Minuteman Bikeway, and turned off this route to find the House. The Hancock-Clarke House itself was beautiful a vibrant yellow color. The front was lined with a scenic rock wall, and it a small herb garden. The house was open but of course we did not enter assuming there were no precious pups allowed. There was not much to see outside the house, but glad we were able to Adventure and learn about yet another New England home (this blog will not be rated).

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