September 25, 2021 – Taconic Sculpture Park – New York

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to the Taconic Sculpture Park in Chatham, New York. The Taconic Sculpture Park highlights the work of artist Roy Kanwit. The property has over 30 sculptures hand made by Kanwit from material including: cement, marble, and limestone. The sculptures are on his three acres of property. The entrance fee to the Park is $10.

We had an art filled Adventure to the Taconic Sculpture Park. We were greeted by Mrs. Kanwit who gave us some background and information about the Park. It was a nice personal touch to start our visit. We then trotted off to explore this lovely Park on a hill. There were sculptures in different directions, all unique and lovely. There were beautiful wildflowers across the hill, and numerous monarch butterflies, unfortunately too fast for me to capture. We walked and explored making sure not to miss a sculpture or a sight. Gus loved pouncing on whatever he was seeing in the long grass (haha) while Wilma enjoyed many rolls. It was definitely a happy experience for all three of us! I especially love the sculptures of the faces and heads. The largest one actually had a ladder in it that you could climb to the top but of course that would not work for the pups so we skipped this unique feature. Although the Park was small I really just loved it, so many creative sculptures to see. So glad we could get to the Taconic Sculpture Park (Rating: 4).

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