October 9, 2021 – Old Bennington – Vermont

Yesterday Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Old Bennington Vermont. Old Bennington is a village in the town of Bennington. It is known for: The Bennington Museum, The Old First Church, The Bennington Cemetery (including the gravestone of Robert Frost), the Bennington Battle Monument, and the historic homes. The Village is part of the National Register of Historic Places.

We had a wonderful Adventure to Old Bennington. It was a dark but beautiful Fall day, always adding some challenges to vibrant photographs. However that of course did not change our experience and I still snapped away. We began our visit at the Bennington Museum, finding sculptures, and a children’s garden walk of trails. Although it was past season for luscious flowers it was still fun to wander the trails. Wilma and Gus seemed overly interested in the smells causing me to ponder what creatures had also enjoyed the trails. I did not realize there were trails at the Museum so definitely a nice surprise.

From there we headed to the cemetery and to the Old First Church, both beautiful and scenic. (We actually stopped there on the way back as well, making sure to find the gravesite of Robert Frost). We then followed Monument Avenue up toward the Battle Monument. I have actually been to the Battle Monument before and remembered the lovely historic homes. However on this day we walked all the way up the Street until we arrived at the Monument. The Bennington Battle Monument is grand and spectacular, although my dark photographs far from gave the Monument justice. We took our time walking around the monument and enjoying this special location. We then headed back on our route re-visiting all locations a second time. Throughout the day Wilma made sure to fit in some joyous rolls, and of course Gus had some surprised barks at all things new. So glad we could enjoy this walking tour of Old Bennington (Rating: 4).

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