October 23, 2021 – Look Park- Massachusetts

Yesterday Wilma, Gus, My Uncle and I Adventured to Look Park in Florence, Massachusetts. Look Park is a private, non-profit park that requires an entrance admission. It is open year around and celebrate a variety of holidays with events and holidays. Look Park is popular for: sports events, picnicking, weddings and ceremonies, and walkers. In addition they have a water spray park, pedal boats, and Steamer Train all which are seasonal.

We had a refreshing Adventure to Look Park on a beautiful Autumn Day. I actually have been to Look Park numerous time as it is located near the homes of my Aunt and Uncle, and cousins. As a young child I visited to see my cousins’ dance shows, one of my cousins got married there, I have been their for sports events, and even walked through to enjoy the holiday lights. I have been meaning to write a throwback blog on this location but have never managed to gather all of the past photographs so decided to add it as a “normal” blog today.

On our adventure today we enjoyed a long walk at Look Park, catching up, and searching for the bright colors of Fall. We spent about two hours exploring, and walking, often taking on a casual approach. I especially loved the bridges of all shapes and variety, and the sculptures scattered throughout. The best part of the Adventure is I got to spend time with my amazing family, walking with my Uncle, and afteward heading to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for lunch and a visit. They are two very special people in my world! So glad I finally could Adventure to Look Park today (Rating: 4).

5 thoughts on “October 23, 2021 – Look Park- Massachusetts

  1. You got some wonderful pictures yesterday. It was fun and satisfying, as always, to spend time with you and your buddies. We did find a little bit of color at the park, although this has been kind of a less colrful autumn.

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  2. Loved the photographs of Look Park and reading of your memories there  I had forgotten some of them so it was sweet!  Well done  


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