September 21, 2021 – Mount Watatic – Massachusetts (Late Post)

I have been fighting with my computer and memory card as photographs from this Adventure have not been recovered, but sadly I have realized that they cannot be recovered. I am lucky that I did get some photographs and videos from this Adventure so decided it was time to post from what it is available. So here we go….

On September 21, 2021 Gus and I Adventured to Mount Watatic in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. Mount Watatic is a 1832 foot mountain, and one of the most visited mountains in central Massachusetts. The hike to the summit is approximately 2.2 miles round trip.

We had a wonderful Adventure to Mount Watatic. I have been looking forward to attempting another mountain and today was the day. I knew the dog scene would be unpredictable so Wilma headed off to Grandma and Grandpa’s spa for some extra love and relaxation.

Upon arrival to Mount Watatic we found the parking lot right off of route 119, brown signs marking that we were in the correct location for this parking area. Although we did not arrive until 8am I was quite pleased to find only two cars in the parking lot. We headed down the trail, soon arriving at some wooden boards over the water. It took just a short time until Gus fell in, although not at all deep, a bit unexpected for this ground loving boy. However he did not seem phased and continued walking down the boards and checked out the view of the water to the right. The rising sun was streaming through the trees, just lovely.

We then headed into the woods and not too far in we had a choice to turn right or go straight. I decided to head right as I had read something about the yellow markers, which we continued to follow to the summit. The trail was not too difficult although there were several times I did need to stop when the trail ascended somewhat steeply. However Gus, did not have any issues with this new terrain, as I expected. We walked and walked enjoying the trail almost completely to ourselves.

It did not take long to reach the top and we were sure of this destination by locating a stone indicating we had reached the summit. The peak was pretty, with a variety of greenery and yellow flowers, although the views far from impressive. I thankfully had read in the reviews to make sure you visited the second peak, and although for some reason it took me some time to find the trail to this location, we did arrive. The views from the second peak were definitely impressive. We were lucky to have a day off on a gorgeous almost Fall day, the sky blue and clear. We walked around checking out the panorama before finding a little corner to sit for a snack. The sun was out, and the temperature perfect. I probably could have sat that for hours but yet I am definitely am an “on the go” kind of gal, never preferring to sit for too long.

We found a sign for a different trail on the way back down, and by this time there were more people and dogs. Gus seemed a bit nervous about other visitors and dogs, likely because big sister Wilma was not by his side. There were lots of green ferns on this trail, although maybe I just did not notice them on the way up. It really was a wonderful hike, a perfect time of day with the sun streaming through the trees. So glad we could hike Mount Watatic today (Rating: 4).

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