December 28, 2021 – Lighthouse Point Park – Connecticut

Yesterday Wilma, Gus, and I adventured to Lighthouse Point Park in New Haven, Connecticut. Lighthouse Point Park is an 82-acre park that includes: a beach, a carousel, a splash park, and the New Haven Light House, also known as Five Mile Point Light. In the distance from the park, you can see views of downtown New Haven, and the Southwest Ledge Lighthouse.

We had a simple adventure to Lighthouse Point Park. I had been curious about this park, and the New Haven Lighthouse for some time and yesterday was the day. I was excited to head off on a new adventure as we have mostly been visiting local favorites in recent weeks. Lighthouse Point Park was one of several adventures of the day, but our only new site.

Upon arrival we immediately located the Lighthouse in the distance. We began heading down a road and traversed a trail along the coast. I did not research maps online, so we just wandered with our eyes and snouts (haha). The sky was lovely, adding some good character to the day. It was an unusually warm day for New England, almost heating up to 50…so bizarre! We walked around making sure not to miss one corner of the park. We spent a lot of time circling the lighthouse and taking photographs. It has been a long time since I have been able to see a new lighthouse and was glad, I finally could add that to our adventures. Unfortunately, dogs were not allowed on the beach, but Gus found a little area along the trail to enjoy some quick digging, Wilma joining in for a few. On this adventure Wilma especially enjoyed some rolls and was excited to see other visitors, hopeful for some attention. We saw many out walking, the majority of dogs on leash. So glad we could finally get to Lighthouse Point Park (Rating: 3.5)

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