February 12, 2022 – Fort Pheonix State Reservation – Massachusetts

Today Wilma Gus, and I Adventured to Fort Pheonix State Reservation in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Fort Pheonix State Reservation includes 28 acres next to the remnants of Fort Pheonix, dating back to the Revolutionary War. The Reservation also includes a hurricane barrier with a walking trail. The park is popular for swimming, walking, and history seekers.

We had a nice Adventure to For Pheonix State Reservation. I had been to this Reservation long ago with Shadow but only took several photos, so this was the first time visiting since I began the blog. I was surprised to find many cars upon arrival, but yet pleased to see little visitors. We first explored the park, walked the hurricane barrier, and spent some time on the beach. It was an unusually warm New England day but yet quite windy on the coast, however not windy enough to be chilly. We loved walking and taking our time exploring. Gus enjoyed some digging, and Wilma was quite happy to see some large rocks for climbing. The park was simple, but uniquely combined a Fort, and the beach. So glad we could visit Fort Pheonix today (Rating: 3).

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