February 19, 2022 – Fort Washington Park – Maryland

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Fort Washington Park in Fort Washington, Maryland. Fort Washington Park is a National Park, that contains Fort Washington and the Fort Washington Lighthouse. The Park sits on the Potomac River. The original Fort was destroyed in 1812 but water later rebuilt. The Park is known for the Fort but also has biking and hiking trails, and opportunities for fishing and picnicking.

We had a historic Adventure to Fort Washington Park. I was quiet excited to check out this Park as I had read about it some time ago when planning our adventure. Unfortunately the Fort was closed for the day when we arrived, but we explored the rest of the property. Soon into the adventure I had a horrifying experience when Gus got spooked by the wind slamming the Fort door, somehow got away and began running. He was so terrified it took me awhile to get him back to me. It was a very traumatic experience, and I was so thankful it was resolved. Although Gus can be quite skittish this was definitely a first, and hopefully a last. I think my heart is still beating….

After this horrible moment we somehow were able to refocus and carry on. We explored the exterior of the Fort, the shore, and the Lighthouse. Gus loved chasing anything that was blowing, jumping into the weeds, and chewing sticks while Wilma loved endless rolls. It was a little chilly and quiet windy. I loved the bright blue sky, and watching the sun setting behind the Fort. It was hard to capture this Fort in photographs but I did my best. So glad we could check out Fort Washington today (this blog will not be rated).

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