February 22, 2022 – Honeymoon Island State Park – Florida

Yesterday Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Honeymoon Island State Park is a Florida State Park located on Honeymoon Island.  The Park is 385 acres and has four miles of beaches and many more acres submerged.   There are trails to walk and a variety of beaches, one being dog friendly.  The Island is popular for swimming, hiking, biking, and shelling.

We had a lovely adventure to Honeymoon Island State Park in Dunedin, Florida. I was so excited to take Wilma and Gus to Honeymoon Island State Park as it was a location I went to weekly with Shadow and Buster….back when I resided in Tampa. We parked at the “pet beach” and off we went. The sun was shining brightly, and it was a beautiful day. We walked down the sandy path until we arrived at the beach. The beach looked a bit different then I remembered, including being covered with sea grass washed onto the shore. We walked and explored, Gus eating everything he could find, while both enjoyed some digging. I attempted to bring them into the water but they were a little spooked by the sounds of the very small waves, so not a chance of that. We walked and walked enjoying the spectacular day. I was pleased to find a little inlet, and with bribery, enthusiasm, and no waves, I was able to get the pups in the water a bit…so glad that they could cool down on the refreshing water.

After enjoying the beach we headed over to the Osprey Trail to check out the scenery, and get our walk on. Wilma was not too pleased by the warmer day so we did not complete the entire loop yet just walked a bit to stretch our legs and take some photographs.

Such a beautiful day in a beautiful place, and a dream come true that I could bring Wilma and Gus to one of my favorite Florida spots – definitely a crazy dog mama here (haha!) (Rating: 4).

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