February 24, 2022 – Lettuce Lake Park – Florida

Today Wilma, Gus, and I adventured to Lettuce Lake Park in Tampa, Florida. Lettuce Lake is a 240 acre county Park.  The amenities include a 1.25 walking loop, boardwalk, playgrounds, and picnic areas.  The Park contains the Hillsborough River and offers canoe and kayak rentals.  There is a $2 fee to enter the Park.

We had a gorgeous adventure to Lettuce Lake Park. I was thrilled to return to Lettuce Lake Park as it was one of my favorite local parks to walk at with Shadow and Buster when I resided in Tampa. Today it was Wilma and Gus’ turn to visit this beautiful park. We entered the park, paid the $2 fee, and found a parking spot. We headed off to the paved trail and the reminiscing began. The park was just as gorgeous and spectacular as I remembered, with greenery everywhere. We enjoyed the trail, went to the river edge, checked out the nature trail, and walked and walked. Wilma enjoyed some rolls, while Gus loved diving into the ferns chasing lizards. It was just wonderful being there and enjoying the moments, scene, and memories. My photos definitely do not do it justice, but it was just right. So glad we could adventure to Lettuce Lake Park today (Rating: 5).

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