February 27, 2022 – Washington DC

Last Saturday Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Washington DC. Washington DC is the Capital of the United States, and the federal district.

We had a spectacular adventure to Washington DC. I was so excited to stop in the Capital and explore. I was surprised that parking was easily located, and there were few visitors in site. We spent about three hours walking around. The buildings were grand and quite regal. I absolutely loved wandering, and photographing this lovely location. My only disappointment was the sheer distance of the White House. A sad reminder of the recent turns in our country.

Wilma and Gus loved walking, while Wilma especially enjoyed some rolls. So glad we could visit Washington DC, just wish we could have stayed longer (This blog will not be rated).

2 thoughts on “February 27, 2022 – Washington DC

  1. I feel anyone can visit this city on a regular basis and continue to find new things to see and places to explore. It is on Jane’s and my bucket list to return and see more than was possible when we went with teens back in the 1990s. It looks like you three had a fine time. It’s good to hear about the easy parking too, probably a benefit of off-season visits.

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