March 20, 2022 – Lynn Heritage State Park/Harbor Walk – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Lynn Heritage State Park and the Harbor Walk in Lynn, Massachusetts. Lynn Heritage State Park is an almost five acre waterfront park. It includes paved paths, a boardwalk along the Harbor, and connects to the nearby Harbor Walk. The visitor center is in the area, and celebrates the history of the city.

We had a simple Adventure to the Lynn Heritage State Park, and nearby Harbor Walk. We had just walked for two hours in Gloucester before heading over the check out this Park. The sun was out and the weather just right. We parked at the Harbor Walk and explored this area before heading over to Lynn Heritage State Park. I knew it was small but was surprised to find it even smaller than I imaged. The area was near a busy road, but we saw few other visitors. My favorite part of our visit was the cool lounge chairs along the Harbor Walk. Wilma loved some rolls, while Gus enjoyed every stick he could find. So glad we could check out the Lynn Heritage State Park and Harbor Walk today (this blog will not be rated).

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