March 25-March 28, 2022 – Weekend in Maine

This weekend me, My Mom, Wilma and Gus Adventured to Maine. We stayed at our favorite location in Camden, explored the beautiful town of Camden, and enjoyed a gorgeous day in Acadia. These are probably my two favorite places in Maine, coastal beauty! We had some other plans but little did we know we were in for an unexpected weekend…

I actually debated posting this blog, but I wanted to appreciate a community, provide others hope who have found themselves in a similar situation, and celebrate a miracle. On Sunday we had a day of sure terror but wanted to be clear before sharing that it ended with a miracle! On Sunday, while walking back from the gorgeous harbor of Camden the latch on Gus’ leash, somehow opened in the middle of a “normal” walk. I went to grab his collar and he took off. We spent the next 15 plus hours praying, spreading the word, and desperately searching! There were several spotting’s of Gus throughout the day sprinting from place to place, all over this town. On our desperate search we met endless kind people throughout the community, posted signs, and were supported by our amazing Inn Keepers! It was an absolute day of terror, devastation, and fear in the unknown, a horrid nightmare. We went back to the room on various occasions to see if Gus had arrived. My Dad came up from Massachusetts and we searched and searched. I cannot even describe the deep pain running through my sole.

It was after midnight we returned to the room, beyond devastated, but deciding that was best to attempt an early morning start. I decided to open the car door, put food in the car, and put worn clothes and food outside the door, hoping to attract our precious boy with familiar smells! Approximately fifteen minutes after going to the room, Wilma let out an unusual bark toward the door….I opened the door and our Gus was there! It was a dream come true, a miracle! Gus was soaked, had a few cuts, was exhausted but was absolutely ok! He dived into our arms and filled our hearts back up! The extreme emotions of the day will always bring tears to my eyes, deep, deep pain, moments of hope, to pure joy of a miracle! As you may know my dogs are my world, my everything, and what brings me pure joy! They make me laugh, smile, and always keep me moving as I face the challenges of life. I am not sure how I would have made it through this if it did not end in a miracle, and we are feeling beyond grateful.

I wanted to dedicate this blog to the AMAZING community of Camden. We probably spoke with 100s of people, who cared, shared, posted, searched, and told me he WOULD be found. As we drove and walked around, we continually were stopped by people who said they were searching with us, strangers to us but partners in hope! I rarely have felt part of a community, and to feel a part of a community I was visiting was beyond a special experience. I even have received calls and texts since we returned home, checking on Gus, and celebrating his return. I will never forget this kindness! We cannot thank our Innkeepers at the Towne Motel as well, a beautiful Motel, with owners who went over and beyond to take care of us and help in our desperation. Thank you to all in Camden. You are one in a kind!!

So here I will share some photographs from our weekend:

8 thoughts on “March 25-March 28, 2022 – Weekend in Maine

  1. This is every dog owner’s greatest nightmare. Thank God it happened in a small, safe town like Camden. And how clever of you to attract him back to your door! Even as I was reading, I knew you would be reunited. After all, he needs you just as much as you need him. 🙂 (great photos btw)

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  2. How frightening – especially when you’re so far away from home! So relieved it has a happy ending. One of my dogs took off from a car accident with their dog walker. It was one long sleepless night til we found him again, luckily near the same spot where he took off.

    If you want to consider a back up recall plan, I recommend e-collar training. I worked with Atlantic K9 out of Boxford. She does remote training too, I think. Sophie had horrible recall and this training changed our life. I didn’t think sensitive Stitch would take to it as well but he picked it up instantly. It makes a great backup plan in such situations. And I believe current collars also have GPS though this doesn’t help much here in upstate NY when you’re out of cell range anyway so I haven’t bothered with the GPS ones yet (I use Dogtra collars). Good luck!! Glad everyone is safe at home.

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