July 11, 2022 – Parsons Way – Maine

Today Wilma, Gus, and I adventured to Parsons Way in Kennebunkport, Maine. Parsons Way is a two mile walkway that starts near Arundel Beach and ends at the summer home of former President George H. W. Bush – Walker Point. This route winds along the coast with benches, rocky beaches, beautiful views of the shoreline and luxury homes.

We had a lovely adventure to Parsons Way. I was pleased to find free parking near the The Colony Hotel and off we went. It was a beautiful day! We walked and took time to enjoy the views. The scenery gorgeous, bright blue water, unique rock formations, and colorful flowers. Along the way we stopped at St. Anne’s church a pretty church with coastal views, and of course checked out some of the beaches and scenic overlooks. We ended at the Bush estate and observed the home from afar. Wilma and Gus both loved the new smells while Wilma appreciated some cheerful roles and Gus finding some crabs and viewing the landscape from above! So glad we could visit Parsons Way today (Rating: 4).

2 thoughts on “July 11, 2022 – Parsons Way – Maine

  1. Beautiful spot! I was at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester that same say—was a nice day, but the weather people had indicated no sea breeze, but there was one that cooled things down just a bit too much for me to go in the water.

    Mary Ann

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