July 31, 2022 – Slate Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Wilma, Gus, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Slate Covered Bridge in Swanzey, New Hampshire. The Slate Covered Bridge is a wooden bridge that crosses the Ashuelot River. The Bridge was originally built in 1862 but later rebuilt in 2001 after a fire. It is one of three covered bridges in Swanzey.

We had a simple Adventure to the Slate Covered Bridge. We have been long overdue for a visit to a covered bridge, so today was the day. I was excited that my Mom was joining us, as were the pups, especially Gus who continually tried to sneak up front for some cuddles – just adorable. We arrived to find a quiet area, but yet cars flying through the bridge. This made it dangerous to cross under, so we checked out the bridge from the sides, unfortunately providing us limited views of the River. Not too many activities for Wilma and Gus at this location, yet they posed very briefly for a photo – well almost. Glad to cross of yet another covered bridge, with spectacular company (Rating: 3).

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