October 2, 2022 – Bruce Freeman Trail (Chelmsford) – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, Gus and I Adventured to the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.  The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is a twenty five mile Trail that includes the towns of Lowell, Chelmsford, Westford, Carlisle, Acton, Concord, Framingham, and Sudbury.  The Trail is 10 feet in width and is popular for:  biking, skiing, walking, jogging, and rollerblading.

We had a simple adventure to the Bruce Freeman Trail. Although we have been on the Bruce Freeman Trail in other towns, this was our first walk in Chelmsford. We parked at Byam Elementary and off we went. I was disappointed about the weather this weekend but was reminded on today’s adventure that it was the perfect temperature for a walk. We are beginning to see the colors of Autumn which makes me so happy being my favorite time of year. Our walk took us through the woods, past homes, and along a small portion of Heart Pond. We walked and sniffed (haha!) and enjoyed the little details along the journey. There were small signs of fall, remnants of summer blooms, and some unique art on the Trail. Definitely not a nice day for brilliant photographs but a refreshing walk on the Bruce Freeman Trail today (This blog will not be rated.)

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