December 10, 2022 – Fitz Hugh Lane Park – Massachusetts

Yesterday Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Fitz Hugh Lane Park in Gloucester, Massachusetts. Fitz Hugh Lane Park includes the Fitz Hugh Lane House. This Home is a historical home built by the artist Fitz High Lane in 1849. The home is on top of a small hill providing views of the harbor.

We had a simple Adventure to Fitz Hugh Lane Park. We spent about two hours walking around Gloucester and made a stop at this park on our travels. We have been here before, but today I thought I would write a short blog about it. Upon arrival we strolled to the top and walked every inch of the location. It was a dark and dreary day out, with limited color throughout. We found a beautiful wreath, endless pinecones, plaques with information, stone benches, and a statue of Fitz Hugh Lane. Although a very small park, still a nice little stop along the route. Glad we could visit Fitz Hugh Lane Park today (This blog will not be rated).

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