January 29, 2023 – Phoenix Bike Trail – Massachusetts

Yesterday, Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to the Phoenix Bike Trail in Fairhaven, Massachusetts. The Phoenix Bike Trail is a four-mile trail that runs from Fairhaven to Mattapoisett. The Bike Trail follows the Old Fairhaven Branch Railroad.

We had a dull Adventure to the Phoenix Bike Trail. I debated sharing this blog as we only explored a very small portion of this Bike Trail but decided to post. We parked along the shore and started at the formal beginning of this Trail. The majority of the Trail we traversed ran through the neighborhoods, and past several parks. There were many others out walking, and we found those we passed quite friendly. We enjoyed walking, waiting for some exciting scenery, which never arrived on our short walk. However, Wilma made sure to enjoy some enthusiastic rolls, while Gus was quite energetic throughout. Glad we could visit another New England Rail Trail. We might just have to explore another part of the Trail on a future visit (This blog will not be rated).

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