April 29, 2023 – Bedford Farms Ice Cream – Massachusetts

Today, Wilma, Gus, and I Adventured to Bedford Farms Ice Cream in Bedford, Massachusetts. Bedford Farms Ice Cream was founded in the 1880s. The current owners bought the business in 1884 and opened a second location in Concord in 2001. Bedford Farms Ice Cream is known for their homemade ice cream, custom ice cream pies, and custom ice cream cakes.

We had a delicious Adventure to Bedford Farms Ice Cream. Due to the rain storm heading our way we decided to embark on a local walk of almost three hours before celebrating the weekend with some ice cream. We arrived at Bedford Farms Ice Cream to find only one other visitor in line. I ordered the pups an ice cream, the soft serve special, and ordered myself a root beer float. The property was small so there were few seats or landscaping, however Wilma and Gus were far from picky and devoured their ice cream treats in a hurry! I decided to take my float in the car and continue to enjoy it at home. There was not too much ice cream in the float but who can complain about a creamy ice cream float – so tasty. We talked around and took several photos before heading home. So glad to enjoy a new ice cream location on this dreary New England day (Rating: 3).

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