March 17, 2019 – Bailey Island Bridge/Cribstone Bridge – Maine

Yesterday we Adventured to the Bailey Island Bridge, also referred to as the Cribstone Bridge. The Bridge connects Harpswell and Orr Island.  It is made of granite slabs, and is the only cribstone bridge in the world.

We had a scenic Adventure to the Bailey Island Bridge on a windy Winter morning.  The bridge was unique, with granite slabs being held up by gravity alone!  The landscape surrounding the Bridge was absolutely gorgeous, sparkling rocks, colorful shells, seaweed covered rocks, and a bright blue sea.  We wandered around, Shadow making a bed, and relaxing in the sand, while Wilma reached into the water trying to pull out her favorite shell.  It was peaceful, and quiet, except for the sound of an occasion car flying over the bridge.  Simple, but gorgeous, just perfect for one of our last Adventures on our Maine getaway (Rating:  4).



March 17, 2019 -Lobstermans Statue – Maine

Yesterday we Adventured to the Lobstermans Statue in Bailey Island, Maine.  It is located at the tip of the Island known as Land’s End.  The Lobsterman’s Statue was built by sculptor Victor Kahill as a Memorial to Maine fisherman.  The model was made from lobsterman H Elroy Johnson in 1939, a fisherman from Harpswell Maine.  Replicas can also be found in various locations on the East Coast.

We had a chilly Adventure to the Lobsterman’s Statue on a chilly Maine day.  I was excited to check out this statue, the perfect landmark for a Maine getaway.  Upon arrival we were again greeted by a scenic Maine shoreline.  We quickly located the statue to the left and headed straight over for viewing, Wilma was not pleased to meet this frozen man, adding a good laugh to our day.  I attempted a video below of the growling, and barking  but was unable to capture the most humorous moments.  However, she did soon warm up to the Lobsterman’s Statue, jumping up close to check the mysterious man.  The surroundings of the statue were quite dull and brown, one of the expected features of the New England Winter.

After taking in the Memorial we headed over to the rocky shore and down to the beach for some Shadow relaxing, a bit of rock and shell searching, and some Wilma rock jumping.  The area had steady visitors, but was not overly crowded.  The water was gorgeous in color, while the seaweed covered rocks, the shells, and rocks adding some variation in colors and textures.  We were pleased we could visit the Lobsterman’s Statue today (Rating:  3).


March 16, 2019 – Fort William Henry – Maine

Yesterday we Adventured to the Fort William Henry in Bristol, Maine.  The Fort was built in 1692 but was later destroyed by the Siege of Pemaquid.  The Fort was later reconstructed in 1908.  The three fortifications played an important role in protecting New England frontier from attacks from the French and the Wabanaki Indians.

We had a spontaneous Adventure to Fort William Henry, part of the Pemaquid State Historic Site.  I found this Fort, by merely following a sign along our route.  We were greeted by a very, muddy road, before arriving near the Fort.  We were excited to see a simple, but unique structure in Fort William Henry.  Our short walk took us to the foot of this lovely, circular building, with remnants of a Fort next door.  There were no signs or information, but my guess was this could have been part of the original Fort.  We rambled around the structure and over to the road below, sure to check out the water view below.  The sun was bright, and beginning to set, making for some challenging photography, but yet beautiful site.  It was fun to find the Fort William Henry without even planning a thing (Rating:  4).



March 16, 2019 – Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park – Maine

Yesterday we Adventured to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in Bristol, Maine.  The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park is located at Pemaquid Neck. It was built in 1827 but later rebuilt in 1935, reportedly due to poor construction.  The official Park is open from May through October and includes:  an art gallery, fisherman’s museum, an art gallery, and a learning center.

We had a late day Adventure to the stunning Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park.  As usual, we were glad to visit in off-season, creating a peaceful scene, absent from the bustle of tourists.  The Pemaquid Lighthouse was quite picturesque, offering up close and personal views.  We started our visit exploring the Lighthouse, scenic benches along the way.  As we sauntered past the lighthouse we quickly were drawn to the rocky shores, and crashing waves.  We climbed a bit on the rocks, taking in yet another wonderful Maine coastline.  There were several other small structures, and benches for picnicking under some trees.  It was a small area, so we made sure to check out each spot, before looping back to the lighthouse.  Shadow enjoyed some happy rolls, while I then entertained myself with many photos.  My favorite you will see first, adorable Shadow and Wilma, ears a blowing!  Definitely a wonderful visit to Pemaquid Point Lighthouse Park (Rating:  4).








March 16, 2019 – Popham Beach State Park – Maine

Yesterday we had a spectacular Adventure to the Popham Beach State Park in Phippsburg, Maine.  Popham Beach State Park is approximately 605 acres in size and is one of the busiest Parks in Maine.  Views from the Beach include:  Fox and Wood Islands, and the Pond Island and Sequin Island lighthouses.  The Park is bordered by the Kennebec and Morse Rivers.  The Beach is popular for bird watching, horseback riding, fishing, and swimming.  There is a fee to enter the Park.

We had an incredible visit to Popham Beach State Park.  We entered the Park through a scenic path surrounded by trees, and after a short stroll arrived at the edge of the Beach.  It was a mouth-dropping moment as I could not believe the unique, and gorgeous scenery before my eyes.  It was almost like we had stepped into a dessert, in a far off land, the wind creating patterns across the sand.  Much of the Beach was flat, with some rocks to climb and Islands off into the water.  I was so awed by this location that I think I stared for a bit before eventually heading toward the water.  The air was fresh, and the water picturesque in all shades of blues.  Surprisingly the strong wind was not cold, but just perfect, creating four adorable floating ears.  We enjoyed some horses galloping along, quite picturesque on the smooth sand.

After wandering along the water for a bit we decided to explore the large rocky area, my guess was this could have been Fox Island.  I was not sure how this would work as Shadow is not too steady, or inspired by rock climbing, however was pleased to find flat areas to climb.  There were tidal pools with shells, and lobster traps scattered along the rocky area.  We sauntered over to the opposite side of the “Island” the waves crashing into the side, as the wind cooled our cheeks.  It was an inspiring little climb with lots of sensory pleasing moments.

I was excited to blog about this location, but yet know my description, nor my pictures will do it justice.  Hopefully the videos may add a better visual for my followers, but yet you really MUST plan a visit.  Without hesitation I can say that Popham State Beach Park is one of the most beautiful Beaches I have seen on the New England shores.  I do not remember the last time I gave our Adventure a 5, and although my company is always a perfect 5, I am happy to say it was an easy rating for this Beach.  I look forward to being back to Popham State Beach many times again in the future (Rating:  5).


March 16, 2019 – Fort Popham State Historic Site – Maine

Yesterday, Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to Fort Popham State Historic Site in Phippsburg, Maine.  The Fort is from the Civil war times, and is located along the Kennec River.  The Fort’s construction began in 1962, but was never completed.  It was named after George Popham, leader of the Popham Colony.

We had a historic Adventure to the Fort Popham State Historic Park, on a gorgeous, and windy winter day.  We had difficulty finding parking, but after looping around numerous times we found an empty spot.  The Fort was located at a wonderful location on the River.  There were benches along the way, providing places to relax and take in the scenery.  The Fort was built of granite and had some yellow coloring, although not sure if this was from the weather, it nevertheless added some texture and color to the Fort.  We walked around checking out the doors, crannies and main area of the Fort.  Dogs were not allowed inside the Fort, although not sure if it was open anyways.  Shadow and Wilma appeared curious of this spot too, Wilma going in the doors, while Shadow peered through the gate to check out the Fort.  It was really a spectacular site (Rating:  4).


March 16, 2019 – Wells Beach – Maine

Today we Adventured to Wells Beach in Wells, Maine.  Wells Beach is one of the largest sandy beaches in Maine, offering about seven miles of sandy shores.

We had a perfect sky-day on our Adventure to Wells Beach.  I was so pleased to start our weekend of Adventures with a gorgeous cloud filled and sunny day.  This made the beach just perfect for photography, and a walk along the shore.  The tide appeared to be in, making a small area of sand, much of which was covered by rocks.  Both Shadow and Wilma were thrilled to be at the beach, running, and playing.  I was impressed that Wilma seemed more comfortable with the water, sauntering along when the tide came in.  We walked and walked, snapping too many photographs as always.  The only thing that I did not prefer was that when looking away from the water it appeared to be very touristy, and commercial, houses and hotels lining the beach.  However being off-season we were lucky to have a quiet and peaceful day at Wells Beach.  Such a spectacular way to start our weekend in Maine (Rating:  4).