April 13, 2019 – Highland Lighthouse – Massachusetts

Today we Adventured to the Highland Lighthouse in North Truro, Massachusetts, part of Cape Cod.  The Highland Lighthouse, which is also referred to as Cape Cod Light, is an active lighthouse and is the oldest and tallest lighthouse in Cape Cod. It was initially built in 1797, however was built again in 1831 and 1857. In season there are tours available and a gift shop.

We had a magnificent Adventure to the Highland Lighthouse on a dreary spring day.  This Lighthouse does not disappoint as the view is almost immediately stunning!  We had visited previously about three years ago with Shadow, Buster, and my Mom.  Today’s Adventure began by walking down the path toward the Lighthouse.  It was raining and we were pleased to see few other visitors.  We arrived at the Lighthouse to take in the view, and then looped around and past checking out the other side.  The path ended at a deck-like area with views of the ocean.  Both Shadow and Wilma enjoyed some rolls in the grass and appeared pleased with this special location.  We took our time, noticing the little details, including some budding branches along the path.  The interesting twist to the Highland Lighthouse is that it is surrounded by a golf course requiring that you stay only on the assigned trail.  We were glad that there were no golf balls flying over our heads, so that we could concentrate on the Lighthouse.  The Highland Lighthouse is one of the most beautiful Lighthouses I have ever seen.  Definitely do not miss it if you are in Cape Cod (Rating:  5).

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Throwback Adventure – Agility – Massachusetts

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday. These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing. Many of these Throwback Adventures will include our Buster, who was known for his crazy tail, his happy howl, and his zest for life. We miss him dearly…he is forever in our hearts!

In the Spring of 2017 Shadow and I had an Adventure in the world of Dog Agility, participating in a local class. Buster had just passed in October and we were still sad and adjusting to life without him. I thought it would be fun to try something different, so why not sign up my extra-large nine-year-old dog for Agility! The goal was to have some fun and try something new and that we sure did! Shadow absolutely loved the class, I think he thought of it as time to EAT as numerous treats were provided as a reward and to encourage activities. Shadow was able to pick up the equipment quickly, impressing me with his skills. It was really a fun experience for both of us. Below you will see a short beginner video of one of our sessions. Due to his age the instructor recommended we skip the tall equipment and high jumps, so tunnels, low jumping, and zig-zagging it was! Shadow put in amazing effort to get those treats!

One unexpected result of the Agility class was that I became a bird-mom, yes a bird-mom. The Agility Instructor happened to be fostering birds for the MSPCA and next thing I knew I had adopted two baby budgies, Sanibel and Sky. I had thought about birds for awhile, and would have never guessed that Agility would open the door for an adoption. Sanibel and Sky have added lots of color and sweet songs to our lives. Although not always easy to photograph I did my best and included a couple below.

Weekly Video/Photo

If you regularly follow my blog, and the weekly/video photo I would recommend skipping on to paragraph three, specific to this week’s video/photo.  I have decided to add a weekly video/photo section to my blog.  This blog will display a video or photo, usually highlighting an Adventure, while I might also sneak in some that are humorous, adorable, or just other fun dog moments.

So if you have followed my blog from the beginning you will know that I adopted Shadow as a puppy, and about a year later adopted Buster as a puppy.  We had many wonderful years together before experiencing the devastating loss of Buster at just seven.  It took a long time for our hearts to heal, but almost a year later we welcomed little Wilma into our world.

So today I will be featuring a photograph from Bancroft Castle in Groton, Massachusetts. I find this photo perfect as it is a beautiful and unique spot, and shows Shadow and Wilma’s excitement in the moment. Why pose when you can roll around and play?! I found it adorable, and thought it was the perfect choice for today’s Weekly Video/Photo. See the “Massachusetts” section of my blog for more on our Adventure to Bancroft Castle.

Bancroft 2

April 7, 2019 – Old Town Hill – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma and I Adventured to Old Town Hill in Newbury, Massachusetts. Old Town Hill is a property of the Trustees of Reservations. It has approximately three miles of trails which includes a mix of tidal river, salt marshes, fields, and woodlands.

We had a lovely Adventure to Old Town Hill on yet another spectacular spring day. We drove down the entry road into a scenic area that appeared to consist of salt marshes and the tidal river. This made us especially eager to start our morning’s journey at this unique spot. Sadly we were greeted by some rather rude visitors, appearing somewhat entitled, however soon were swept away into the splendor of the grand outdoors. Our walk started with exploring the tidal River, while soon were traversing fields, and then wandering into the forest. I was able to peak at the map on my phone, so could mostly figure out where we were located. I was pleased to find the occasional Trustees map along the way, identifying our exact location the map. This is one of the features of The Trustee’s properties that I really do appreciate.

Mid-hike we took some time to sit and rest in the field as Shadow seemed a little tired and warm, however he soon appeared revitalized and began his rolls in the grass. Besides this little break we mostly enjoyed a steady stroll along the various trails. Highlights of our visit included: synchronized double rolls in the grass, the adorable boardwalk bridge, swims in the swamp marsh, and the continual change of landscape, adding surprises around the corner.

The trails we traversed on our Adventure today, included: The River Trail, Adams Pasture Trail, The Boardwalk Trail, the North Loop and The Switchback Trail. The property was unique in that it had such varied landscapes, almost almost appearing to combine several parks into one. This really helped us to ignore the dull browns of early spring and appreciate the continual changing scenery.

If you may be wondering, I located the Old Town Hill through the Trustees of Reservations which I have been learning about in the last several months.  I would encourage you to check out the Trustees of Reservations, as you can search for properties in your area.  Many of the land, trails, and properties are absolutely lovely, and the Trustees of Reservations does wonderful work to preserve the land and history throughout Massachusetts. It was fun to explore this unique property (Rating: 3).

April 6, 2019 – Malcolm Preserve – Massachusetts

Today we Adventured to the Malcolm Preserve, a property of the Trustees of Reservations and Carlisle Conservation Foundation.  Malcolm Preserve is a 11 acre property that is part of 1,300acres of protected land.  Malcolm Preserve was previously used as farmland.

We had a local Adventure to the Malcolm Preserve on a dreary, yet perfect spring day.  This was one of those Adventures that I debated blogging about as really a quite simple, and almost unappealing Preserve.  However, a change of pace for those locals who may be looking for a new spot, and anywhere is a happy time for those furry best friends!

We began our Adventure today excited for a short drive and a new property to explore.  We arrived at the well marked parking lot of Malcolm Preserve, eager for a walk.  We began our Adventure near some homes before ending up on the trail through the woods.  There were some markers of names along the way, but no map, or instructions as to where they might lead.  We decided to mostly veer straight, appearing to follow the Estabrook Woods trail.  There were few visitors allowing a peaceful stroll, until we wandered past a loud construction site, crashing us out of our therapeutic oasis.  There was lots of mud on the trails, and a couple small areas of water, complete with the song of a babbling brook.  The trails were often lined with rock walls, adding some scenery to the dull landscape.  We ran into several other dog walkers and were pleased that they were quite considerate of others.  These visitors were friendly, and my guess was likely locals to this conservation area.

One of the spectacular things about living in New England is the amazing changes in seasons, causing you to appreciate the little details that often can go unnoticed.  Today I was so pleased to see merely see the glorious color of green, as nature has begun to spring up.  As we finished our hike, walking almost three miles we were pleased to see the sun, and ready to head home for some backyard fun.  We are certainly enjoying our spring Adventures in New England.

If you may be wondering I located the Malcolm Preserve through the Trustees of Reservations which I have been learning about in the last several months.  I would encourage you to check out the Trustees of Reservations, as you can search for properties in your area.  Many of the land, trails, and properties are absolutely lovely, and the Trustees of Reservations does wonderful work to preserve the land and history throughout Massachusetts.  So although I did not find today’s Adventure up there with some of the rest, there are so many others worth exploring.  However we still enjoyed our outing today visiting the Malcolm Preserve.  A great way to start a gorgeous spring day in New England (Rating:  2).


March 30, 2019 – Nobska Beach – Massachusetts

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to Nobska Beach in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  Nobska Beach is a small, white-sanded, narrow beach that offers views of Martha’s Vineyard and the Nobska Lighthouse.

We had a therapeutic Adventure to the Nobska Beach, probably my favorite stop of the day.  Peaceful and quiet we found the beach almost exclusively to ourselves.  Shadow hustled to the water and immediately waded in for a dip.  I decided to take my sneakers off so Wilma could explore a bit more, but found the water quite frigid, something you would never guess  by watching the water loving Shadow continually in the water.  The ocean was a lovely color, clear in some areas allowing the spectacular view of seaweed flowing under water.  There were rocks along the shore for some Wilma jumps and posing, along with a view of the Nobska Lightouse in the distance.  Shadow and Wilma enjoyed some playing and digging, while Shadow was quick to roll around in the sand.  This beach was simple but yet gorgeous, and calm.  So glad my Mom could join us in this relaxing oasis.  We definitely will be back (Rating:  4).


March 30, 2019 – Nobska Point Lighthouse – Massachusetts

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, My Mom and I Adventured to the Nobska Lighthouse in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.  This was our second trip to this Lighthouse as Shadow, My Mom and I had visited back in April 2017.  The Nobska Lighthouse is located on the Southwestern tip of Cape Cod.  It was established in 1826 but later rebuilt in 1876.  The lighthouse tower is 42 feet in height, and is made of cast iron with brick lining.

We had a scenic Adventure to the Nobska Point Lighthouse on a gorgeous spring day.  It was one of the first warm days of the season, causing us to take a little trip down to Cape Cod.  Upon arrival were pleased to find parking, a feat that can be difficult during the summer months.  We took some photographs and wandered around taking in the beautiful structure.  Lovely views of the ocean and the sounds of the shore filled our senses.  We decided to find a spot to sit and lounge, as my Mom, quite an amazing artist, captured the beautiful location in sketches.  It was nice to relax in the sun, although a bit of a challenging experience for our little Wilma, always on the go!  However Wilma did well and found some sticks to chew as we enjoyed some coastal therapy.  Shadow seemed to enjoy the sun and checking out the view of the shore.  Both pups had a moment of unease as the drone was launched, but recovered quickly and carried on.

After finishing at the Lighthouse we crossed the street to check out the view and snap some more  photographs.  The walk down to the rocks was a little steep so we decided to not venture down to the shore, but of course enjoyed some more photographs before heading back to the car.  A memorable Adventure to the Nobska Lighthouse with perfect company (Rating:  4).

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