August 2, 2020 – Thoreau Farm – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Thoreau Farm in Concord, Massachusetts.  The home is also titled the “Wheeler-Minot Farmhouse/Henry David Thoreau Birth House”.  As expected this home was the Birth House of Henry David Thoreau.  Thoreau was a poet, and a philosopher.  The property offers tours, but are currently closed due to COVID, however they are providing virtual tours online.  In addition they have a partnership with the Thoreau Society for a writing program.

We had a short Adventure to the Thoreau Farm after a local walk.  I was looking forward to visiting yet another historical homestead in the area.  We parked and found one car in the parking lot, although saw no other visitors on our Adventure.  We were greeted by a gorgeous tree, possibly a Catalpa, unique and spectacular.  We wandered under the tree and headed over to the home.  The home was simple but well kept.  It had several gardens, benches, and a “monument” with a brief description of Thoreau and his work.  We wandered around the home and appreciated the grounds.  It was very small, but pretty in its own way.  Wilma appreciated some happy rolls to celebrate our visit.  So glad we could Adventure to the Thoreau Farm today (This Adventure will not be rated as only the grounds were explored.)


Throwback Adventure – Mechanic Street Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

I have decided to return to posting new “Throwback Adventures” after taking time to re-post some of my favorites with Shadow.  This has been a therapeutic process for me to share.  We are devastated that both Shadow and Buster have both passed, but find peace knowing we can continue to remember them through our “Throwback Adventures”.  They were amazing boys and are forever in our hearts.

In October 2017 Shadow, Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Mechanic Street Covered Bridge in Lancaster, New Hampshire.  The Mechanic Street Covered Bridge was built in 1862 and traverses the Israels River.  This Bridge is also sometimes referred to as the Israels River Bridge.

We had a lovely Adventure to the Mechanic Street Covered Bridge.  The Mechanic Street Covered Bridge is one of those interesting structures were from the front and back it looks quite modern, while from the side it appears more rustic.  I especially enjoyed the side view as I love a covered bridge that appears more wood in frame.  We were happy that we could climb down to the River and see the bridge from this angle.  Shadow and Wilma enjoyed exploring, drinking from the River, and climbing across the rocks.  It really is a pretty bridge.  So glad we could Adventure to the Mechanic Street Covered Bridge (Throwback Adventures will not always be rated).


July 29, 2020 – Jamaica Pond – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I adventured to Jamaica Pond in Boston, Massachusetts.  It is part of the Emerald Necklace Parks which were designed by Frederick Law Olmstead. Jamaica Pond is a kettle pond with a 1.5 mile loop path.  The Pond also contains the Jamaica Pond Boat House which proves opportunities for rowing and sailing.  As expected Jamaica Pond is popular for running, walking, dog walkers, and boating.

We had a blue sky-filled adventure to Jamaica Pond.  I was excited to check out Jamaica Pond, our second adventure to an Emerald Necklace Park.  We arrived bright and early and were pleased to find a parking spot on Pond Street.  I was surprised to find it so crowded at this early time but yet thankful for people wearing masks.

We began around the loop, the sky bright blue, and the Pond sparkling.  The loop was paved and almost continually provided views across the pond, a beautiful sight.  I found most of the visitors were quite intensely focused on their workout routine, while our walk was more a bit more suburban in style (haha).  We found several spots to take photos near the water, but unclear of the water’s purity, I decided not to let Wilma wade. We enjoyed our trot around the Pond, and checking out the boathouse with the colorful boats floating on the Pond.  We did see several dogs off leash, leading  us to take a slight detour to avoid the chaotic scene.  Unfortunately we had one brief incident where an off leash dog charged at us, quite disappointing.  Overall we found that guests adhered to the leash laws.

There were few squirrel sightings but Wilma still enjoyed our walk and exploring a new environment.  We really did love our visit to Jamaica Pond.  It is a pretty setting, a great place to exercise, and provided endless benches to sit and relax.  Obviously this location is far from a secret per the crowds.  So glad we could visit Jamaica Pond today.  We look forward to exploring more of the Emerald Necklace Parks (Rating:  3.5)


July 26, 2020 – Codman Estate – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I adventured to the Codman Estate also referred to as
“the Grange”. This historic home was built in 1740 and owned by five generations of the Codman family before becoming a historic home.  The Estate is approximately sixteen acres and includes the home, and gardens.  Tours of the home are available, however currently are on hold due to COVID.

We had a historic adventure to the Codman Estate.  We took a local walk before heading over to explore this historic home.  We parked and began down a dirt road, before arriving at the Home.  The Home had a grand entrance with several stairs leading us to the substantial mansion.  There was not much to see but the Home was well maintained, and attractive.  We wandered around the home soon finding the Italian garden, a fountain-pond filled with gorgeous water lilies, flowers, and several statues.  We sauntered through the garden.  I loved the European style, and especially appreciated the tiger lilies and water lilies.  As we got near the pond there was a massive frog panic, quite humorous.  Poor Wilma wanted to go in the water but it looked a little unhealthy for sipping so I did venture too close.  We took our time admiring this little garden even laying out in the grass.  Just perfect!

From there we explored some nearby trails, although it was unclear if they were related to the Estate.  After walking on one for a couple minutes I located a sign for the Bay Circuit.  Therefore we decided to turn around as Wilma appeared hot and we had already obtained our walk on this warm summer day.

Our last part of the adventure was completing our loop around the home and relaxing in the green, soft, shady grass!  As I mentioned Wilma seemed quite warm I thought this was the perfect way to end our Adventure.  We were able to cool down and before heading home.  Lounging in the grass was by far Wilma’s highlight of the adventure (haha)!  So glad we could visit the Codman Estate today, a nice surprise (Rating:  4).

July 24, 2020 – Belle Isle Marsh Reservation – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to Belle Isle Marsh Reservation in Boston, Massachusetts.  Belle Isle Marsh is Boston’s last salt marsh.  The Reservation is managed by the Department of Reservation and is approximately 240 acres in size.  It encompasses various trails, including a .6 mile loop.  The Reservation is popular for walkers, nature lovers, and bird watchers.

We had a mosquito-filled Adventure to Belle Isle Marsh Reservation.  I was excited to have My Mom join us and visit this park which has caught my curiosity for some time.  We arrived to find the parking lot almost completely empty.  We began our journey, and found some nearby rangers who warned us of the mosquitoes and offered their bug spray.  We decided to agree to this kind gesture and utilized the bug spray before carrying on to our Adventure.  Belle Isle Marsh Reservation was beautiful, lovely wild flowers, boardwalks, and green framed marsh views.  Planes from Logan flew over on occasion adding some drama to the scene. The mosquitoes were rough but we continued on determined to see the Reservation.  We enjoyed a climb up a tower providing panoramic views of the area.  Wilma was quite enthused with this climb, always looking back to make sure her precious Grandma was nearby.  This was a fun feature in the Reservation.

Our plan was then to watch some baby osprey being banded by the rangers.  However as we ventured farther into the marsh the mosquitoes became brutal, I do remember EVER seeing anything like it.  I figured I would be fine, but I was soooo wrong.  The mosquitoes were so vicious that there was no way we could sit and watch any activities with the rangers.  I was very disappointed to miss this special opportunity but it was clear to both of us that it was not an option. However, we managed to walk around the loop, almost panicked at some points by the attacks.  Luckily it did not seem like Wilma was bothered by the mosquitoes until near the end when she would often roll and clearly was becoming irritated with them.  I felt badly about this and hope that she was more bothered by feeling them on her then any real bites (as she does not like when a fly, piece of grass, or anything is on her fur).  However she loved trotting around, exploring the trails, climbing the tower and checking out the marsh views.  The Reservation was unique, but I can promise you we will never be back.  Although strangely we still were glad to visit another location today (Rating:  3).


Throwback Adventure – Singing Beach – Massachusetts

I have decided to return to posting new “Throwback Adventures” after taking time to re-post some of my favorites with Shadow.  This has been a therapeutic process for me to share.  We are devastated that both Shadow and Buster have both passed, but find peace knowing we can continue to remember them through our “Throwback Adventures”.  They were amazing boys and are forever in our hearts.

Shadow and I had two Adventures to Singing Beach, while My Mom also joined us on one of these occasions.  Singing Beach is a a popular public beach in Manchester-by-the-Sea.  Singing Beach is said to have a sound of singing after one shuffles their feet in the sand.  Dogs are allowed on Singing Beach from October 15-April 14 but are not allowed during the summer months.

We have had two wonderful Adventures to Singing Beach with our sweet Shadow.  We found the beach to be a popular location for off-leash dogs.   During our visits Shadow enjoyed playing ball, meeting new friends, relaxing, and strolling the shores with his mama❤️.  He enjoyed wading in the water and although I do not recall him swimming, we did visit on chilly days.  A couple of my favorite photographs of this precious boy came on these two Adventures.  Shadow always loved our Adventures on the beach.  Although the rumor is that this beach actually sings, I never heard any of these sounds.  However so glad we were able to create special memories at the Singing Beach (Throwback Adventures will not always be rated).

July 22, 2020 – New Hampshire State House – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the New Hampshire State House in Concord, New Hampshire.  The New Hampshire State House is the state capital building of New Hampshire.  It was built in 1819 and is made out of granite.  The state house encompasses the Executive Counsel, the Governor, and the Court.

We had a stately Adventure to the New Hampshire State House.  This may not seem as a place someone would visit with a dog, however, I love architecture, photography, and have always been curious about this structure as I drove down the highway.  So today was the day I chose to explore.  There was parking in front of the State House, and after a quick trip to the paystation we were on our way.  The State House was introduced by a spectacular archway, which we entered through with awe.  As expected we did not enter the building, however appreciated the grounds, the structure, simple gardens, statues, and anything we could locate.  We probably took two laps around, savoring the grand beauty!  I really loved the State House, it was gorgeous, and the gold top just added to the grandeur.  Although a dull sky day, I still enjoyed snapping numerous photographs.  The only negative I found was the construction around several sides of the state house, but often a norm in the city.

After we finished our Adventure to the State House we spent about an hour walking around the area finding unique shops, restaurants, fountains, and more.  Today’s photographs will include the State House and grounds only (not the surrounding neighborhood).  So glad we could have this unusual Adventure today (This Adventure will not be rated).


May 16, 2020 – Keniston Covered Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Keniston Covered Bridge in Andover, New Hampshire.  Keniston Bridge was built in 1882 and crosses the Blackwater River.

We had a simple Adventure to the Keniston Covered Bridge. I was not planning on visiting two covered bridges today but we drove right by the sign (#15 I believe) and I could not resist. I photographed the bridge on one side before driving through and we then both got out to explore. Although the area was very quiet, I am usually very hesitant to walk through bridges open to car traffic as often you, as a pedestrian, can end up in a blind spot. So therefore we did not walk all the way through but sauntered around.  We were pleased again to find a little trail down to the River’s edge. The bridge was quite dull, and unappealing. Nearby the bridge there was what appeared to be a leftover metal bridge frame, a surprise aspect of this location.  Wilma made me laugh late as I peaked at her “posed” photos – she just about closed her eyes in all of them!  Not a very scenic stop, however, always good to cross another covered bridge off our list today (Rating: 3).

July 22, 2020 – Cilleyville Covered Bridge/Bog Bridge – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Cilleyville Covered Bridge in Andover, New Hampshire. The Cilleyville Covered Bridge is also referred to as the Bog Bridge. The Cilleyville Covered Bridge was built in 1887 and traverses the Pleasant Brook. It is a pedestrian-only bridge.

We had a fun Adventure to the Cilleyville Covered Bridge. We located the bridge between Johnson Street and Main Street. We hopped out and headed over to this pedestrian-only bridge. The bridge was in an overgrown setting, but the bridge itself appeared well maintained. We crossed through the bridge and found a picnic table in the middle, a nice added feature, although it was quite dark underneath. I peaked out the windows as we crossed finding the Brook quite unappealing. We found a little spot to head down to the edge of the Brook and see the bridge from below. Wilma found a rock to climb, quite curious of this new location. From there we headed back to take some photographs from the opposite side. Wilma was not inspired to pose, too interested in her surroundings, however still looked quite adorable sitting in front. One interesting attribute about the bridge was that the front and back of the bridge were actually different colors, almost like we were at two separate locations. So glad we could visit yet another covered bridge with the Cilleyville Bridge today (Rating: 3.5).

July 22, 2020 – Grey Rocks Conservation Area – New Hampshire

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Grey Rocks Conservation Area in Hebron, New Hampshire.  The Grey Rocks Conservation Area is a small property with just 1.5 miles of trails.  It is located along the Cockermouth River which feeds into Newfound Lake.  The Grey Rocks Conservation Area is popular for:  walking, picnicking, fishing, and paddling.  They also offer Eco-Tours, however they are currently on hold due to COVID.

We had a peaceful Adventure to Grey Rocks Conservation Area on an overcast morning.  I was eager to finally Adventure to Grey Rocks Conservation Area as it was a property that had caught my eye awhile back.  We arrived to find only one other car in the parking lot.  We first began on the Sandy Point Trail, then headed to the Floodplain loop trail, before returning to the Sandy Point Trail,  The trails led through the woods and along the River.  There were several boardwalks, platforms for viewing, and benches along the way.  We noticed some kayakers from afar, and appreciated the singing birds.  On occasion we heard some traffic in the distance but overall it was quite serene.  The trails were buggy, but somewhat to be expected in a River setting.  Wilma seemed a little unsure when we first arrived, but soon became more confident and started appreciating the sights and smells.  We made sure to traverse all trails and viewing locations before then heading to the River Walk Trail.

I was briefly baffled as to where to locate the River Walk Trail, but found a large map-kiosk which indicated to walk along the road before the trail began into the woods.  The River Walk Trail was much less interesting.  The trail was slightly overgrown and the mosquitoes were intense.  However we continued on find a look-out area, and also a viewing platform.  Although we really would have not missed a thing by skipping this trail, I wanted to make sure we did not miss a thing!!

We really enjoyed visiting Grey Rocks Conservation Area.  It was a quiet location, with a unique setting along the River.  Throughout the trails there were informational kiosks, and even a children’s story.  The trails were very short, but well labeled.  Although we do not stop moving often (haha) I loved that there were benches for viewing, and relaxing.  It was clear that alot of thought went into the small details of this Conservation Area.  I can just imagine that Grey Rocks Conservation Area would be a spectacular place to kayak!  I am glad we Adventured to Grey Rocks Conservation Area today (Rating:  3).