September 12, 2020 – Drummer Boy Park – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to Drummer Boy Park in Brewster, Massachusetts. Drummer Boy Park includes “Windmill Village”, Higgins Farm Windmill, several short trails, and a playground. “Windmill Village” is part of the Brewster Historical Society. Tours of the Windmill are available, however the Brewster Historical Society’s 2020 season has been cancelled.

We had a fun Adventure to Drummer Boy Park. I was drawn to this Park by the Higgins Farm Windmill, and decided to explore the entire area. We spent the majority of our Adventure checking out the Windmill, and made sure to traverse every trail we could find. Wilma found a gigantic rock to hop on and check out the view from above. We found the Park to be popular for families with young children, and visitors photographing the Windmill. A simple Adventure, but we loved the Higgins Farm Windmill. So glad we could Adventure to Drummer Boy Park today (Rating: 3.5).

September 12, 2020 – Sandwich Marina – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Sandwich Marina in Sandwich, Massachusetts, part of Cape Cod. The Sandwich Marina is a popular Marina in Cape Cod which opened in 1989 and is operated by the town of Sandwich Massachusetts.

We had a boat-filled Adventure to the Sandwich Marina, neighbor to the Sandwich Recreation Area. I debated posting a blog about a Marina but it is a lovely coastal spot, and often dog owners are looking for unusual locations to explore. I therefore thought I would share.

There was a paved sidewalk along the Marina and we also found a path along the shore. There were endless boats of all shapes and sizes, and several items of interest along the walk. We actually did two runs of this area making sure not to miss one thing. Wilma often wanted to go on the docks, and was curious of the sounds and voices throughout. It was quite picturesque and a nice place to stroll and capture a coastal scene. So glad we were able to Adventure to the Sandwich Marina today (This Adventure will not be rated).

September 12, 2020 – Sandwich Recreation Area – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Sandwich Recreation Area in Sandwich, Massachusetts, part of Cape Cod. The Sandwich Recreation Area is part of the Cape Cod Canal providing one of the access points on the canal. The Area is popular for walking, fishing, and picnicking. It also contains the official Visitor Center for the Cape Cod Canal.

We had a sun-rising Adventure to the Sandwich Recreation Area, our first Adventure of many today. I often wonder why I arise at a ridiculous hour for a sunrise but instantly upon arrival I am reminded the reason for this decision. We arrived to brilliant clouds and a gorgeous scene. We began walking down the path along the Canal finding numerous fisherman lining the rocks. It was a nice cool morning but not too cold, really just perfect. We followed the sun and eventually arrived at a long jetty and a beach. I was thrilled as I did not know there was an official beach at this location, and shocked to find no other beach guests. We walked back and forth along the shore, discovered several trails nearby, and of course took some time to explore the jetty. Wilma was quite enthused by the scene, new smells, and the happiness the coast sends to all. We spent our time exploring and I took endless photographs of the lovely sky. Such a tranquil morning. We then returned down the trail and explored the other section of this Area, again lined with fishermen. A perfect way to start our day (Rating: 4).

August 17, 2020 – Cape Cod – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, My Mom, and I Adventured to Cape Cod, Massachusetts.  Cape Cod is a peninsula in the Atlantic Ocean off the southeastern corner of Massachusetts. It is a popular summer destination known for the laid-back lifestyle. Cape Cod draws tourists for its beaches, lighthouses, ponds, villages, and the seafood shacks and restaurants.

We had a relaxing Adventure to Cape Cod today.  We were able to visit:  the Green Briar Nature Center, Highfield Hall and Gardens, Nobska Lighthouse, and Nobska Beach.  We have visited all of these locations previously, although it was Wilma’s first for several.  These locations included:  gardens, a fabulous lighthouse, and a lovely beach.  Unfortunately the Lighthouse was under some construction, but we still enjoyed our visit.  I decided to do a photo collage of all of these four stops combined all in one!  If you have any questions about the photographs, or locations feel free to contact me on the contact form, or in the comments.  A beautiful day with wonderful company (Rating:  4).


April 25, 2020 – Nauset Lighthouse – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Nauset Lighthouse (also referred to as the Nauset Beach Lighthouse) in Eastham, Massachusetts, part of Cape Cod.  I actually have blogged about this Lighthouse in my “Throwback” blog but decided to highlight it again as I took minimal photos on the first visit, as well as Wilma had not visited this memorable Lighthouse.  Shadow, My Mom, and I originally visited three years ago.

The Nauset Lighthouse was restored and relocated back in 1923.  The Nauset Light Preservation Society currently maintains the Lighthouse and through private donations funded the restoration and relocation of the lighthouse.  The Lighthouse has benches nearby and is located adjacent to the Nauset Light Beach.

I was excited to Adventure to the Nauset Lighthouse a second time as it is unusually colorful and absolutely scenic.  We parked at the nearby beach and made the short trek over to the Lighthouse.  Wilma was eager to explore, anticipating the enthusiasm in my steps.  We found a scenic path to the side of the Lighthouse that led us to the top of the small hill and directly to the Lighthouse.  The scenery was brown, yet had character.  There were benches near the Lighthouse, and several educational kiosks.  The roar from the ocean was fantastic, one of my favorite sounds of nature. We lingered around the area, making several rounds.  On our way back I noticed several overgrown paths to the beach, so we ventured over to observe the scene.  I was shocked to find us high above the beach, almost a large dune, yet we were in a wooded-like area.  The site was just spectacular, and the sounds magnificent.  I do not remember if we visited this beach on our initial visit, but definitely will be adding it to a future Adventure.  One of my favorite photographs from today came at the Nauset Lighthouse of Wilma in the brown landscaping with the Nauset Lighthouse in the background.  So glad both Shadow and Wilma were able to Adventure to the Nauset Lighthouse.  I will include the photographs from our initial visit below at the bottom, but you also can search for the Nauset Lighthouse in my search box to read more about our first visit in April 2017.  Definitely one of the beautiful Lighthouses in New England (Rating:  4).

April 2017 Visit

April 25, 2020 – Eastham Windmill – Massachusetts

Today Wilma, and I Adventured to the Eastham Windmill in Eastham, Massachusetts, part of Cape Cod.  The Eastham Windmill is the oldest working Windmill in Cape Cod.   The Windmill was built in 1680 in Plymouth, and moved numerous times before arriving at the current location.  As expected the Windmill has been restored over the years.  It currently is open to the public in summer months providing tours of the operation.  The Eastham Windmill also fresh-ground cornmeal which is sold to the community.

We had a special Adventure to the Eastham Windmill as this was our first ever Adventure to a Windmill!  The Windmill was the centerpiece of the Town Center, located in a small park.  It was surrounded by rustic fencing, and many benches around the border.  We began exploring at the official sign of the Windmill, at the forefront of the Park.  The nearby fencing was lined with gorgeous, bright white and yellow daffodils, sending my mind to thoughts of Dutch culture.  After appreciating these pretty spring flowers we found another opening and headed straight to the Eastham Windmill.  The Windmill was quite picturesque, and very tall.  We viewed it from all angles, even  discovering small Christmas lights on the turbines.  Such a marvelous, and distinctive structure.

After snapping endless photographs, as per our usual custom we sauntered past the Windmill over to a small gazebo, and a radiant “Memorial Buoy Tree”.  These Memorial was devoted to a local resident who had passed.  Such a beautiful tribute that clearly has been treasured by his dedicated communicated.

I am not sure if you are thrilled to learn but we might have a new theme for our future Adventures.   Well, not really theme, don’t you worry, but we do look forward to visiting other Windmills in the future.  So delighted we could discover the Eastham Windmill today (Rating:  3.5)


April 25, 2020 – Three Sisters Lighthouses – Massachusetts

Today Wilma and I Adventured to the Three Sisters Lighthouses in Eastham, Massachusetts, part of Cape Cod.  These three fifteen foot towers were built in 1836, The Nauset Lights.  They later became referred to as The Three Sisters as they were said to appear as woman who were wearing white dresses and black hats.  The Three Sisters fell into the sea, and were replaced by twenty foot towers.  They eventually were decommissioned and purchased and restored by the National Park Service.  The National Park Service provides regular tours are available.

We had a fun Adventure to the Three Sisters Lighthouses on a warm and sunny April day.  I was excited to locate these lighthouses, as there are few left in Massachusetts that I have not yet discovered.  I spotted them as we drove by but it appeared the parking was closed so we parked at the nearby beach, soon locating the path labeled “Three Sisters Lighthouses.  We walked down a nice paved path, past several homes before arriving at the Three Sisters Lighthouses.  The Lighthouses were simple, yet unique, and pretty in their own way.  They were located near one another, standing out well from the bright green grass.  We visited each lighthouse checking out the details, each very similar to one another.  My little hound Wilma was quite overtaken by smells in the area, and enjoyed quite the nasal sensory experience (haha).  We had this location to ourselves, and took our time exploring.  There were several picnic tables, some beautiful bright yellow forsythias and an educational kiosk.  So glad we discovered the Three Sisters Lighthouses today, quite a unique trio (Rating:  3.5)


Throwback Adventure – Nauset Lighthouse/Nauset Beach Lighthouse – Massachusetts

I will have sections of my blog that I will title “Throwback Adventure”, and will plan on posting them every Thursday. These are journeys we have taken before I started the blog, but are well worth sharing. Many of these Throwback Adventures will include our Buster, who was known for his crazy tail, his happy howl, and his zest for life. We miss him dearly…he is forever in our hearts!

In April of 2017 Shadow, My Mom, and I Adventured to the Nauset Lighthouse (also referred to as the Nauset Beach Lighthouse) in Eastham, Massachusetts, part of Cape Cod.  The Nauset Lighthouse was restored and relocated back in 1923.  The Nauset Light Preservation Society currently maintains the Lighthouse and through private donations funded the restoration and relocation of the lighthouse.  The Lighthouse has benches nearby and is located adjacent to the Nauset Light Beach.

We had a dark spring-day Adventure to the Nauset Lighthouse, one of the many stops on a getaway to Cape Cod.  I always am pleased to find a Lighthouse with unique features, and the Nauset Lighthouse definitely did not disappoint.  We wandered up to the Lighthouse and around, glad to find the spot all to ourselves.  It was a brown spring day but the bright red on the Lighthouse added the perfect touch.  We located a photo frame nearby of which you could pose with the Lighthouse, a fun little feature for tourists and Adventurists like ourselves.  A delightful visit to the Nauset Lighthouse (Rating:  4).



November 3, 2019 – Dexter Grist Mill – Massachusetts

Yesterday Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the Dexter Grist Mill in Sandwich, Massachusetts.  The Dexter Grist Mill is a historic landmark in Sandwich, part of Cape Cod Massachusetts.  The Dexter Grist Mill was built in the 1600s and was later restored.  It continues to be is a working Mill, and sells freshly ground cornmeal.  It is open for admission seasonally.

We had a refreshing Adventure to the Dexter Grist Mill.  I was enlivened to visit the Mill as I had read about it in the past, and finally had it scheduled on our list of Adventures.  Upon arrival we walked around the neighborhood before returning to the Mill for our unofficial tour.  The Mill property was much more compact then I had imagined, but quite picturesque.  We headed over the bridge seeing the water flowing from above.  To the left we located the Shawme Pond while to the right the centerpiece of the Mill.  There was a rock fence, bright green grass, and a red tree adding great texture and color to the scene.  We spent some time posing in front of the Mill, relaxing in the grass, and wandering around to check out the pond view.  Such a pleasant and unique location.  So glad we could visit the Dexter Grist Mill (Rating:   4).


November 3, 2019 – West Dennis Light/Bass River Lighthouse – Massachusetts

Today Shadow, Wilma, and I Adventured to the West Dennis Light, also known as the Bass River Lighthouse in Dennis, Massachusetts.  It is owned and sits on the Lighthouse Inn.  The Lighthouse was formerly a light in the attic of a private owner before the federal government provided funding, and construction began in 1854 for the present-day structure.  The Lighthouse is currently lit seasonally, when the Inn is open.

We had an unappealing Adventure to the West Dennis Light.  I actually debated blogging about the Lighthouse as it is not what I visualize as a Lighthouse.  However it is an official Lighthouse, a structure that contains light to guide ships in the sea.  So, we took some photographs, and spent some time exploring the beach adjacent to the Lighthouse.  The beach had several rock jetty’s, lots of thick green seaweed, and a variety of shells.  We strolled around, Wilma enjoying some digging, while Shadow hopeful for a swim.  There were few people in sight, and I believe the Inn was closed for the season, creating a peaceful visit.  So glad we could cross off another lighthouse on our Adventure today (Rating:  3).